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"The Best of Friends pg. 2
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Feelings !
Brooklyn wasn't expecting all her hurt to vanish, this was the man she had love for so long, but that's exactly what happened as she looked into Spencer's face. She felt her heart sink as their eyes met. She could see the hurt of his wife's death in his eyes, and she wanted to wrap her arms around him and make it all go away.  But she knew it wasn't in her power to do that.  He was holding his daughter Amie in his arms, and she could see the love he had for her, and the pain of the accident that was stealing her sight .  But what she didn't expect was the feelings of still wanting him, still loving him after all these years that washed over her as their eyes met. To him she was only a friend and that's all she would ever be.  Her mother was right he needed her.  She could see it in his eyes.  It was her turn now to be there for him, to be the kind of friend he had always been to her.  She could settle for friendship if  it meant his happiness.    One day he would fall in love again, and she would rejoice with him when it happened.......that's what true friends would do  for each other !!
    Brooklyn has come to the realization of what true friendship really means.  Being unselfish, loving, and giving to another with no thoughts of oneself .  Her love she will hide, while deep inside she cries  for the love she has discover is still alive in her heart for him.  This song shares her heart...take a the video !
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i cry sad song feeling
Every night I find it so hard to sleepCause I keep thinking of youAnd these feelings from deepOh baby I try to hide all these feelings for youI keep them all out of sightI don't know what el...
First Kiss !
Spencer stood mesmerized at the door.  There stood Brooklyn.  She wasn't the teenager , or college grad that walked beside him on commencement day to receive their diplomas, no she was a beautiful woman standing there  looking at him.  Was she still hurt and angry, like the evening they celebrated their graduation and danced together before he told her he was enlisting in the Army and would be gone four years.  She had thought they would still be together in their same home town.  He never realized how much she wanted them to be together until she confessed her love for him.  He laughed , and told her she would always be his friend, but there would never be anything more than that.  Now there she stood with two bags of groceries in her arms  looking absolutely stunning and drop dead gorgeous.  He felt his heart beat faster as their eyes met.  He hadn't had such feelings since he met his deceased wife Cynthia's the day she  walked into the office at the military base where he was attached.  And now his heart longed for Brooklyn,.  He didn't understand the feelings that had risen up in him as he looked at her, but he wanted to recapture that friendship again.  A friendship that was so beautiful and special.  He had guy friends, but Brooklyn was so different.  He confided everything to her.  Perhaps that was why she was so hurt when he told her he was leaving for the Army.  He never confided about that important event in his life.  He felt his throat become dry and hard to swallow.  He tried to say her name but nothing came out.  He had so much to say, yet could say nothing.  He held his daughter close to him feeling his knees shake like a boy on his first date.  Oh he missed her, how he missed her.  The laughter they shared, the fun times roller skating, playing basketball  and baseball on the church team, skinny dipping on the lake.  But most of all he missed her beautiful smile that could light up a room when she was happy.  But she wasn't smiling as he looked at her, and there were tears instead of  sparkles in those big brown eyes of hers, and he knew he was the reason for those tears.    He wasn't sure what she was going to do, as they stood there looking at each other.   Did she want to slap him, yell at him...what?  As she sat the bags on the porch and moved closer to him, he knew he was about to find out.  Then she did the unexpected, she put her arms around his neck and kissed him full on the lips and it was wonderful.  She had kissed him on graduation day and confessed her love, when she was twenty one......but this kiss was nothing like that one.
"I'm so sorry Spence, she said softly looking into hie eyes.  I'm so sorry for all you've been through, your wife , Amie, and losing your leg."
Then she wrapped her arms around both him and Amie and they both cried together .  She had called him Spence, like when they were young.  She still cared.  He found himself wanting to hold her longer, kiss her more.  He hoped she didn't have a man in her life, these feelings were  all  so strange and new  to him for her, but he knew they were real, and she was the one meant to be in his and Amie's life.   As he held her in his arms, he prayed  to God she had  no man in her life.  He had been her first love, and now he knew as he held her, that he wanted to be her only love, now and forever.
