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The Right To Love !
It was nice to see her smile during lunch.  It was the first time he'd seen any emotion from her other than the tears she tried to hide earlier when he picked her up at the airport and she saw that he was a cripple.   She was now asleep, although she fought hard to stay awake.  He looked at her.  Her long slender legs pulled close to her seat, and her head resting heavily on one shoulder.  He rubbed hie eyes.  He was beginning to feel the weariness of the long morning drive from Fira.  It would be good to get home and see his some Nico, and Theo and spend some time with them.  It had been difficult raising them to this point with out Gabriella.  They were both so young when she died, only two and three years old at the time.  Now they were five and six and beginning to ask questions.  He had explained the accident to them but they were to young to really comprehend it all...they just missed having a mother like all their friends did.  They needed a woman in their young lives...a woman who would be a mother to them, love them.  He remembered how excited they were when he first told them about Samantha, and that he was going to marry her, and that she would be their new mother.  They could hardly wait to see her.  He prayed with his pastor earlier that week  that Samantha Caldwell would be that woman.  The woman to give them the love they so needed, and that maybe he would also be able to receive some  of her love too. They were to  be married on Sunday, only four days away.  Legally they would be man and wife, but as he had promised he didn't expect any wifely affection from her...they would be married in name only.  And he would honor that agreement with her.
But in his heart he prayed in time that would change, and they would truly become man and wife in every way,after she felt more comfortable with him, and trusted him.  But for now he could only look at her, and admire her, but not touch her as he desired to.  He had no right to love her until she gave him the right to love !
 More to come............
Jake Buchanan wants to love again, and he wants it to be with Samantha Caldwell.   Through her letters he has come to know her.  He knows her hopes ,dreams, and her desires.  And he wants to be all she's ever dreamed of  if  she'll just give him a chance.. to make all her dreams come true.  Listen as we hear the thoughts that might be going through his mind as he drives and thinks about her as she sleeps in the seat beside him.   Click video to hear.
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All 4 One - I Can Love You Like That [with lyrics]
One of my favorite bands All 4 One, I really love this song, really good rhythm, hope everybody enjoys this video and feel free to comment =] Informations :-Band: All 4 OneSong title: I can ...
 A Surprise In Paradise !
Samantha was a bit displeased with herself for falling asleep in the car after lunch, but the great food and the long flight  were mainly the cause.  She rubbed her eyes as she opened them and looked , then blinked.  Was what she seeing real?  It was like looking at a travel brochure of some beautiful Villa on an island in the South Pacific , or the carribean.  The water on each side of  her  was a gorgeous blue. Her mouth dropped open as she looked.  She must  be dreaming,  she said to herself . She heard and saw pictures of places like this but never with her own eyes.  As the car drove through the winding streets  and climbed up the winding road  she saw houses sitting on the side of what looked like cliffs.  They all looked the same.... all whitewashed , simply beautiful.  And there were trees of some sort that she couldn't  identify neatly scattered between them, lush and flourishing in the sunlight, and flowers beautiful flowers everywhere.
"Did you have a nice  rest?"  Jake Buchanan smiled over at her...we'll be home in just about ten minutes."  He turned his attention back to the road not waiting for her to answer him.
"He said home, like she was just suppose to walk right into a life she knew nothing about, just like it was a natural thing for her.....but it wasn't."  She looked away then back at him.  
"So, do you live far from here?"
He smiled again and gave her another wink as she felt the car come to a stop. 
"  I live here...right here Samantha, and now so will you."
She looked at the huge whitewashed house before her with winding steps, flowers,  and the ocean all around her.
Before she could react further she saw two small boys run out of the house and up to the car smiling happily, and then a older man with a beard pushing another wheelchair which stopped at the car , opened it,  and helped Jake Buchanan into it.  The boys , which she knew had to be his son's were hugging and kissing him like he'd been gone for ages.  She had to admit they were so cute to look at.  One had curly brown  hair, and the other  straight brown hair like Jakes.  Where she stood she could see there was a patio with white tables and chairs, vases filled with red flowers, and a pool.  He definitely was a man of wealth. She pushed that thought out of her mind.  Money was wasn't all that was important in her world, although she didn't mind having it, if  it was with someone she truly loved.
