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   "The  Second Time Around "
     The Love Story  of
  JUStine & Luke McKinney

          Justine McKinney   walked slowly down the street.  Two Years had passed since Luke left her and took the children to Atlanta Georgia to live with his mother.   She pulled up the collar of her coat at the feel of the cool  fall air.  So many things had happened since then.  She had sold their huge New York Condo and was now living in a small apartment in the village.  She no longer went to her charity events anymore but spent most of her time working with the homeless, and distributing food and clothing to those in need.   If Luke  could see her now.  She  pushed that thought from her mind.  He wouldn't believe it if he did see her.  He would still think of her as the controlling, selfish person he said she was...and at that time in her life that's exactly what she was.  She thought of their children  Luke junior was seven now and Jeremy was six.  Oh  how she missed them.  She had called many times but his mother wouldn't let her talk to them, there was always a excuse...either they were at school, of sleeping.  She couldn't understand why Luke hadn't proceeded with the divorce, it was a mystery.  But maybe it was better that he didn't.  He might decide to push for custody of the boys and keep her out of their lives for good.  She approached the homeless shelter where she was working as a social worker. 
               At least now  after two  years Luke said she could come and visit, as long as his mother was always present when she did.  She decided not to go.  It would be to hard on the boys as well as her to have to see their faces and then leave them, and there was Melissa to think about too.  Luke knew nothing about the child she had by him..and she wasn't about  to tell him..He would only deny that it was his anyway, and accuse her of infidelity.    A smile came to her lips as she thought about the baby waiting at home...beautiful little  Melissa.  She was two now.  She was what kept her going...what gave her hope..and  a chance to make things better.
As she climbed the stairs to the center she thought about all the tears she cried for Luke, and her sons.  How she struggle, not wanting to live, but knowing she had to for her baby's sake.  And then the terrible birth of Melissa...and the surgery afterwards.  There would be no more babies.  She smiled as she opened the door and walked inside speaking to those she passed.   Yes she had come a long way...God had given her a second chance by giving her Melissa, and a new outlook on life.  She was worthy of happiness, and  now that the pain and hurt was gone she had come to know exactly who she was...a beautiful, loving, worthy, caring woman....she had learned to love herself...her new self, and that she was a survivor!

Yes Justine  has come to know herself...just like the song says here "I Know Who I Am" Click the video and take a listen!

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Leona Lewis - I Know Who I Am Lyrics
I own no rights to this music. Hope you enjoy it!

Her Every day Life !
"It 's your everyday life."  She smiled at Alma as she repeated those words to her.  Words Alma said to her everyday with out fail when she walked in the door.  Alma was a lovely young thing, who thought everyone should be in love like her and Dirk.  She had the world on a string and she wanted to put a string around her as well by finding her the perfect man.  She smiled as she listened to her describe her uncle Albert.  he was financially secure...ran a show business in the city.  And she made it perfectly clear that he wasn't handsome, and that he weighed over three hundred pounds, but he was kind and sweet and also loved children.  As Alma put it ..."He's a perfect type for you Justine...a real teddy bear."
Justine just smiled and shook her head no.  There was a time she felt giddy and exuberant about love like Alma.  A time when she too thought love conquered all...but now much older and wiser she knew that was not true.  Love took work, a work that she never did in her marriage to Luke.  He carried it all, while she flitted here and there to charities, parties, shopping sprees, and dress fittings.   When he came home it was him who fixed the children's dinner, washed their clothes, got them on the bus for school, and bought their clothes.  She virtually knew nothing about being a mother then. All she was concerned about was looking good, while all the time Luke was looking for a way out.  Finally he had enough and just up and left her.  In her mind then she just couldn't fathom any man ever leaving such a beauty as her...but he did.  In her heart she knew he was right to take the children from her.  He was the real mother to them, while she was only their mother by birth.  She smiled as she picked up the schedule for today.  There was so much to do at the shelter today with the residents, but she loved doing it even if she was exhausted at the end of her day.  The sitter would be there when she got home, but it was her that did everything for her daughter.  Yes, things had changed, Alma said she was a beautiful woman inside and out.  She loved that remark.  ...things had definitely gotten better with time.  She thought about Luke.  She still loved him but that too had gotten better with time .  She took a deep breath and walked through the double doors where the staff meeting was being held...she was going to be okay. She didn't need a man to complete her now...she had learned through the pain that everything gets better with time..even getting over a failed marriage.

