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          Someone Like you!
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  Samantha Caldwell  was beginning
to think she'd made a huge mistake as she exited the airport, luggage in hand,  and waited for the car that was suppose to pick her up and take her to the home of Jake Buchanan, her future husband.  It all seemed like a dream.  If anyone had told her that she would be going to a strange country to marry a man she didn't know, she would of said they were crazy.  But that was exactly what she was doing.  After losing her job and her apartment, she didn't know what to do.  It was by chance that she went to the mall and spent her last modeling check.  She was just looking through the book shelf and saw the magazine , and picked it up.  There was a section for pen pals and other request from eligible men.  Jake Buchanan's really caught her eye.  He was a widower who had lost his wife in a boating accident and wanted a wife mainly to take care  of his two sons.  The pay he offered was substancial...more than she ever made modeling.  She bought the magazine, went home and immediately looked him up on  Internet search to see if he was really what he was professing to be.  And to her surprise he was !    He was totally also   said that he was a shipping tycoon, then showed a picture of him, his wife, and sons.  His wife name was Gabriella, from the wealthy family Papadakis in Athens.  She was totally beautiful like most Greek women of wealth.They made a beautiful pair .They  met while he was on holiday in Greece. The marriage seemed to be a happy one from what she had read.  And because of  that she decided to write to him.  They wrote for months until she finally decided to take him up on his offer of marriage.  He said he expected her only to be there for his sons, other than that it would be a marriage in name only.  He sent her pictures of his home which looked like a castle.  It had huge hedges around it and the house was very large.  He assured her that the servants would be responsible for any house work.  She remembered how her eyes shot open at the picture, and when he mentioned servants, it all was like a dream come true...a fairy tale.  Something she had dreamed about as a child, and he was her knight in shining armor she had been waiting  for !  Now as she sat there she wondered.  He seemed more traveled than her...more wise in the things of the world, and women.  While she was just a city girl who's only travels had been through her modeling career which had ended to abruptly for her to see much of the world except New York, and Florida because of  a facial scar from flying glass coming through her window from a drive by shooting a few months ago.  The scar was healing nicely, and the doctors assured her that it would be almost invisible in a month or two. She thought she still looked okay, but not nice enough for her agent to get her bookings.  She had sent him a photo which he gave no comments on, so she guessed she was okay with him. 
Samantha is sitting thinking about her decision while waiting to meet a man she doesn't's like a dream..a fairytale  she was going to be in a fancy home..have all her needs met. Could he be her knight in shining armor?  Her Prince Charming ? ....But what did he mean when he said in his last letter to her......"I've  been looking for "Someone Like You?"  Was her decision going to come back to bite her...he was a man of the world, who could have any woman he wanted.  Why did he advertise in a Magazine for one? His words played over in her mind as she thought about him and what he probably had accomplished in his life.    She opened her purse, pulled the letter out and read those words again...."Someone Like You"  what was he really saying to her?    Click the video and take a listen...
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Van Morrison - Someone like you
 At First Sight !
 Jake Buchanan sat still in his car.  He could see her sitting there on the bench, suitcases by her side.  She was beautiful...more beautiful than her pictures revealed.   He wanted to look at her silently before he drove up to introduce himself.  What would she say when she saw him?  Saw that he was a cripple who needed a wheelchair to get around.  His car had been equipped so he could drive it, and he could do almost everything a normal man could do, except walk..  He thought she might understand about accidents that could happen what had happened to her.  Oh he researched her background fully.  She was an only child, parents died several years ago, she was on her own trying to make it in the world of modeling.  But he knew all to well how society reacted to any form of dis- figuration.  He sat there just observing her.  Long beautiful legs that were crossed as she sat.  Long dark brown hair...or was it black...he wasn't really sure from that distance.  He had always thought black women were attractive but had never really gotten close to one except in business ventures there in Athens where the population was becoming more diverse.  Well now he was definitely going to be close to one. He wondered what her reaction would be to marrying a cripple.  He hadn't mentioned that in his letters, but she was the only one that might understand from all the others who had written him.  She was tho only one who didn't ask about his fortune, the only one who had suffered through a tragedy and was fighting to get her life back., as he was fighting to get his.  Yes, he had been looking for someone like her.  He sat longer and watched her as she checked her watch.  He had said in his letter that he would send a car for her...but he didn't mention that he would be the driver.   It all seemed like a dream as he looked at her...she pleased hie eyes as well as his heart.  He prayed she would be his dream come true....the woman who would eventually grow to love him and his children.  Yes . he liked her from the moment he saw her...but would she be pleased with him.  He started the car and drove slowly to the curve, he was about to find out 
 As Jake Buchanan sees Samantha for the first time he's immediately taken with her...lets listen to the thoughts that might be going through his mind as he looks at her !    Click to listen!