As Spencer holds Brooklyn in his arms, so many things may be running through his mind for the friend who he now has deep feelings for that go way beyond friendship .  He wants her in his life, or no one at all !  Lets take a listen to what he might be thinking deep within !
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Daniel Bedingfield - If You're Not The One - Lyrics
The Song If You're Not The One By Daniel Beddingfield With The Lyrics
Together Again !
 "I guess I did it again, she looked up into his eyes.  It seems like I'm always kissing you without your wanting me to."
She wiped the lipstick from his lips.  
"Please forgive me for being so impetuous."
He smiled at her.  "I didn't mind at all."
He opened the door and she picked up the bags again.  He reached over and took one of them from her.  How did you know we didn't have groceries in the house?"
"I didn't, she confessed.  Mom's refrigerator went dead I was was hoping you wouldn't mine if I put some of my frozen foods in yours."
He laughed as he looked at her.  "I guess it was fate that led you here.  Amie was just telling me she was hungry and I was going to drive to McDonald's and get us something quick to eat until I could shop tomorrow."
"Oh don't do that, I've got plenty of Tv dinners here, and I 've got more food at the house.  I'll fix us all something.  She sat the bags inside the living room door.  I'll be right back," she pinched Amie's cheek softly making her laugh.  She ran swiftly back to her parents house and gathered the other items from the freezer,  The sausage, frozen waffles, pancakes, and a large loaf of wheat bread.  By the time she returned Spencer had all her food put in the freezer.
"Thanks, she said as she put the rest of the frozen dinners inside.  Now Lets see what I can throw together before  we all faint  from hunger."  As she prepared the eggs , hash browns, and  sausage she could see him on his cell from the kitchen door still holding Amie in his arms.  He was deep in conversation with someone, and he didn't seem happy as he talked.
"Look Harry, I left you in charge while I'm away."  She heard him say........ this case is extremely important to our law firm, don't blow it okay, we can't afford to lose this account, understand?"  He looked up as she sat the large dish on the table.
"He's the newest member of the firm, he has to learn to have faith in his abilities as a lawyer.  But he always wants my assurance. "  He looked at the food on the table.  
"Eggs never looked so good before, he said as he sat Amie down in the chair next to him.  I'll get groceries tomorrow and replace what we eat tonight."
"Oh you don't have to do that.  Payback will be just watching you eat those eggs."  She laughed softly  She knew he hated eggs.  It was his fathers favorite breakfast and he never ate anything else from the time he was six years old.  It was always eggs, toast, and bacon.  His mother made them fried, scrambled, boiled, poached, but still eggs!
Brooklyn eyes shot open as he filled his plate and ate the eggs without hesitation
He looked at her and smiled.  A lot of years have come and gone Brook....can I call you it okay?"
"It's okay," she answered back.  But when did you start liking eggs?"
He filled his daughters plate with the eggs and helped her eat.
"Eggs were Cynthia's and Amie's favorite thing to have for breakfast.  Guess I just can't get away from eggs , can I."
They both laughed.  It felt good watching him eat.  It was like old times, them being together.  He said years had passed.  But that's not how it felt to her being with him.  It was as if  time had stood still.  She felt complete  comfort just being in his presence, like nothing had changed between them at all.  All the closeness was suddenly still there.  All the fun and laughter.  It was just Spence and Brook together again !
Brooklyn in basking in the closeness she and Spencer shared growing up.  She knows that even though time and distance has separated them for years, the closeness is still there.  Their memories would always keep them together, forever, always!  Lets experience some of her feelings as she thinks about the two of them together again !
Click The Video and take a listen
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Together, Forever, Always - LeAnn Rimes (Lyrics on Screen)
LYRICS ON SCREEN **NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED**Song: "Together, Forever, Always"Artist: LeAnn RimesAlbum: "I Need You"
  To Win Her Love !