This song says what Justine is feeling about her life & herself...both had gotten better with time!  Take a listen .
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Leona Lewis - Better In Time (lyrics)
♪♫ track 4 ♫♪ from her album, I Loooove this song!! x


Melissa was finally asleep.  She stood over her with thoughts of regret for the many nights she'd misses tucking her boys into bed.  She pulled up the covers over her and  kissed her sweet face.  It was always Luke who was there.  She was always so busy with planning charity events, or shopping to look fashionable for the events.  Now the boys were bigger and she would never have that chance now.  A tear trickled down her face that she didn't try and wipe away.  Luke had done everything in their marriage, while she had done nothing.  As she feed Melissa, played with her, then put her down for the night she thought about everything .  As her eyes began to close she wish she could live her life with Luke over again...she would show him how she had changed, and be there for him, and truly be the wife he  deserved.  But living in the pass wouldn't help...she had to go on to the future.  Her and her daughters future.  She'd always wanted a daughter, now she had one.  The sound of the phone ringing in the living room forced her up from the warm bed.  Maybe it was work?  No.  They knew her cell phone number, and would only use that one for business purposes.  Who could it be she wondered as she picked it up quickly.
"Hello, she said yawning."
She collapsed down into the chair by the phone.  It was Luke Junior.  It had been a while but she knew her son's voice.
"Mom, the voice said again...are you there mom?"
She felt a lump rise in her throat. "Yes Luke I'm here."
His voice was choked as if he'd been crying.
"What's wrong?"
There was a long silence, but in the background and she could hear Jeremy crying loudly.
""We need you mom, can you come...please?"
She didn't know what to say.  There would be no way Luke would allow her to come there without his mother being present to supervise the visit.
She swallowed hard.
  "I can only come if you grandmother say's it's okay.  You'll have to ask her first, and then your dad."
There was another long silence...then she could hear that Luke junior was crying to, although he was trying hard to control it.
"Dad says it's okay," he said finally.
"And what does your grandmother say Luke, you still have to ask her.  It's her home."
She heard another long pause.  
"I can't ask her mom."
"Justine figured that was an answer in it self.  Luke's mother wasn't giving her approval...this was just something the boys were doing themselves...she frowned..Then way did her husband say it was okay?"
'I can't do that Luke until I speak to your grandmother."
He was crying now louder than his brother. 
"But you can't speak to her mom, he shouted over the phone....she just died okay...she just died."

Justine  is in total shock.  Luke had always been there for her...she had wished for a chance to let him see the change in herself, was this the sad chance fate was giving her ?
This song speaks about being there for the one you love..and Luke is the man she loves!  Take a listen!

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Leona Lewis-Here I Am w/lyrics
Leona Lewis Here I am with lyricsThis is a crazy worldThese can be lonely timesIt's hard to know who's on your sideMost of the timeWho can you really trust Who do you really knowIs t...

Retrospect !

As Justine sits motionless on the plane, looking out the window, taking her to Atlanta Georgia, she thinks about her daughter Melissa.  She hated leaving her .  She knew Dana would take good care of her daughter. Dana was her friend at the agency, and had three daughters of  her  own.  She and her husband Ron loved children and welcomed the opportunity to take cars of Melissa while she was away.  Dana's daughters were so excited when she brought Melissa to the house and immediately started playing with her, so she knew Melissa would be well cared for and happy there.  It was a welcome reception they gave her daughter.  But how would she be welcomed in Atlanta by Luke.  They hadn't talked since he took the boys and left two years ago...and she hadn't called him either.  She could feel the butterflies in her stomach as she thought about seeing Luke would he react to her, and better yet how would she react to him!  It wasn't a long flight, she would be there in no time.   It was hard to believe that his mother was gone.  Luke depended on her so much, and so did the boys.  What would happen now, she wondered.  He was alone, and back to doing everything himself just like he was doing when they were together that caused the breakup.  She hoped he could handle it all, plus his law practice and the boys.  She hoped she would be able to let him in some way know that she would be there for him and the boys if he'd give her the chance.  She didn't now how long she would be there, but what ever amount of time she was...she prayed to be the mother to the boys they deserved, and maybe if not a wife to Luke least to be a friend he could depend on.  If Luke hadn't left her, she would never have  found herself, and become the woman she was now.  And for that, she wanted to thank him, and apologize for all the hurt she'd put him through. She hoped that opportunity would present itself  before she had to leave  Atlanta.