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When i first saw you - Jamie Foxx Lyrics
from movie "Dream Girls". All rights reserved to the all of the authors of these materials.
 Jake Buchanan !
Samantha saw the car slowly driving toward the curb.  Then it stopped, and the window rolled down.  "Get in," the voice said.  She wasn't sure about the accent, but it definitely wasn't Greek.  She definitely wasn't going to get into a strange man's car. .  She back away.
"No, she said firmly...I don't know you, and besides I.m waiting for my fiance' to pick me up."  He lowered his sunglasses from his eyes but didn't take them off as he 
looked  intently at her.   
"I know, I'm him."
She heard a button pop and then he moved over and opened the door for her to get in.  She looked hard at him, as she moved closer to the open door. .  Everything about him said class, from the red sports car he was driving to the designer sunglasses on his face.  She could see the sports coat he had on.  It was expensive looking as well as the polo shirt he had underneath.  He looked like those male models she did shoots with when she modeled in New York., and she wondered if he was as vain and conceited and full of  himself as some of them were. 
"You can put your luggage in the trunk," he said never once moving to get out of the car and assist her.    As she walked, she heard another pop, and saw the trunk rise up.  She carried her luggage to the back of the car, then stopped.  There was a wheelchair in the back.  She stared at it , then reluctantly lifted her suitcases up and put them inside. Now she knew why he didn't make an effort to help her...he couldn't because he couldn't walk.  How could he deceive her like that, not mentioning such an important  thing about himself.  She walked back to the door and got in and sat down, making sure she was a distance a  part from him.  She immediately saw his eyes look at her legs and pulled her dress slightly to cover them.
""You have beautiful legs Samantha, nothing to be conscience about."  he said smiling  as he pulled  away from the curb. 
"Glad you are carefully about getting into a car with strange man."  He smiled at her again.  Her eyes looked at all the instruments next to her.  If he couldn't walk then how was he driving the car, she wondered.
"Everything fixed up front instead of below so I don't have to have legs to's all here at my fingers, if that's what your wondering."
Samantha turned her face away from him, ashamed that it was exactly what she was wondering.
"I didn't tell you because I figured you already knew since I am sure you checked me out.  He looked at her then turned his attention back to the road that she could see now showing less traffic which she knew meant they were heading out of the city of  Athens.
"Your pictures never showed you in a wheelchair," she said without looking at him, her face pressed to the car window.
"Obviously you didn't ask your search for present pictures, you probably saw the ones of me and wife.  That was what I called her...most who knew her called her that too!   Samantha could have kicked herself.  He was right on all counts.  She hadn't asked for recent photo's of him.  Oh she wanted desperately to jump from the car and go home, but she was totally broke, only the ticket he sent her had gotten her there.
"Our wedding will be a private one only you, me and my sons will be there.  It's set for Next Sunday."
"She couldn't do it...she just couldn't.  He was handsome, that she had to admit, and obviously rich enough to get her there, and have a flourish business too ...and live in the luxury he had, but she just couldn't commit to a marriage that would mean servitude to a cripple.
What was she to do, she thought as the car moved swiftly on towards who knows where with her locked inside !
Samantha is shocked to know that her knight in shining armor that she's so been wishing for is not all she perceived him to be in her mind.   He 's flawed.  What is she to do now .  She's in a country that' foreign to her..... and with a man that expects her to honor her agreement to marry him. Oh how she wanted to go home to new York, even if she didn't have a job or a place to live.  She had friends who would help her...she just wanted to go back to all she knew before.  Sure Jake Buchanan had money, and was well travel, but it wasn't for her...he wasn't for her...she just had to tell him some how that she wanted out of it all...she wanted to go home !
Listen to the song that says a lot about her feelings about New York and all she's left behind to share in a dream she now realizes is not for her !
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I wanna go home Michael Buble lyrics
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Home To Santorini  !
 He watched her sitting there so close, yet so far, her cheek pressed hard against the window.  She was definitely disappointed with the whole situation, especially the whole bit of him being a cripple.  Should he tell her that he might not be one after the surgery coming up in a few ,months.  He had been through two already, and was beginning to get sensations in his legs, thats why the doctor wanted him to stay in the wheelchair, to not damage the vertebra beyond repair. He was only allowed to walk from the bed to the wheelchair until then.  He hoped it would be a success and then he would be able to spend time with his boys, and hopefully his new wife.  He looked at her again.  He was sure she would grow to love Greece, and his home of  Fira in Santorini  He loved it at first sight and even more after he fell in love with Gabriella .    It was for that reason he  built their home there on the cliffs  over looking the ocean.  Gabriella loved the sea and wanted to be close to it, and they were for twelve years.  It was going to be a long drive to Fira...120 miles, he hoped the view would comfort her a bit.  Tonight there would be a gathering of some of his business associates, and friends to welcome her to Greece.  He wasn't sure how she would react to that...but it was something she would have to get use to .  Gabriella was a natural at hosting dinner parties, and conversing with his prospective clients.  Being in the public eyes was one of the perks of his business, that she loved so  much.   He hadn't yet seen a congenial side of Samantha Caldwell, and he was beginning to wonder if she had one.  When he woke up that morning he thought about Samantha Caldwell, and sharing a life with her.  From her letters he sensed her love and passion for life, and she had shared some of her dreams with him about Seeing the world.  He looked over again and saw her wipe tears from her eyes.  He wanted to reach over and pull her to him.  Wipe the tears, calm her fears...he wanted to get closer, but would she let him ?  He fixed his eyes on the road and kept driving...he already knew the answer to that question !