Spencer felt the closeness again as they ate together, laughed and  talked about childhood memories and their college days together.  He watched how Brooklyn was with Amie.  Amie was his life and any woman he got involved with would definitely have to accept her and love her like he did.   He looked at them laughing and playing together.  Brooklyn was so loving, and Amie could feel that love as he could.  He breathed deeply as Brooklyn looked back at him and smiled as she lifted Amie up in the air and then back into her arms several times.  How was he going to do it he wondered, how was he going to make her fall in love with him again and say  those words "I love you" like she did at their graduation."   Now she only thought of him as a friend.  That's the way he had always thought of her until he saw her that morning standing there by her car in the  driveway.  Something happened as their eyes connected, something he never expected to happen.  And now as he looked at her holding Amie in her arms, he knew that was where he wanted to her arms. He wanted her  in his life, but how?  He knew he had  loved his dead wife  Cynthia but he never expected those feelings to surface again, and not with Brooklyn of all people.  She wouldn't be so quick to say those words "I love you again" to a man, for fear of  rejection again.   He thought about that kiss they shared at the front door, she definitely still cared, but how much he wondered as she smiled over at him, as he joined them on the sofa. That's where he would start.  He would show her he cared too.  They could spend these three weeks  together while he was home, go places, and hopefully she would learn to trust him again like long ago, and maybe even love him like she use to.  He wanted to feel her lips on his again and have the chance to return the kiss in such a way that she would have no doubts about his feelings for her ever again .  There was love in the room, he could feel it , and it was all because of her.  He didn't want to ever lose her or that feeling again !
As  Spencer sits close to Brooklyn, he's thinking of how to win her love...lets take a listen as this song speaks the desire in his heart now that he has found her aga
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Michael Bolton - Now That I Found You (Lyrics)
Now That I found You By Michael Bolton With LyricsI can still rememberWhen all I had was timeA time when I had nothin'But this empty heart of mineWhen I needed inspirationWhen the nigh...
A Man After Her Own Heart !
Brooklyn  felt guilty being at dinner with Professor Chad Howard and all the while her heart and mind were back at the Keys home with Spencer and Amie. They had shared such a wonderful night together talking, laughing and just being friends again.  She hated to leave them, but she had already accepted the dinner invitation earlier that week from professor Howard, or Booker as all his friends called him.   They had been dating for three months now.   He wasn't a bad looking man, tall, slender , with huge black eyes that seemed to dance when he was pleased about something. He was  older than her by twelve years but that really didn't matter at all because he treated her like a queen.  And he was one of her colleagues at the high school where she worked.   She smiled as he looked across the table at her.  She had determined in her heart that she wasn't going to get involved with a man again, but he had a captivating smile that always put her at ease when ever she was around him.  They were always seated together in the faculty meetings, or pared off in groups.  He made her feel that he really cared about her, and so she finally lowered her defenses and went out with him.
"So where are you Brooklyn, he said reaching across the table and taking her hand in his.?"
"What do you mean, I'm right here with you  Chad."
"Maybe in body but not in spirit."
"I'm so sorry Chad, just thinking about some things at my folks house.  The refrigerator went on the blink today, and  it can't be fixed until tomorrow, and I'd just bought a lot of groceries for the freezer too."
"Oh.  He smiled at her.  Brooklyn you can always use mine," he gave her a suggestive wink.
"Oh, thats okay.  One of the neighbors let me use theirs."
He looked at her perplexed.  "I thought most of your neighbors were gone." That's one of the things you always said you dislike.....being the only one at home on the block most of the ime."  "He still continued to hold her hand.
"Yes I know..., but Spencer Keys came back home to take care of his parents estate, and he let me use his. He only lives a few doors away."
"Spencer Keys, don't think I know him."
"No, you wouldn't.  He was gone by the time you started to teach here."
"Well, that was nice of him to do that for my girl."
