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A Torn Heart !
Spencer knew he had to get the house ready for the Realtor who had called earlier that morning.  He was bringing over a couple tomorrow who might be interested in buying the place.  The woman from the agency had finally arrived and things were finally beginning to look decent around the house.  There was food now and with her to watch Amie if left him time to go through some of the boxes in the attic in case there were some important papers there he should know about.   All he had to do now was concentrate on straightening up the attic, and keep his mind off of Brooklyn.  He knew things were heating up in her life, especially her love life.  He pulled a box from the corner of the attic and blew the dust away that had accumulated .  At least now he knew his competitions name, it was Chad.  He carefully lifted the cover from the box.  He was surprised to see albums, and pictures, cards, and other things his mother had saved over the years.  He sat down on the floor and began to go through them.  Tears filled his eyes as he looked at pictures of himself at a early age of six holding his fathers hand as they walked up to the school for his first day in kindergarten.  His father didn't usually smile but that day he was smiling.  And there was Brooklyn standing there too beside them because her father had to work and couldn't bring her himself.  She looked so cute with tears in her eyes.  He quickly flipped through the album stopping momentarily at other pictures that brought back memories from grade school all the way through high school.  Brooklyn was always there in all of them.  She had always been there throughout his life.  He laid it lovingly aside as his eye caught sight of a cut out valentine sticking out from under neath the album, with the words "I love you"  signed Brook.  He picked it up.  It was split down the middle by time and age.  He laid it on the floor and laid the pieces side by side.  The heart became hold again.  So easy, he thought to put the pieces back together again without hurting it at all...but not so in reality.  He remembered exactly when she had given it to him.  It was in junior high.  She loved him then.  He was so dumb, he didn't realize her feelings. He picked up the heart, folded it , then put it in his pocket.  She would be home soon from tutoring.  He wanted to see her.  Tonight he would take her on a trip back in time with old photos, cards and movies his mom and dad had taken of them when they were young.  He would show her the valentine she made for him....Perhaps she would remember them and the way they were and love him now as she did then.  His time was running out to win her heart, or was it already to late?  One way or another he had to find out  if  he had any chance at all .  After Cynthia's death he never thought he'd love again, the hurt was so deep.  He had resigned himself to be a single father.  But when he saw her that day in her parents driveway, and when she knocked on his door and said "Hello"...and felt his hurt and kissed him so sweetly, he knew he wanted to love again, and with her !
Spencer knows now how much he wants to love again.  Brooklyn had his heart the moment he saw her...the moment he heard her voice...the moment she said "Hello" and kissed him.
This song speaks his heart longing for the woman he loves...Brooklyn Matthews ...the woman who 's made him want to love again !
Click the video and listen
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You Had me From Hello - Kenny Chesney
Here is a great song by kenny chesney made with lyrics! I OWN NOTHING but the video itself.
 Story will climax on Monday because of prior engagements this weekend !
 "The Breakup " !
Brooklyn was totally surprised when  she returned home from tutoring to find Chad sitting in his car in her driveway waiting for her.  They weren't suppose to be going out until Saturday.
"Hi," she said happily as he got out to meet her.  "Wasn't expecting to see you until Saturday.  Is there a change in plans?"
He leaned back against the car door and looked intently at her.
"I always wondered why you were so hard to get close to," he said softly as he reached out and took her hand in his.  "Now I know why."
Brooklyn looked strangely at him confused. 
"I don't know what you mean Chad."
He smiled.  "Yes you do.  Your in love with him aren't you.  The guy I passed who was sitting on the porch when I dropped you off last night from dinner."
Brooklyn lowered her eyes away from his.  "We're only friends.  Spencer and I have been friends since childhood."
He lifted her face up to where he could look into her eyes.  "Does he know you love him?"
Brooklyn pulled away slightly.  There was no use in lying.  "No, she said softly, no he doesn't."
"You know Brooklyn, I 'm not the kind of man who plays second fiddle when it comes to love, I want to be first in a womans heart, especially when it come to love.  I'm not first in your heart am I ?"
Brooklyn turned away and walked to the steps and sat down where he joined her.
"I don't know why I still love him after all these years but I just do that's all.  She looked up into Chad's eyes but that doesn't matter really I do care for you Chad, really I do.  He only thinks of me as a friend, that's all I've ever been to him.  I could learn to love you and we could have a good life."  The words just seemed to rush out.
Chad shook his head.  ""No you couldn't...your heart's already taken.  I think I knew from the moment you said his name just now.  He brushed her cheek with his hand.  There's something in your eyes when you talked about him last night at dinner, and when you said his name just now.  I never take what belongs to someone else."
He stood up to leave.  Brooklyn jumped up and grabbed his arm.
"But I don't belong to him Chad, I never have."