As Justine looks from the planes window, she plugs in hr earphones and  listens to a song that speaks her hearts cry ...words she wish she could say to Luke her husband...but will he give her that chance?
Take a listen!
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Leona Lewis - Thank You
Leona Lewis - Thank You - I AM Studio Album ( 11th September 2015)

The Reunion!
Justine wasn't sure of what to expect when the cab dropped her off at Luke's mothers home
    The boys opened the door and just stood looking at her...then rushed into her arms crying.  She smothered them with kisses
 "I'm here now," she  said tenderly as she wiped their tears.  It felt so wonderful to hold them.  They were even bigger now.  So much time she had missed with them, and she wanted to make it up now.
    "Justine."  The voice said in a monotone voice.  It was Luke .  He seemed to appear out of no where and was now standing behind his sons, pulling them away from her.
    "It was the boys who wanted you to come not me.  I know you're busy with all your social activities. "  He looked straight at her.  He was still so handsome, reminding her of the night their last child was conceived, and the love she felt still for him.
"That's okay, She muttered.  
"I'm glad to be here for them."  She forced a smile knowing it would not be returned.
"Don't worry Justine, he said...there's nothing to won't have to be here long, I know you hate funerals and the common people with all the fuss they do  like cooking, washing.  Things like that you've always felt were beneath a socialite like yourself.   I've taken carry of it I always have."
With those words he led the boys away, leaving her standing at the door.  Luke Junior looked back and beckoned for her to follow, which she did reluctantly, closing the door behind her.
Did he hate her that much, she wondered as she followed them into the large living room where to her surprise was filled with lots of people mulling around and patting Luke on the shoulder with sympathy remarks about his mother.   She could see tables filled with food and drink and a minister  holding the bible.  All eyes turned in her direction when she entered.  Justine noticed the whispers, and the glances in her direction.  She wanted to run and hide because she could tell that they all were aware that she was the dysfunctional wayward wife he had to escape from with his children to protect them.  She wanted to tell Luke that she was different now...a changed longer a socialite who went non-stop to elegant functions with the ladies of class.   Now she  lived in a modest apartment .....  could cook, clean, and be a partner to him, as well as a loving mother to their two sons.  She felt the tears sting her eyes as she looked at him and their sons.  He was remembering her as she was then, when she wanted to show him the woman she was now.  He had walked away leaving her with job, no money to pay the rent or get groceries for their daughter.  If it hadn't been for agencies helping her , she would not have was the most scariest point in her life, but also the awakening of herself and strength.  She needed him to see who she was now!

This song speaks the longing in Justine's heart knowing that she truly is a changed woman from the time he knew her! "You Knew Me When"  Take a listen
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Leona Lewis - You Knew Me When LYRICS
Leona Lewis - You Knew Me When, from her fifth studio album titled I Am, released 11 September 2015.Video not available on mobile devices, due to copyright things..- Thunder (Official Video) on VEV...

Justine was well aware that many things had changed in Luke's life.  One major change was standing beside him at the funeral the next day.  She could see the way she held Luke's hand that she was more than just a friend now.  She could feel the tears welling up in her eyes as she looked at them both.  It was Jessie.  Justine remembered her well from their college days.  She was the one who broke Luke's heart ...the one he had planned to marry before he met her....the one who told her that she was just a replacement for her with Luke.  And that he would never love her like he did her.  Justine knew she and Luke shared a past, and well as both being lawyers, which is how they met.  She wondered if Jessie had never run off and  broke his heart would he ever have turned to her.  The last she knew of Jessie was when Luke said  she had married a rich oil tycoon and moved to Dallas Texas, where she had  established a lucrative law firm .
Justine wanted to turn and run after the services were over, but the boys needed her.  She realized that last night when they asked her to stay over.  Luke was gone most of the evening and as she tucked them both in bed and kissed them, she realized how difficult it was going to be to ever leave them again...but she knew Luke would never let her into their lives.  She slept in a chair by their beds until a sound downstairs wakened her.  Tip toeing softly she opened the door just in time to see Luke going to his room.  Now she could figure where he probably had been........with Jessie.  She wanted so badly to console him in his grief. It was the force the propelled her to go knock on his bedroom door.
What a mistake the was.   When the door opened , he looked at her then staggered back to his bed and fell down.  Justine knew he never drank...only a bit of wine at dinner time...but the smell that was coming from him wasn't was whiskey.   She knew that smell from working with the homeless on the streets.  He became belligerent to her, calling her all sorts of names as she tried to help him, and bringing up things from her past that had hurt him, and the boys.   Finally she just let him yell and scream as she undressed him and put him to bed.  She was stronger now and although his words hurt , and she cried...she would rise above them, for him.    Now as she stood looking at him and Jessie, she wondered if maybe the mountain was bigger than she could climb, while  Jessie seemed to be scaling it just fine.
Jessie smiled as they approached her.   She was holding something in her hand.  It was folded.
"These are for you Justine, she said .  Then thrust them at her, almost hitting her in the chest, as they both walked away.  Justine didn't mistake the smile on Jessie's face, while Luke lowered his eyes to the ground and said nothing.
She  opened the folded papers.  her eyes shot wide open.  It was divorce papers....and Luke was filing for total custody of the children!