"These are for you," a voice said suddenly drawing her back from her thoughts.  She looked  surprised as the boys handed her a bunch of the red flowers she had been admiring on the drive up. She felt the tears sting her eyes as she took them, and looked into the eyes of both boys.
"We picked them this morning for you."
She knew they were trying to be nice to her, probably as Jake had instructed them to be.  But there was something more in their eyes, a look that  made her feel happy.  It was something she couldn't explain, but it made her feel wanted.  She leaned over and  kiss them each on the cheek.     No one had ever given her flowers before , not even on prom night when Roger Davis took her to the Senior prom.  It was an episode in her life that she remembered, and in some way it was like this was making up for that mistake.    They smiled as they  hugged her tightly, then moved back by their fathers chair.  They were beautiful boys with dark brown eyes , olive complexion and, and curly hair.  Half  Greek she was sure but the other half,  what ever the other half of their nationality was she couldn't tell  since Jake Buchanan had never revealed his nationally to her...but he definitely had an accent that sounded almost British. This must have been how he looked as a boy, she was sure.
"These are my boys, he said as he ushered them out in front of his chair so she could see them better.
"This is Nico, he's six, and this is Theo, he's five."
She smiled as she reached out her hand and shook theirs.  She could feel a slight trimmer in them, she wasn't the only nervous one, they were nervous too.  As she followed  Jake, his sons,  and the older man who took her suitcases  inside she felt guilty for the fact that she would be hurting them.  They wanted a mother, and that's what they expected her to be to them.  Their lives had already had one major she was about to cause another.
Her room was breathtaking, all she could do was stare.  There was a huge king size bed covered by a royal blue satin spread with matching curtains at the wide patio window.   She fell back on the bed,  it, something she'd always wanted to do.  There was a large walking closet, like she had always dreamed about, and a private bathroom with a sunken beige tub all surrounded by glass so one could look out, but eyes couldn't look in while bathing.  She walked to the patio doors and opened them widely letting in the cool sea air then walked back to the bed and stretched out with the ocean looking back at her.  It was all unbelievable.  Was it wrong to want to enjoy it all for a short time  before saying anything to Jake.   She might never have another opportunity like this again. 
 She rolled over feeling the satin on her skin, satin would be one of her indulgences once she got back to New York and started modeling again.  She wrapped herself  in the spread pulling it from the bed...she  felt  like the "Rich and Famous, well at least for the moment.  She rolled over and over feeling the satin around her skin...savoring its every touch against her.   Then her eyes caught sight of Jake...he was just sitting there at the door  watching her silently.
She tried to unwrapped  herself quickly, but wasn't having much luck.
"I was just,"  was all she managed to muttered, as she shamefully  lowered her eyes away from his.
"We're getting married tonight Samantha," he said in  almost a whisper.  And with those words he wheeled away leaving her  there on the bed and her mouth wide open in surprise !
 Samantha thought she could control her own destiny, but now the future is staring her smack dab in the face.  She doesn't want to marry Jake Buchanan as she had promised to do, it was suppose to be a short distance off, now it would be happening tonight...why?  It scared her that  perhaps she might really fall in love with him, and his boys ...perhaps his whole way of life.  Paradise was great for the moment, but could she endure it for a lifetime?  .  And what about  all the plans she had made for her life.  No, she didn't want to fall for anyone at this point in her life, but how was she to stop it?  Listen as this song shares some of the feelings and thoughts running through her mind now knowing tonight will be her wedding night !
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Juris - I Dont Want To Fall For You [Lyrics On Screen]
This is the Latest single of Juris Fernandez as a solo singer-artist because of leaving her partner Chin of their partnership called MYMP (Make Your Mother Proud). She Released her album last Febuary...
 The Reluctant Bride!