"But you do, he said with a smile.  You need to tell him Brooklyn."
She eased her hand away from his arm.  "I tried that once, and it turned out to be a big mistake."
"Well you need to try again.  I think you might be surprised this time."  He leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek and a wink as he walked to his car and got in. She watched him pull out of the driveway.  There went the one man who wanted to love her, while her heart still yearned for the one who wouldn't .  If he would just have given her a sign while he's here now, but he hadn't.  Perhaps it was time to give up on Spencer ever seeing her a a woman he could ever love...perhaps .  Chad wanted her to tell him how she felt.  Just the thought of that brought back the hurt from the first time.  She just couldn't take that chance again.
Brooklyn is thinking of giving up and just remaining a friend.  Listen to her thoughts on ever having a chance to love Spencer.  If he would just say something to give her hope, to stop her from giving up on him to ever love her !  Take a listen.
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Say Something (I'm Giving Up On You)
Say Something, I'm Giving Up On You with LyricsBy~ A Great Big World Featuring Christina AguileraAs someone who has had to move on (from the loss of a child), don't give up... the next chapter is ...
Story ending on Sunday instead of Monday...come back and find out if Spencer & Brooklyn will ever find their way to each other
The Call !
Spencer was surprised when the call came in.  They were moving up Amie's eye surgery to Tuesday.  They had to be there on Monday to register her and check in.  That meant he had to leave on Sunday, just two days away.  There was so much he wanted to say to Brooklyn but when he looked from the attic window and saw that man Chad talking with her and then kiss her...well it all seemed so futile.  But he knew he couldn't just leave without saying might be the last time he would see her.  As he crossed the lawn heading to her house he could see her sitting on the steps wiping her eyes.  She had been crying.  He felt that old protectiveness he always had for her click in.  What had this guy done to hurt her he wondered as he approached.
"Hey, he said with a smile as he sat down beside her. What's got those pretty brown eyes looking so sad?"
She leaned over and rested her head on his shoulder.
"Just lost the one chance in my life to be with a really good man.  We just broke up."  She looked up sadly into his eyes.  
"I just can't seem to get it right."
He looked at her.  "What do you mean you can't get it right?"
"Oh, nothing."  She wiped away another tear that had fallen.  Maybe I'm just meant to be alone and single."  she stood up and walked a slight distance from him.   There's nothing wrong with being single , lots of women are."
She felt him suddenly beside her.  "Your not one of those women Brook.  he turned her to face him.  Your meant to be loved."
She looked at him.
"Look, I want you to have dinner with me and Amie tonight if your free?"
"Sure, it looks like I'm free tonight and every night."
He looked at her.  Well it will have to be tonight, Amie and I will be leaving on Sunday."
Brooklyn looked at him surprised.  "That's only two days both just got here two days ago.....why?"
He walked and sat back down on the steps where Brooklyn quickly joined him.
"I got a call this afternoon.  They have an opening and want to do Amie's  surgery on Tuesday, instead of three weeks from now, so we have to be in Boston by Monday for check in and registration.  Its a real opportunity for her Brooklyn I have to take her.  You understand?"  He looked at her intently.  Brooklyn wrapped her arms around him hugging him tightly.  "Of course I do."
"Then you'll come to dinner then....I have some things to show you that I found in Mom's attic."
She pulled away and he could see the questions in her eyes.  She wanted him to tell her what the things were.  "You'll just have to wait and see tonight."  He gave her a wink, as he pulled her close again. He so wanted to kiss her lips that were so close and tempting. I'd better get back, the housekeeper will be leaving soon, he said forcing himself away.  "See you at seven."
 As he walked back to his house he thought about spending the evening with might be his last chance to let her know how he feels about her.  There was no way he was going to leave without telling her he loved her !
Brooklyn was also watching him as he went up the steps and into his house, her heart aching at the news of his leaving.    Soon he would be out of her life too.  She felt tears sting her eyes again.  She had lost the love of a man who would have loved her, now she couldn't lose the love of the man who truly held her heart. What did she have to lose.  Chad was right she had to tell him how she felt regardless the outcome.  She didn't want to lose him again She had to take the chance....she had to!
Both Brooklyn & Spencer each afraid to reveal their feelings for each other...each  afraid to confess their love for fear of rejection.  Brooklyn with memories of being hurt before, and Spencer remembering that he caused the hurt. Can he convince her now after all these years that he wants to be with her...that he really loves her.  And will she believe  him?   And after all these years can she overcome the fear of being rejected , long enough to say those words "I Love You" again !
Listen to the conversation through the words in this song that might voice what each is thinking about the other, as they each think about being together this evening
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Scared To Say I Love You (Sung by Kimbelsen) - dedicated to Kris from EXO-M
This song is the way I feel towards Kris from EXO-M (we recorded it in our living room)**I asked my dad to write a song & lyrics about this guy that I am in love with.Well, he did.. and I sung it ...