 This song speaks how Justine  is feeling as she stands there watching Jessie  & Luke walk away... whatever happens she consoles herself with the inner strength she has ...knowing that she will rise up and make it through even if it's  without Luke and quite possibly without her children.  She did it once & she can do it again for her and her daughter!

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Andra Day - Rise Up [ Lyrics ]

Coming Next
"For Better Or For Worst"

     Justine had to feel pity for Luke, as usual he was like a little lamb.  She herself knew this, since she too at one time had ruled over him...making him do everything.  But that still brought little consolation.  He needed to stand up and be a man...a strong man, and not let Jessie run the show! 
        Jessie seemed to run everything as she sat and watched the events of the evening unfold.  She was directing  even the servants ...telling them what to serve first,  were to place the people , who would sit by who at the dinner table.  It was all she could do to keep silent.  The boys being there made it easier as she looked at them., and thought about the divorce papers that asked for total custody of them.  They were trying hard to be brave and strong, but she could see the tears in their eyes.  Death for them meant the end...but she now knew after coming to the Lord that it was just the beginning.  She had tried to explain  that to them last night, but their little hearts didn't quite grasp it all.  It was the first time they had asked to sleep in the bed with her.  She remembered how they cuddled close and asked many questions about death.  She sighed deeply as Jessie walked towards her.  What did she want or have to say now, she wondered.
"Justine, she said as she  pulled up the chair and sat beside her.
Justine had to hide her tight fist behind her, the fist she wanted to hit her with...but that would only  cause a disruption and unset not only Luke but the boys and everyone else at the dinner table.
"Yes Jessie."  Justine looked her straight in the eye.  I think you've just about said it all, haven't you?"
Jessie smiled.  "Not quite.  Luke and I have agreed that the boys would be better in a boarding school , at least for the rest of the year.   We'll be sending them to  a  school up state...I think Maryland somewhere...we're still in the process of communications with them"
Justine couldn't believe her ears.  There was no way Luke would agree to  any of this.  He loved having his sons with him.
"No!"  The words leaped from Justine's lips before she could stop them. 
Every eye in the room turned in their direction.
Her eyes glared at Jessie.  "That'll never happen...and I won't agree to a divorce either...I love Luke and I'll remain his wife until he tells me differently with his own lips."
Justine stood up quickly.  Jessie was so shocked at her words that she just sat staring at her.
"The wedding vows we took said "For Better, or for worst.  I guess this is the worst, but not the end...and besides, she looked down at Jessie sitting there...I have something from him  at home in New York that you don't.... I have his daughter!"
She quickly covered her mouth with her hand, but it was to late now...she had told the secret she swore to herself she would not tell...and as she walked away she saw Jessie quickly get up and run to Luke, and she knew exactly what she was telling him.  But it didn't matter anymore she was going back to the hotel to pack and go back to New York..and with or without Luke's permission, she was taking the boys with her!

            Justine has made a decision...but will that decision to save her family...cost her?  Is she able to fight off Jessie's attacks against her and her family...she thinks she is  she believes she has thick skin now....... Time will tell!
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Leona Lewis - Thick Skin LYRICS (from the Disney's "Queen of Katwe")
Leona Lewis - Thick Skin, from her fifth studio album titled I Am, released 11 September 2015, also featured in Queen of Katwe movie.Video not available on mobile devices, due to copyright things.....

