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The Last Turkey /
 A Thanksgiving
 Romantic Story / Part 1
Piper  Collins
motionless and looked out over the Hudson Bay. 
New York was a wonderful, exciting city...but a lonely one when you had just lost the man you loved.  It would be a hurt she could accept and get over if it was a result of a death, but no, she had to accept the fact that he had left her a year ago,for another woman and right at the Thanksgiving Holiday.  His family had become her family ever since they were in college.  Her folks had been killed in a plane crash when she was ten.  Oh her grand mother was wonderful but then she too died right after she graduated college.  Then she met Roger Williams and she was no longer alone.  They went everywhere together.  It seemed like fate heard her cry and sent him to her that day .  She was eating alone at a table in a little cafe in Time Square when he asked if she would mind if he sat at her table since there were no empty ones left.  She was cautious at first but his wide smile and huge blue eyes won her over.
         She remembered how he made her smile and laugh.  It was a wonderful life they were building together.....or so she thought.   Two years of marriage down the drain.  She leaned forward on the rail as she wiped the tears rolling down her face.  What had she done wrong? She had searched her heart and mind...but no answers came.  Now she really was alone,  in that  big apartment that he had chosen, and left her to pay the rent for.  She assumed he was off some where with Tiffany since he was a free man now after their divorce.   Why did Thanksgiving have to be only four days away.  It only brought back all the hurtful memories. She had  nothing to be thankful for.  She thought about the Thanksgiving turkey at home on the counter waiting to be cooked.  What had possessed her to buy a turkey anyway...she had no  idea how to cook it.   She had just gotten swept away in the crowd of people at the market.  They were all so happy talking about the coming Holiday.  It would have never happened if that lady hadn't asked her what she would be preparing for the holiday.  She didn't want to look out of place so she just grabbed a turkey, smiled, and walked away .    Roger always prepared the holiday meals, she was no good in the kitchen...and he told her so.  All she really knew how to prepare was chocolate chip cookies and that came frozen in a roll that she just cut and threw on a cookie sheet.   He once said  that he was the best at everything, and he was right.  She looked out across the bay one last time...then picked up her briefcase and started walking. 
" Yes, he was the best at everything,  she said softly to herself as she followed the crowd towards the subway.    Including  breaking a woman's heart !

       As Piper sits in her seat on the subway she hears a song that makes her think  about others and not just herself.  She looks over at the man across from her.  He was country from his head down to his boots .  He was young about 28 or so, a unshaven face, army greens, and he had a guitar that he strummed as he sang, he looked like he need a meal or two, but the smile on his face said he didn't seem to mind.  As she listened she heard the words be grateful.  She glanced around her..others seemed to be touched by the words too as they dropped money in the cup by his feet, and gave his shoulder a pat as they left.  It made her think as she walked from the subway out onto the streets.  She was alive, had a roof over her head, a job.............she, like the song said, needed to remember and be grateful. She felt the tears sting her eyes as she faced the wind.  She was going to be grateful, yes she was...Roger was not the only man in the world, their would be another she prayed...but until then she was going to be grateful for her life!
To hear the song that Piper was listening to that gave her a new look at life and herself video !

More to come !

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 The Throw Away Turkey/ Part 2

Piper felt so foolish as the fireman shut off the smoke detector, and opened the windows in her apartment to let the smoke out.
"Maybe you should just go out to dinner miss, he said with a smile. I think it would be safer."  He tip his fireman's hat and headed towards the door as she followed him still holding the burnt turkey in the roaster in her arms.  When she got to the hallway it was full of people looking, some coughing from the smoke, and some were laughing at the sight of the burnt turkey.  It was a foolish idea to think that she could prepare a turkey after watching just one cooking video.  It looked so simple...just take it to the sink, rinse it, then  pull out the discussing  bags that were inside.  That  was the worst. Then she put it in the pan, and then the oven. It should have been simple, but not for her...she even messed that up.   She rushed quickly to the garbage shoot as she juggled the turkey to the side as she opened it.  There was only one thing she could do.  Throw it down the shoot, which she was just about to do when she felt it being taken from her arms.
""This can be saved," a voice said making her look up.  She was stunned.  It looked like the man on the subway a few days ago.  He was handsome to look at even with his unshaven face.  And his eyes still were fixed on her waiting for her to speak.  He had on different clothes, but she knew it was him.
"We meet again," he said with a smile, as he walked back to her door carrying the turkey.  Did you enjoy my music the other day?  I like to sing, thought others might like it too.   I give the funds to the soup kitchen two blocks away from here, I don't need it."
Piper was still stunned. She just looked at him as he entered her apartment, walked through her living room, and right into her kitchen like he'd known her for years.
"Daddy, a voice called from behind her.  
Piper turned to see a small curly headed girl standing there in her doorway with her coat and hat on..
"Hey pumpkin, he said turning with a smile as the little girl ran to him, her eyes fixed on Piper.
"Daddy's being neighborly honey..remember how I told you we always help others in need."
The little girl nodded.
So, he lived there too, in the same building...that was something Piper didn't know.  She'd never seen him before and she and Roger had lived there two years.
"You live here?"  her voice was squeaky as she moved closer to the counter where he had sat the turkey.
"Yes, Mattie and I just moved in a week ago.  I'm the new super, well at least for awhile.  He looked up into her eyes.
Dad needed a bit of help after his back surgery so here I am."  He smiled again
Piper didn't even know Mr Waits had any children.  
"I see I am a surprise......he moved around the kitchen getting forks and knives.    That doesn't surprise's very closed mouth about me.  You see I'm the black sheep of the family.  I'm a musician.  All my brothers, and I have five are either Lawyers, doctors, or Businessmen. He shook his finger back and forth...No Musicians!"
Piper noticed that it didn't seem to bother him about how his father felt...he was following his dream, and she had to commend him for that.  But obviously he loved his father, or he wouldn't be here now.
"Now lets see what we can do with this turkey."
Piper watched him as he carved the turkey up and put it on paper plates.  In moments  there was discarded burnt turkey skin on the counter. And plates of fresh looking cooked turkey on platters.
"Grab you coat and follow me...we've got deliveries to make.
Piper could believe what was happening as he took her coat from the coat rack and playfully threw it to her.  Oh, Mattie loves people, just pick her up and she's fine."
Piper looked down at the small child who she figured was no more than four years old with her hands up reaching up to her, and reluctantly did as he said, and picked her up.  She looked into the beautiful big brown eyes that were looking back at her, and followed him out the door, all the time wonder what his name was.  She knew he was the new super, and that his daughter's name was Mattie but had no idea what his name was.