Brooklyn smiled as she prepared to eat the dinner the waiter was setting on the table, an elegant dinner of cooked salmon, asparagus, rolls, and baked potato.  He was already beginning to think of her as his girl, and oddly enough she didn't mind if he did.  She was glad her answer seemed to satisfy his curiously .  He was becoming a special man in her life.  One that didn't push to hard to get close to her, and she liked that.  She smiled and he looked over at her and winked.  He had told her when they first met that he wanted to be the man after her heart, and she was beginning to think he really meant it.  But  still the memory of that kiss on the porch with Spencer haunted her.  She still loved him, or did she really.  Was it just a childhood crush as he told her it was that day at graduation when she confessed her love for him.    She was with Chad, but her heart still wanted Spencer Keys.  She had to find out for sure who her heart really wanted to belong too before the three weeks were up and he and Amie would go out of her life perhaps forever.  And there was Chad to consider too.  He deserved a woman who would really love him and not be thinking of another man when they were together.
Brooklyn is still living in her feelings of long ago.  How long was she suppose to love Spence without that love being returned.  How long would those feelings last for him...there was another man who wanted to return those feelings she so wanted from Spencer but should she let him, and was it time to let go?  How long she is wondering would she love Spencer long...lets share her feelings!
Click the video and share her feelings in this song
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Ellie Goulding - How Long Will I Love You [Lyrics]
Buy Halcyon Days from iTunes now Standard: Deluxe: US Album Fan Pre Order: 'Ho...
Competition !
Spencer couldn't  believe his eyes as he turned and walked away before  his presence was known.  Why should it shock him to see Brooklyn kissing another man.  He had seen him when he picked her up earlier, he was driving a sports car which said he had money.  His attire was casual, and he was tall and distinguishing looking with a pencil beard.  His body was well tone which meant he spent lots of hours at the gym.   Brooklyn  was dresses in a red  sleeveless sun dress,  red elevated sandals, and her hair loosed  freely.  She was captivating, but it was obvious that he wasn't the only man that thought so.  Who ever the man was, he was more than a friend,  he could tell by the way he  hugged her so tightly.  He walked home with Amie's  hand in his, and sat on the front steps, Amie on his lap.  Perhaps it was foolish to even think he could win her heart now with someone else in the picture.  He could just imagine their evening together.  A elegant dinner, as he looked across the table into those beautiful brown eyes of hers.  Maybe they would dance to a slow song so he could hold her close to him, maybe take a walk in the moonlight, then the drive home where he would kiss her....the kiss he had just witnessed that climax the whole evening.  He felt the sadness creep over him as he saw the car pass.  It didn't matter..... he was still going to try, he had too.  If he lost her.....
He looked up.  There was Brooklyn standing there in front of him smiling.
"Hi, he managed to say, totally surprised, as she sat down on the steps beside him and picked Amie up into her arms.
"Careful, he said as she took Amie from him.  Don't want to mess up that beautiful dress , children can do unexpected things sometimes.
"Not Amie, she said , giving her a big hug.  Just thought I'd come over and sit if you don't mind?"
"Not at all.  He moved closer to her.  So how was your evening....I'm sure you don't dress this way all the time."
"No, not all the time...just when I go out for the evening."
There eyes met.
"A colleague of mine...Chad Howard asked me out to dinner , just got back."
"Have a good time?"  he looked her in the eyes.
"Yes, yes I did.  Chad's a nice man."
"A special man?"
Her eyes met his again.  "He'd like to be."
"Then what's the holdup?"
Brooklyn looked at him, then leaned over and rested her head on his shoulder. There's just something missing, can't explain it, she looked over into his eyes. He's so wonderful to me, yet...... there's just not that magic.....that wow when we kiss...or that racing of my heart when he holds me close."
He patted her hand as he wrapped his arm around her, giving her a hug.  They sat in silence.  All looking up at the moon, the three of them together .  He knew what was missing, and he wanted her to have it, but with him  like she did  all those years ago........that special feeling called  LOVE !
Spencer sits next to Brooklyn realizing that he has always loved her but now it was different...he really loved her like a man loves a woman.  She is his best friend, and he wants her to be even more if she will let him 
Click the video and listen to the unspoken words in his heart that he wishes he could say to Brooklyn now !