"With A Thunder"
Justine knew it was rude to leave the dinner given for Luke after the funeral...but she just couldn't bear to face Jessie any longer, without it ending in a fist fight.   And now that Luke knew her feelings, she knew it was better if she did leave.  It would be totally out of place to have an argument  with him erupt right after the funeral of his mother.  She could see the boys looking at her as she grabbed her coat and headed for the door.  And there was something else she saw.  It was the look in Luke's eyes as his eyes looked at her while leaving,   Jessie had told him he had a daughter.
    She was out the door and down the steps.  Nothing was going to stop her...nothing ...or so she thought until a hand grabbed her and swung her around.  It was Luke
'"How could you tell such a lie to Jessie about having a daughter by me?"  His eyes glared at her.  Justine had never seen him look like that before.
She jerked away, moving away from him as they stood looking at each other.
"It wasn't a lie, she protested ...I do have your daughter."
A silence fell between them.  Justine moved away taking a seat on the bench outside his mothers house...the same bench years ago he had asked her to be his wife. She sat down silently, then looked up at him.
"Remember the night two years ago when you came home drunk and I was getting ready to go to a charity function and you enticed me with kisses not to go and I stayed and we,  her words stopped, as she looked up into his eyes...he was remembering. Her voice became softer. We were together...remember?"
Kuke walked slowly to her and took the seat beside her, but said nothing.
"That night we made love...wonderful love like never before....that's when it happened."
 Luke looked over at her.
"A daughter."  Justine thought she saw a faint smile cross his lips.
"Whats her name, "he asked turning and facing her.
"Melissa," she said softly.  I named her after your sister."
"Melissa, he said in a choked voice...oh!, Melissa."
Justine knew how much he had loved his baby sister Melissa, and always blamed himself for her death that day they went swimming and she was swept away by an under current.  He was only seven, while Melissa was five.  His parents had told him to watch out for her...keep her safe...and out of deep water.  But he was so excited about his swim party that he didn't know she was gone until it was too late.
He lowered his face, covering it with his hands.  Justine knew he was crying and started to reach over and comfort him, but then pulled back.  He probably wouldn't appreciate her touch, only thinking she was trying to use it to get what she wanted.
He straightened up, wiping his eyes.  "Melissa must be two then."
Justine nodded.  "Yes, exactly...but she'll be three soon...December 10th."
He placed hand over his mouth."That was the same day my sister was born."  He looked at her shocked.
Justine looked sadly at him.  "I know...that's why I decided to name her Melissa."
He nodded.  "You should of told me Justine, he said slowly looking at her again.  I've already missed two years of her life."
Justine could see the hurt in his eyes, and it made her regrettable that she hadn't.
"I want her to come and live with me, Jessie,  and the boys...and you don't have to worry...I'm not sending the boys away, that was Jessie's idea, not mine.  Of course you can visit whenever you want too."
Justine couldn't believe she was hearing he wanted even Melissa too.  He wanted her to have nothing...just to be all alone!
"You'll never have her."  She jumped to her feet, her eyes blaring.  I'll fight you for them you hear that Luke...NEVER!"
She ran off as fast as she could never looking back, even though she could hear him calling  to her.

Justine has just been dropped another bomb...and the anger she is feeling is like thunder inside her  she was hoping that she and Luke could find their way back to each other, now she knew the truth..she would wait no longer for him.  She was going after him with full force, for her children!   Take a listen
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Leona Lewis - Thunder (Lyrics)
Leona Lewis - ThunderAlbum : I AM 2015

When Love Dies!
Justine had never packed so fast.  .  Suddenly the reality of it all hit her like a ton of bricks, and she collapsed down on the bed crying.  She had called Pastor Adams.  He was the one who helped so so much after Luke left with the boys, and the one who introduced her to Jesus.  She thought he sure would know what she should do to .  After telling him everything she got another shock! 
  She remembered his exact words.
"You can't do that Justine...if you cross state lines it's called could go to jail."
She didn't want to accept it, but she knew it was true
He was right.  Her only course of action was to fly back to New York and fight him legally in court.  It meant leaving the boys...and now that Luke knew about Melissa he'd be coming to find her and take he back to live with him and Jessie.  With that though the tears flowed swiftly.  She knew hate was wrong, but at that precise moment she felt hate for Jessie and had to fall on her knees and ask God's forgiveness.  The short time she had spent with her children had drawn then closer to her.  With tearful eyes she forced her self up from the bed and continued packing knowing that she  had caused these results in her life.   Pastor Adams had taught her to survive with God as her helper...OH! how she needed God's  help now.  She still loved Luke...God help her...she still loved the man who was out to take everything form her.  She fell down on her knees and began to pray to the only man she could trust and confide in, who had been there with her through it all......Jesus.

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Celine Dion- Call The Man
with lyrics.

The Letter!
A Letter was the last thing she intended to write to the boys but it was better than seeing them in person.  Her heart couldn't take it to see them face to face.  She would drop it off at the postal service inside the airport for special delivery.    She didn't want to go back to Luke's mothers house where she knew Jessie was.  She could just see her gloating over the fact that once again she had Luke's heart.   She couldn't see how Luke could be fooled again after she dropped him for her Texas oil Millionaire , the one she was married to until the oil well stopped producing.  It was at that time that she left him and came back to Atlanta to live with her parents.  Justine wasn't even sure Jessie was even divorce from him.  She hoped Luke would check that out before he gave up everything for her.  Justine knew that Jessie didn't like was probably why she never had any....didn't want to ruin her fabulous figure.  She sniffed back a tear as she sat down in a seat at the airport.  She was blessed to catch a flight out that was leaving for New York tonight. She prayed that she would be boarded and on her way before Luke or Jessie knew she was even gone.  She could be back to work the next day and then she would hunt for a lawyer with pastor Adams help.  She pulled the letter from her purse and looked carefully at it.  What ever possessed her to tell of her feeling for Luke to the boys...she started to rip it open and scratch out that part but just as she pulled at the corners of the letter her flight was announced.  It was to late.  Quickly she gather her luggage and headed for the door leading to the plane.
"Oh! did you need this mailed?"  Justine looked as an elderly woman with lots of mail in her hand reached out and took the letter from her.  I'll be glad to do it for you...I still have a two hour wait."
With those words Justine watched her as she walked towards the mail room.  She wanted to shout after her, but the moving crowd push her on  towards the open door of the plane. It was to late now, by tomorrow the boys would have the letter and her confession of love for them...and for their father Luke!
As the flight leaves Justine begins to remember her times with Luke...their love...times she had forgotten...but it was all coming back to her now...his kiss...his touch...the way they were together.  Yes he was out of her life but never out of her heart!