As Piper follows along with the stranger and see's the soup kitchen and the homeless people who are enjoying her turkey...the one she was about to throw away, she gets a wonderful feeling, as if she's accomplished something  towards helping others.  Then when she hears the stranger sing a special song for the homeless, a song he wrote and dedicated to his little Daughter Mattie...she see's a different side of love, a love that can even run deeper that the love of a man and a woman...the love for a child!     Take a listen.....

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A Burnt Turkey, a stranger, a young child.....what could it all mean for Piper Collins...come back tomorrow for the conclusion to this Holiday Story !

A Special Thanksgiving /Finale/Part 3

Piper was surprised at how many homeless arrived for Thanksgiving  dinner, especially when she saw the families, and the single parents with little children.  She ha no idea that there were so many.  She scolded herself for being so blind to their plight.  Oh, she often saw them, but nearer really gave to much thought about it...she had to much on her mind...mainly Roger and the break up and divorce.  She looked up from where she was seated when a homeless man walked over and shook the supper's hand and gave him a hug.  He called him Travis.  So that was his name...finally she knew who he was, well at least she knew his name now.  She looked down into the face of his young daughter Mattie who was curled up sleeping in her arms.  where was his wife, she wondered.
"Well , I see Mattie has really taken a liken to you."
Piper looked up into his blue eyes and smiled.  He was standing in front of her, guitar strapped over his shoulder.
"Does your wife help out here two," she asked, as he took Mattie from her arms gently, and kissed her warmly.
She would, he said as he put Mattie's little arms in her jacket.  If she were alive, but she's not.........    Julie died when Mattie was born." Piper could see the sadness on his face as well as hear it in his voice. he too knew how it felt to lose someone you loved.
"Oh, I'm so sorry."  She stood up and followed him, throwing her coat over her shoulders.  I wasn't trying to be nosy."
"Yes you were, he said turning to face her, then smiled.  How else were you going to find out if I'm single, and available.   I'm both!"
Piper was shocked, as well as embarrassed that he read her so well.  She was silent as she walked behind him and Mattie back to the apartment building
"Thanks for saving my turkey, I think they really enjoyed it.  She put her hand out to shake his, and he did.
"You're very welcome Piper.  And call me Travis."  He looked at her a long moment which made her feel self-conscience.  She pulled at the rubber band holding her ponytail and it broke  letting her long locks fall on her shoulders.
"And you're also very beautiful, he said as he unlocked his apartment door, still holding Mattie in his arms.  A real pleasure for these old country boys eyes.
Piper walked quickly to her own door feeling flustered, not knowing how to respond.  How could she like his attention..he was a stranger, yet he made her feel good inside, something she hadn't felt for a long time.
Then she heard footsteps coming up behind her.  Turning quickly she looked straight into his face, and Mattie who was now wide awake.
"Could I impose on you to listen to a new song I'm thinking about singing as I tuck Mattie in bed, I'd really like your opinion."  
Piper looked at him..he was tall, handsome in his blue jeans, plus sensitive...and there was a peace about him, she felt safe with him safe as his daughter felt in his arms.  She wondered how it would be to feel safe in his  arms too? 
"Okay, she said inwardly scolding her self  for such thoughts... but I don't know to much about music."
"That's okay, he said with a  smile as Mattie reached for her and he happily placed her back in her arms.again.
 We've got all the time in the world Piper...all the time in the world."
She felt his fingers gently touch hers then move away.  It felt good to feel the touch of a mans hand again, and for that small gesture she was thankful .  Perhaps her last Turkey had really started a new beginning.....only time would tell !

                                                 The  End !

      Epilogue ......
And time did tell........
Piper and Travis were married six months later. She discovered that there was true & real love in the world and she never feared being alone again, she would always be safe in Travis's arms, that was a promise he made to her & Mattie that he never broke!  Listen to the song he sang for her that night in his apartment.  The song that made her see that love could happen twice in a lifetime!

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