Romance 4 You ! - It's all about LOVE !

What is Love?   It's a quest, we all search for without rest.  It's the pot of gold at the rainbows end...a never ending search for all men.  It's the filling for which the heart pines...a never ending search that's your's and mine ! 
Hello !'s my fantasy pose,in the picture.  I love romance..... in fact I am a Christian romance writer.  I write beautiful romantic stories... stories to thrill your soul, and touch your heart.  Stories to make you smile, laugh, and think about love and life in a positive way...and we need to be positive in this world today!  If you notice in my picture I love fashion.  ...and sometimes do pictures in different fantasy poses  I love to picture my self in a period of time when men, for just a whiff of a woman's perfume would surrender themselves completely without a fight.  Awe!  I'm a dreamer !

I love posing for dreamy fantasy about you?

It's so fun to be made up nd wear clothes you feel absolutely gorgeous in !

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