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Celine Dion - Its All Coming Back To Me Now (Lyrics)
Celine Dion - Its All Coming Back To Me Now (Lyrics)

The Runaways ! 

Justine didn't know how she    would survive if  Melissa was taken from her too.  As she sat in the lawyers office  that morning waiting as Pastor Adams talked to his lawyer friend about her situation,  she dabbed at the corners of her eyes with a Kleenex.  It was nice for the agency to let her take the day off to handle her affairs.  All she really needed was to hear that there was some way that she could keep Luke and Jessie from taking Melissa, and sending the boys off to some sort of boarding school.  She still couldn't believe that Luke could be so weak, and let Jessie run all over him.
She wiped the tears away quickly as pastor Adams came walking down the hallway with his lawyer friend by his side.
"Justine, this is Bob Wilkerson, and he's agreed to take your case."
Justine sighed deeply as she reached over and shook his hand happily.
"Thank you for seeing me on such short notice...I had no one to turn to."
"Happy to meet you Mrs. McKinney, " he said as he returned her hand shake.  He smiled at her.  "Please don't worry...that's my job, okay?"
Justine nodded.
"Well shall we get started."
He pointed to his office and Justine followed along with pastor Adams, Justine noticed that Bob Wilkerson was a robust man, with thick rim black glasses that rested on the tip of his nose.  Hie face was a reddish color...a color she'd seen before from those at the shelter.  It said loudly that he was a lover of alcohol...but none of that mattered as long as he could help her.  A rest suddenly came over her, he didn't look like a man who could be easily intimated , not even by Jessie!

           It felt good to be home. The sitter before she left had feed Melissa and put her down for a nap.  It gave her a bit of time to rest.   She kicked off her shoes and flopped down on the sofa.  It had been two days now...she knew the letter had gotten to Luke and the boys, yet she had heard nothing from anyone.  Mr. Wilkerson said he would contact Jessie on her behalf.  She so wished she hadn't written that letter confessing her love not only for the boys but Luke too.  She covered her eyes with her hands...why did she always do things impetuously.  It was to late now, and besides, she thought as she walked to the kitchen and put on the kettle for some tea...her confession wouldn't mean anything  to Luke...he had Jessie.
She sat back down on the sofa when suddenly the door bell rang.  
"Oh, she say, remembering that today was choir rehearsal at the church.  She wasn't  really in the mood to sing, but she would go anyway.  It was probably Pastor Adams.  After what he had done for her, how could she not go even if she was tired.    She opened the door quickly expecting to see pastor Adams, but instead it was a taxi driver.
"Are you Mrs, McKinney?"
Yes, she said slowly, confused.  I didn't call for a taxi."
"That's not why I'm here.  He reached to the side and motioned...come here boys."
Justine staggered back as she saw the boys...her boys...but how could this be...they were suppose to be in Atlanta with Luke and Jessie.
"How did you guys get here, she asked as she hugged them affectionately, and rubbed their shoulders to warm then from the cool fall weather.
"That's why I'm here.. I drove them from Atlanta."
"What, she looked at Luke junior, who lowered his eyes away from her.
"Luke..., she bent down beside him.....what did you do?"
"I used dad's credit card to paid for it, he said as he burst out in tears...she was going to send us away, dad and her had a big fight last night, so I stole his card and me and Jeremy came home to you....are you going to send us away too?"
He looked up into Justine's eyes.
"No!...never...never."  She hugged them both...I'll never send you away, never."
She looked up into the face of the taxi driver who had tears in his eyes.
"Well , I'm glad to know that you will be there for them.  I've got  kids of my of them. "  He smiled.
"Do they own you anything else,"she asked reaching for her purse.
"No, it's all paid...all three hundred dollars.  Best fare I've made all year" He chuckled happily and walked away. 
Justine gasp in total shock, as she looked back at Luke Junior... then closed the door .  She knew she had to call Luke and tell him that the boys were with her .. he would be worried.  He did love them, she had no doubt about doubt at all.
  Her boys needed her now , and she was going to be there for them no matter what Luke and Jessie  had to say about it.  They would always have her, and Luke too if he ever needed her .

