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The Rose !
By Pastor Janet Fears © May 2015

Episode 1
Dreaming !
Rosalinda opened her eyes again but the clock still said eight thirty. She hadn't been to rehearsal in two days.  She really didn't care if she ever danced again, not without Boris.  They were soul mates, as well as dance partners.  He anticipated her every move, every emotion, their bodies were totally united together when they danced.  Now Andre thought she had grieved enough after a month and  wanted her to dance with someone else. There was a show coming up in four weeks. It was ludicrous.  How was she suppose to trust herself in another dancers arms.  He didn't know her.  How was he suppose to unite with her in dance.  Only Boris could ...only Boris could anticipate her moves almost before she made them.  She reluctantly sat up on the side of the bed.  Andre would be calling soon.  She knew he wasn't going to put up with her much longer.  He was sympathic to her  grief, he missed Boris too, but now he expected her to continue with her dancing career without Boris.  But how could she?  She would just be going through the motions like a robot!
        Walking over to the television,she picked up the video he made of them dancing together to Mariah Carey's song "My All" two nights before that fatal motorcycle accident.  Boris loved everything American, although he was Russian.   The cars, motorcycles, food, and the women.  And Mariah was one of the women he loved.  Her looks...her singing.  He brought the song to the studio,and after their rehearsal, when they were all alone, he put on the music and they made up their own dance routine and taped  it.  It was so beautiful the way they danced.   She didn't know how truly beautiful until she found it in his videos shortly after his death. She had watched it every night since.  She had accused him of loving America and its things more than her or their homeland Russian right before he left that night to ride his motorcycle.  She would never forgive herself or America for that!  She sat back down on the bed as the video started to play, and once more  Boris was alive again, strong, healthy, smiling at her.... and she was in his arms once more.

    Take a listen and travel back in time with Rosalinda and her love Boris as she remembers their dance...... a dance she will only dance again on film with the man she loved! 

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Episode 2 coming Next week... New Partner !
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Episode 2

A New Partner !
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Rosalina walked slowly into the rehearsal hall her bag slung over her shoulders that contained her ballet slippers.  The music was playing loudly, but it wasn't the music she was use to at the theater.  All the ladies were seated on the stage watching a couple dancing seductively together . Everyone seemed mesmerized as the two moved and swayed to the was American music, not ballet music.  She had to blink twice when the girl turned, and his arms caressed her side as he seductively pulled her back into his arms.  It was Katerina.  She was dressed like those American women and dancing like them too!  She didn't know Katrina could dance any thing other than ballet !
"Well it's about time you got here."
Rosalina turned and looked into the face of  Andre Fegan.  He was sitting there in his ever faithful French beret,tee shirt, jeans and tennis shoes, while puffing relentlessly on his cigar.  With all the loud music going on she had totally passed right by him. 
"It's break time, he said looking at her, so they're having a bit of fun just dancing.  Probably not the kind you're use to right?"
Rosalina didn't answer as she took a seat beside him.
He was a fat man but he knew the theater and ballet.  It didn't seem like two years they had worked together.  He had become like a father to her. It would be hard to tell him she wanted to quit dancing and go back to Russia.   He was the only American she truly loved.  Perhaps it was because he wasn't really American at all but French and German.  
"What do you think of him?" he asked looking directly at her.
"Who? "she answered.
"The man, dancing with Katerina of course."
Rosalina looked up at the man who had now stopped dancing and was talking and smiling with Katerina
"I think nothing of him."
Andre turned facing her.
"Well you'd better think something of him...he's your new partner  Giovanni "
Before she could answer he was up out of his seat and motioning to the man who jumped off the stage with ease, and was now walking towards them.
She couldn't believe her ears.  It was a had to be.  She didn't really take him seriously when he said he wanted to pair her with a new male partner.
She wanted to run away, but there was no place to run...all the other dancers were standing now and all were looking in her direction, waiting to see her reaction to this new man.
As he walked closer she looked intently at him.  He was tall, slender, with the physique of a dancer, but not the talent from what she had seen on her arrival to the theater. He had a pencil thin mustache, and olive complexion.  She wasn't sure what nationality although she knew the name was Italian from her studies about America and it different peoples while in Russia. 
He was standing directly in front of her now, and as hard as she tried to move her eyes away from his, she couldn't.   He was extremely handsome.
"Hello, I'm Giovanni." he extended his hand to shake hers, but she withheld it.
She could see this displeased Andre by the frown on his face.
"Well I want you two to dance now together for me," Andre said to her horror.
"I want you two to get the feel of each other...and that can only be done by dancing together.
"That's American dance, I know not how to dance to that, she said feeling the anger rise inside.  She didn't want to get the feel of another male or ever.
Giovanni was just standing staring at them both.
"Give us a minute Giovanni", Andre said, motioning him back to the stage.
Rosalina watched him walk back up the steps, and then pick up the dvd and stick it in...but he didn't push the play button.
Andre didn't say a word.  Just sat back down and looked towards the stage where everyone was waiting.  Finally he reached over, took her bag from her, then opened it and took out her ballet slippers and held them tightly in his hands.
"For me  Moya doch"."
Rosalina felt the tears sting her eyes...he wasn't playing fair now, using those words of sentiment on her.   Calling her his daughter in Russian.   He wanted her to do it for him and the  fatherly love he felt for her.
She reached to take her shoes, but he held on to them.
"Just dance, he said softly...just dance for your American  Papa." 
She nodded as their eyes met.  She would dance but only because she loved him and he loved her.  And he had loved Boris.  Yes she would dance....she would dance because of LOVE !

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