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Savage Garden - I Knew I Loved You (Lyrics)
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"The Heart  Never Lies !
It felt good to just be with him and Amie.  Sort of like coming home.  Spence was home to her.  She didn't have to be anything but herself with him.  She hated to leave them but Amie was asleep in her lap and he thought it was best to put her to bed.  As she walked home she remembered how  loving he was as she watched him undressed her and tucked her into bed.  He loved his daughter, that she could tell.  The room was filled with dolls and toys.  Brooklyn felt a wave of sadness sweep over her at the thought of how beautiful the room was and Amie could not see any of  it.  She hoped the surgery would make that possible soon.  
 And she remembered how wonderful it felt when Spence put his arms around her and hugged her.  It was so different from when Chad hugged her.  Her heart didn't race, there was no shaky feeling in her knees, and she didn't feel like she wanted to just stay with him forever.  She put the key into the door and opened it.  Walked in and sat down on the sofa.  Like putting the key in the door of her parents home, Spence had unlocked the door of her heart, what was she suppose to do now.  She wanted to be with him like she never wanted to be with a man before.  Her heart was telling her once again that he was the one she loved, and the heart as her mother once told her never lies !
 Brooklyn now realizes that there is only one man for her and it's not Chad, but what will she do about her feelings that are so real.  Tonight just being there with Spence on the front steps and watching him in the bedroom with his daughter she realizes how true her feelings are for him.  lets  listen to this song that express her feelings as she sits on the sofa and thinks about the real love of her life, Spencer keys !
Click the video and share her thought !
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Reba Mcentire ft Vince Gill- The Heart Don't Lie
nothing is mine, so im not claiming anything, not trying or wanting to either
The Proposal !
Brooklyn didn't know how long she sat there in the living room thinking about Spencer until the clock struck twelve. She kicked off her heels and stretched out on the couch.  As always when troubled she went to her mother for advice.  She nestled the sofa pillow under her head.  Her mother didn't seem to mind her waking her up to talk, even though they were on vacation, and she was glad she didn't.  But the only advice she would give was follow your heart.   If she did it would only lead her to Spence, who didn't return her feelings of love, and not Chad.  Chad was a good man.  A man any woman would be proud to have love her, but she didn't.  She knew he was thinking of them in a serious way, she could tell when they were dancing and he whispered in her ear that he would like to dance with her the rest of his life and hold her close.  A proposal was coming, she was sure of it.  When he kissed her goodnight she wondered why he rubbed her finger so softly, then said it was to bare, and that something special belonged there.  He didn't have to get down on one knee and ask her to marry him, he was asking her in other ways that she intentionally ignored.   If only it were Spence saying those things to her.  She thought of how it felt to just be near him eariler on the porch...his arm around her shoulder.  The excitement that filled her.  The urge to wrap her arms around him and kiss him and never stop kissing him until he realized that he loved her like she loved him.  She would have no problem accepting a proposal from him, but it wasn't going to happen, now or ever.  She was just a friend, that was all she had ever been !
Chad  wanted to see her again on the weekend.  He said he was planning a special evening for them, but wouldn't tell her what, only that she should wear the most exquisite dress she owned because it was going to be a night she would remember.  She snapped off the light by the sofa and relaxed on the pillow.  Here was her chance to marry a good man who really loved her, and have a good life.  Someone who shared her love for teaching and kids.   Why then did her heart say NO !
Brooklyn is pondering the thought of marrying a man who loves her even though she doesn't love him.  To be love has always been her dream but with a different man.  Would it be so wrong to take a love offered to her and have the life she's always dreamed she would have.  Would she be able to live a lie ?  These are questions she is asking herself at this very moment, as she finally drifts off to dream.   She could have it all by saying yes to Chad's upcoming proposal....why then does her heart say NO ?
Lets take a listen to the things in her heart as she dreams of how it could be , or how it should be !
  Click video below and access her dreams.
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Vanessa Williams - Dreamin' (Zelldarayz)
Classic and beautiful! so enjoy and God bless :).
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