This song tells haw Justine feels about her love for her family...she will always have their back's no matter what!    Take a listen to "I Got You"
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Leona Lewis I Got You Official Song LYRICS ON SCREEN

 The Awakening!    
Justin fumbled her words once Luke answered the telephone.  She knew he would b;lame the boys leaving on her with Jessie egging him on.  But it turned out to be just the opposite.  he was relieved that they were with her and not  hurt, or wandering out on the streets in the cold.
"I'll be arriving sometime tomorrow, he said.  We'll discuss everything then."  He hung up without even giving her a chance to reply.
He turned and looked at the boys.  "Your father will be here tomorrow night."
"We're not going back mom, never."  Luke Junior threw himself on the sofa and began to cry, which started Jeremy to cry.
Justine could here the determination in his voice and knew he was serious.  But she also knew that when Luke came she had no say so in the matter.  She was just about to call her lawyer when Melissa entered the room rubbing her eyes.  All the noise had woken her.
"Mommy, mommy," she said walking to her, her arms raised for Justine to pick her up.
Luke junior sat up quickly, and wiped his both he and Jeremy were looking at Melissa,  Justine knew she had a lot of explaining to do, and now was the time to do it!
         Without going into the complete details she explained that when their father left he didn't know that she was going to have another child...neither did she right away, but it happened and now they had a little sister.  Jeremy was meant that he no longer was the baby, but now Melissa was.   He could take care of her now,  like Luke junior took care of him.
Luke smiled as Melissa walked slowly to both of them, then crawled up and  sat between them on the couch.  She looked at them, then cuddled up in Luke juniors arms and fell back to sleep.  Justine was happy to see them all together.  It was so natural.  At least for a while she had her whole family with her, but for how long she wasn't sure.  But by tomorrow  she would have her answer, once Luke and Jessie arrived.  The boys eyes had been opened now about Jessie  and her true feelings about children.  And a true awakening it was.  Now if Luke's eyes could be opened as well.  But she knew that would take a miracle   She stood watching the boys and Melissa.  All she could think about was Luke and the love she still felt for him.  She wanted her family back, all of it!

Justine has a love that she can't let go of  she thought she had pushed Luke out of her after one visit, she realizes she has not.  She remembers how his hands held her on their wedding day..and how she never wanted to let go even after their vows were said.  Luke is in her mine, her heart, her dreams, and she now wants the reality of him in her arms..and to feel his hands in hers once more!

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Leona Lewis - My Hands (Lyrics)
I do not own this song.I heard this song from Final Fantasy XIII, & I liked it a lot. :3& please comment! it means a lot to me!Enjoy. :)

Happy Times !

Justine had never felt this happy being able to spent this time with her sons and daughter.  Melissa was happy too...laughing and running around while Luke and Jeremy chased after her.  Then she fixed them all lunch.  She felt sorry that she didn't know what foods the boys liked, but Luke was quick to tell her.  So it was peanut butter with marshmallows on top and tomato soup.  These were the little things she had missed along the way that Luke knew all about.   Tears filled her eyes as she cut the sand-wishes in half and sat them on the plates, along with tomato soup and potato chips .   She was surprised when Melissa starting crying for the same, which she gladly gave her as she watched them all eating together.  Luke would be arriving tomorrow , so this time was a time to cherish.  She didn't know if she would have this chance again.  After dinner she took the boys and Melissa to church where they met Pastor Adams, and had a chance to play with boys their own age while the youth group was meeting there.  Justine was shocked to find out that Luke had a knack for singing.  Pastor Adams was over joyed when he sang Silent Night.
"To bad you won't be around for our Christmas program in a couple of months, he said patting Luke Junior on the should...we could sure use you son."
So he's coming tomorrow, pastor Adams whispered in her ear as the boys went off with his youth did he sound?"
Justine sat down on in one of the pew seats, as pastor Adams sat down beside her.
"I don't know, I was trying to tell him I didn't know anything about the boys running away, but he just cut me off cold and said he'd  be arriving  tomorrow evening and we'd discuss it then."
"Hum!"  Pastor Adams got up and paced around a bit.   Well he didn't yell, he didn't scream, so I'd venture to say he knows you had nothing to do with it."  He sat back down beside her.  But I also venture to say...he looked  Justine straight in the eye.  He knows who did."  he gave her a Wink.
Justine smiled.  She hope he was right.  It was Jessie who caused the boys to run away, not her.  But in her heart she  was happy they did and that they knew now how much she loved them.  Today was one of the most wonderful days of her banished away all the terrible memories in one instant.  Just being a mom,laughing, and loving her children was the best medicine of all.  If she could have only one moment in time to keep in her memory and last forever, it would be now!

