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Revelations of Love !
Can Love be Better the Second time around ?
Is Love Truly worth everything?
Is Love For everyone ?


Can Love Be Better The Second Time Around ?
Is Love For Everyone?
Revelations about LOVE !
What Would You Give UP For Love?
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Revelations of Love !

Truths about love !

1. Love was young and they were too...they didn't stop to think it through
  often the emotions that accompany the thrill of love overpowers the demands that love will call for later in life.  You must realize that there are demands, and prepare for them .

2.Love has to grow and become mature
if it ever wants to endure !

     Mature love realizes that in the beginning love is physical...but as time passes and your life truly begins, the everyday routine of life can often pull on a relationship.

Can Love be Better the Second time around ?

  You've been hurt before from a person you loved so deeply, and now someone else has entered your life, but your still afraid to trust again, to give your heart.  Can you you ever love this person like you loved the first...........  and should you? You have all those old memories, walking together, talking, laughing, sharing all your favorite things, and becoming the best of friends.  Can you ever find that again with someone else, and do you want to.  Can love be better the second time around ?

Is Love Truly worth everything?

What is love worth to you?  would you be willing to give up all for love?  Let me  know your thoughts !

Is Love For everyone ?

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Is Love for everyone?  Well I've researched this question with many people.  Not everyone wants to fall in love because they feel they will get hurt and often do.  They see their friends hurting both physically and mentally, so they would rather be alone and happy.  what do you it    worth falling in love ?  Let me here from you
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