 A Night To Remember  !
Brooklyn was surprised when Spence called her and requested she dress up for the evening.  She rummaged through her closet where there were still clothing of her that hers mother had not discarded.  Her eyes widened and stopped.  There it was the dress she had worn for her college graduation party at the country club all those years ago.  it was covered in plastic but still was as beautiful to her now as it was then.  She remembered how Spence had said that black satin looked beautiful on her, and how they danced the night away to.  It was such a beautiful evening until she made that fatal mistake of confessing her love for him.    She was about to do it again tonight.  Slowly she remover the dress from the  plastic .  Could she still fit into it she wondered.  There was only one way to find out.  She slipped out of her slacks and blouse and nervously unzipped the back of the dress and slid it up over her hips, then all the way up it came.  She smiled.  it still fit.  it seemed fitting to wear it again tonight, when she would confess her love to him again.  She wanted to be beautiful tonight and show him that she was a woman, not just a friend but a woman he could love and cherish if  he allowed himself to do so.    She laid the dress on the bed as she ran to the  shower .  Tonight was her second just had to work for her this just had to !
            Spencer Keys stood looking at himself in the mirror.  It amazed him that he could still wear the same tux as  he wore at their graduation party.  He smiled.  It was strange too that his mother had kept it after all these years.  He just felt impressed to wear it.  Why he didn't know but since it still fit and looked good...why not.  Tonight he wanted to be more than  a friend .  He wanted to be the man to win her heart.  He wanted to hold her close to him as they danced together, and kiss her lips.  He wanted to love her as a man loves a woman.  Everything looked perfect as he came down the stairs .  The catered dinner, the candlelight, and Amie was fast asleep in the downstairs bedroom in case she woke up so he could hear her and she wouldn't get frightened.  Yes it was all so perfect, but would it be perfect enough to win her love again?
     As Brooklyn slipped into her elegant crystal heels, the same ones she worn on that fateful night she felt her heart skip a beat.  She took one more look at herself in the hall mirror as she came down the stairs.  It was like taking a step back in time.  She closed the door behind her, took a deep breath  and walked across the neatly cut grass to the Keys home lifting her dress as she went.  Finally she was at the door.  She went to knock but her hands shook so that she held them tightly to steady them.  Finally she lifted her hand to knock when it opened suddenly.  There stood Spencer, just like the night they went off to celebrate after graduation.  He was in his black tux with matching black silk tie.
"How did you know I'd be wearing my graduation celebration dress, she said smiling broadly as he took her hand and helped her inside.
"Great minds seem to think alike," he said laughing softly. Then he did what she never expected. he reached into his pocket and pulled out something that Brooklyn could quite tell what it was.  He handed it to her.
"That's the valentine I gave you in junior high," she said looking up into his eyes that were looking straight into hers. She could see where it had been torn but was now mended together by tape.
"Does it still express the words in your heart for me?"
Brooklyn felt the tears overflow down her cheeks.  Was he asking her if she still loved him now as she did then.  She felt his hands as they pulled her into his awaiting arms, and she could feel the quick beating of his heart as her head lay on his chest.  But what he was whispering in her ear was beyond her wildest dreams.  She eased away and their eyes met.  "Could you whisper that to me again, she asked softly..I may not have heard you right."
He laughed happily.  "You heard me right .  Brooklyn Elaine Matthews, I said I love you and I want you to be my wife if you'll  have me? 
He kissed her again. Brooklyn had never been kissed like that before.  It was like the feeling she always got when they were on the roller coaster as it twirled around and dipped and dived.  That WOW! feeling.  She felt her knees buckle, and his arms as he caught her.
"Will you marry me Brooklyn, "he asked again as he smothered her face tenderly with kisses.
"Yes, she said tearfully...oh yes Spence. oh yes I'll  marry you. "
As their lips met again, she knew her search for love was finally over..her heart had finally found it's  real home !
                                                         The End
Brooklyn & Spencer finally have solved their mystery and now realize its each other they have loved all along  Share their happiness as they celebrate their love for each other through this song that could be playing as they share their beautiful romantic evening together !
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It is you - Dana Glover [with lyrics]
It Is You - Dana GloverI tried to make it on time with the song, so if its a little off, I'm sorry.There is something that I seeIn the way you look at meThere's a smile, there's a truth in...
Coming In May 2014
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 "Someone Like You !"
Preview song from my upcoming story   "Someone Like You "
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Regine Velasquez - I Never Dreamed Someone Like You Could Love Someone Like Me
This is just an audio of this beautiful song entitled "I Never Dreamed Someone Like You Could Love Someone Like Me" by Ms. Regine Velasquez. This is one of the songs in her latest platinum album "Low ...
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