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Whitney Houston-One Moment In Time (lyrics)

The Meeting!
Justine was fearful about her meeting with Luke.  She didn't want to fight with him, not in front of the children.   And she wondered how He would find them since he didn't know she had moved.  It finally dawned on her.  The letter.  She had put her return address on the outside of  it out of there was no way he could not find her and the boys.  Her time with them had drawn them closer.   Through tearful eyes she watched them all lying on the floor watching television sharing a bowl of popcorn.  Melissa was totally at ease with her two brothers.  It would be a shame to separate them now, she thought as she wiped away the tears  not wanting them to see her crying.  The knock at the door startled her.  She knew it had to be Luke.  She quickly motioned to the boys to turn off the television, and picked Melissa up into her arms, holding her close, as she motioned for Luke junior and Jeremy to come stand by her.   Taking a deep breath she walked to the door and opened it.  There Luke stood, suitcase in hand.  There was a silence, then she forced a smile as she opened the door wider and he stepped in.
He looked at her holding Melissa, then walked closer, as a smile crossed her face.
"So much like my sister  Melissa when she was a small girl.  He leaned in and kissed Melissa softly on her cheek.  She beautiful Justine." Then he reached over and gently took Melissa into his arms, hugging her .  Justine was surprised by her daughters reaction, as Melissa wrapped her arms around him like she'd know him forever.
"Come in, she said hesitantly opening the door wider as Luke Junior and Jeremy ran out in the hallway and pulled in his suitcase.
"Dad, Luke Junior said standing in front of his father with Jeremy by his side.   I'm sorry, I shouldn't of taken your credit card and run away,,,I'm really sorry."  he rushed to his father grabbing him tightly around the waist...please don't send us away....please."
Luke gently handed Melissa back to Justine as he bent down and took both boys into his arms, kissing them.
"I would never send you away, I love you both so much."
"But Jessie said......"
"Forget about what Jessie said, He smiled as he  wiped their tears... you'll always  be with me...always."
Justine didn't want to her those words coming from him, it meant that he was still going to fight for full custody of the children, and that meant Melissa too.
Justine walked again to the door and looked out .  She could see Luke's eyes as they followed her.
"Where is Jessie, she questioned as she closed the door.  Is she in the car waiting , she can come up you know...I won;t bite, were all adults here."
"Would you boys mind taking your sister into the other room so your mom and I could talk."
Luke junior took Jeremy by the hand then Melissa as Justine put her down and she happily went with them.
Justine could see the worried look on Luke junior face as he walked away.  He was worried.
"Every things okay, he winked at his sons...just want to talk to you mom a bit."
He took a seat on the sofa, and she took a seat in the arm chair across from him.
"You wouldn't have any coffee would you,  he asked, looked up into her face... let so fast I didn't stop to eat or anything."
Justine looked at him.  He looked tired from his flight, but he was still handsome, and the love of her life.  She always felt they belonged together...even now with all that was going on between them.
"Sure, "she  went to the kitchen and returned with not only coffee, but a bowl of beef stew she had prepared for  dinner.
She watched him eat it slowly, and drink the coffee.
"This is good...did you make it?"  He looked over at her.  She could see those eyes that captivated her the first day they met in collage...the yeas that looked deep into her on their wedding day when he confessed to love her now and forever.
She swallowed hard.  "Yes I did, I've learned to do a lot of things lately."
"I want my children Justine."
His words weren't  filled with anger...just stated with determination.
"I wont them too Luke...I'll fight you on this.  She looked at him....I won't lose them, they're my life."  tears began to run again...but they were tears of anger."
"They're my life too." he replied sitting the bowl down on the table, as he walked over and sat beside her .
"That's what I told Jessie last night when I told her to go back to Texas  to that  billionaire husband of her's  that she never divorced."
Justine looked up quickly at him.  She was speechless, she had no idea Jessie was still married and obviously neither did Luke.
"So where do we go from here?" He was sitting closer to her now...his eyes looking directly into hers.
Justine knew where she wanted to go...straight into his arms, just like she did that night Melissa was conceived.
"I read your letter.  His hands moved over across hers until  their fingers were entwined.  
"I'm sorry Luke, she suddenly burst out with tears following.  Everything was my fault...I was a bad wife, a bad mother...but I'm different now, really I.....
Before she could say another word she felt his arms pulling her into his, and his lips kissing her deeply.
"I told Jessie I was going home  to my wife and kids. , he whispered between kisses...and here I am I am."
Before they could kiss again  they were overpowered by jumping arms and legs and kisses from their  children, who had been listening.  There would be plenty of time for them to be together where they could express their love.  Her prayers had been was a miracle., but as pastor Adams said"God was in the miracle working business."  She smiled, feeling Luke's arms around her.  Pastor Adams was right!
                                                               The End 
Justine never gave up on her love for Her & Luke...she believed!
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I believe in you and me by: Whitney Houston lyrics
i believe in you and me lyrics

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