As the song plays perhaps it speaks the words Jake Buchanan is feeling in his heart as he's driving along the countryside and sees her face pressed against her window crying...lets take a listen.....
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Closer to You - Jason Derulo (Lyrics)
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A Different View !
Samantha wasn't  sure how much longer she could make it with out eating.  Her stomach was growling so loud even she could hear it, and she was sure he could too.  The last full meal she had eaten was on the airplane, and that was hours ago.  She saw him look over at her, as her hand pressed against her empty stomach that was really putting up a fight  at that moment.
"We'll stop here for breakfast, then continue, he said as he began to drive slower until he stopped the car completely on a side street.
"I haven't had breakfast yet."
Samantha looked down at her watch , it was after 2:o clock her time.
He turned, his eyes looking directly into hers.
"Here in Greece we usually serve breakfast until about 12 noon, which is still considered morning here.  Then we have Lunch between one and six pm...and dinner no later than 9pm.
She noticed a smile cross his face.  "You'll get use to it Samantha."
The lock on the door popped and she opened it and stepped out onto the street.  Where ever they were, it was lovely.  Quaint little tables decorated with pastel tablecloths and flowers hanging from above them.  She wasn't sure if she should go to the trunk that was how opening and get his chair.   And just when she decided it was the right thing to do, a short stocky man yelling something in Greek came running out  and darted pass her to the trunk where she watched him lift the chair out,open it and roll it up the the drivers side of the car.
He was laughing so heartly as he helped him out, then hugged him.  It was plain to see that they knew each other well.
He wheeled him up on the small curb.
"Samantha, this is  Adelphos Baros, a good man and friend."
She smiled as she followed behind them  to one of the outdoor tables where he seated her and removed one of the chairs for the wheelchair to fit comfortably under it.
"I practice English now, the man said no get much people to practice on."  He smiled at Samantha, as he pulled up a chair and sat next to her.
"Everyone talk here about  Mr' Jake, he  patted Jake on the shoulder.  He very good many  people, help me keep restaurant open, send son to university, give money to villagers when they need help.
"I'm sure Samantha isn't interested in all that my friend.
She could see that he didn't like it when people bragged on him... he was sincerely embarrassed. "
"But true, all true about Master Jake.  He patted him on the shoulder again.  Now I go get best meal for you.  He got up quickly.   Best meal in my restaurant just for you and lady."
With those words she watched the short stocky man rush off with a huge smile on his face.
As Jakes eyes met hers, she didn't know what to think about him.  Obviously there was more to Jake Buchanan than she thought.  He had to have a good heart to help so many people.
"We didn't really have to stop you know, she said , just trying to add something to the conversation........I really wasn't that hungry."
He looked at her a long moment, then smiled, and gave her a wink .
""Well I was, my stomach was really speaking to me." 
She looked away, now she was the one embarrased.......he knew it was her stomach that was doing the speaking...she was the hungry one, not him, even if she was denying it.  As  the food was set before her she couldn't help but smile as they started to eat the fish, vegetables, bread , and wine.  He had a sense of humor too.
As they left the restaurant and he helped Jake into the car.  She noticed Jake give him something he had rolled up in his hand.  A conversation went on between them.  The Man didn't want to take whatever Jake was giving him, but he finally did.  He bowed and thanked him...she didn't have to know Greek to understand "thank you."  He waved at them as they drove off.  Yes there was more to this man than she knew, she saw him differently now, and she had to admit that she liked what she was seeing. Of course he was pleasing to her eyes...very pleasing, and she could tell he knew it too. But he didn't act conceited at all.   She wanted to find out all there was before she told him she wanted out of their arrangement.
As Samantha sits beside Jake Buchanan, she now sees a different side of him.  She thinks about a song she once heard at a music concert "I See You In A Different Light"  That's exactly what had just happened at the restaurant ...the song spoke of love which really didn't pertain to their relationship...but it spoke a truth still...that there was a different side to him, and she wanted  to know it !
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Chante Moore I see you in a different light
-1- I see you in a different light candle light, moon light I see you in a different way through different eyes, and it's so nice I see you like i've never seen you before the way I wanna ...
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