Jake Buchanan didn't stop to look back as he wheeled away from Samantha's room.  He knew what he would see, and at that moment he couldn't acknowledge it .  All he could think about for the moment was the phone call he had just received.  His surgery had been moved up to tomorrow due  to his doctor's  prior engagement that would take him out of  the country for several weeks to receive an award.  He would be touring hospitals in Egypt, Africa, and Russia.  It was a great honor to be included among so many famous doctors who would be going along too!  Jake knew personally that Jonas Whitman was a great surgeon.  It was because of him that he had any feeling in his legs at all.   But he hadn't prepared for all the after shocks this early surgery would bring to him, his sons, and Samantha Caldwell.  There would be weeks of recovery, and  he had to make sure his sons were cared for while he recovered.  All the legal documents had been drawn up to make her legally their mother in case something happened to him while in surgery.  He had investigated her fully.  She was a caring, compassionate and loving person, who just had streams of bad luck. He had servants, but his sons need more than that...they need a woman...they needed a mother, and after tonight they would have one whether Samantha wanted to be one or not.  He would be in the hospital for a couple of weeks, then home on bed rest until Jonas associate  re-examined him and advised him to try walking. This would be  his last operation, whether it was successful or not.  He prayed it would be a success so they could raise his sons together,  and he could be a husband to her, if she stayed around that long after the marriage.  He wheeled to the elevator, and got on, the door closing behind him.  He had planned a dinner party tonight with his friends and associates to meet Samantha, and they would stay for the unexpected wedding.  He lowered his head into his hands and prayed that Samantha would not  throw a damper on the evening.  He had kept his end of the bargain and deposited the money into her New York bank account, but so far she hadn't touched it, and he didn't know why. He thought he would have more time with her...time to get close ...find a way into her heart...that's all he wanted was a way in.   But time was against him now, and it was now up to her to keep her promise to marry him, and that's exactly what he expected her to do tonight !
 More to come.....................
As Jake Buchanan thinks about Samantha Caldwell and their upcoming wedding tonight, He sure she probably thinks he set the whole thing up.  He now wonders if she will ever let him into her heart, where he longs to be.  Lets listen as the songs shares a bit of his hearts thoughts!
Click video to play....
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Take me to your heart
*** I would like to dedicate this song to all lovers in the world ***Hiding from the rain and snow Trying to forget but I won't let go Looking at a crowded street Listening to my own heart b...
The Talk !
 Samantha couldn't believe her ears.  Did she hear him right, they would be married tonight?  She threw the spread from off her shoulders and ran from the bedroom down the hall, and down the stairs, and almost into the arms of the butler who had carried in her luggage earlier.  
"Where is Mr. Buchanan, she said breathless?"
"In his study ."  He pointed to a door that was a few away.  
"If you need anything just pull one of the cords in the room and I'll be happy to serve you."  
She watched him walk away up the stairs carrying some boxes until he was out of view.
Taking a deep breath she walked to the door and opened it.  His back was to her, as he talked to someone on the telephone. There was no way she was going to marry Jake tonight, that was for sure.  How could he just drop a bomb like that on her then wheel away.  She had some choice words for him.
 "I know this changes everything."  She heard him say over and over again to the person on the phone.
 "The surgery wasn't suppose to be until next month. Have to make sure everything ready in case the unexpected happens.  Got to make sure my boys are cared for."
 Samantha stood still as she listened.  He hadn't mentioned anything about any surgery to her.
"Just make sure you bring all the documents with you tonight to our wedding...its all got to be finalized tonight in front of everyone."
He whirled around suddenly, then saw her .  "I'll see you tonight then,"  he said as his eyes met hers, then hung up.
She didn't know what to do. There she was standing and listening to his private conversation...ease dropping .
 "We need to talk Samantha, he said pointing to the chair next to his desk for her to sit down.  She walked slowly to it and sat down.
"It wasn't my intention to listen, she said looking at him.  I was just coming to talk to you about tonight ."
"I suppose you heard from my conversation that I'll be having spinal surgery tomorrow."
Samantha looked.  "Yes I did.  I'm sorry, she said looking  at that's why you want to get married tonight .... in case something should happened to you ?"
He wheeled up beside her.  "Yes, it's something I've done with all my surgeries."
You've had others.......  you never mentioned that in your letters."
"I kept my end of the bargain, he said as if he never heard her speaking.  I've  deposited your money in your New York bank account three days ago.  Now its your turn."
"You deposited the money.  She looked surprised.  You mean I ' I've had it all this time and didn't know it.  Why I could have went...." She stopped abruptly as he looked at her.
"Yes, you could have went back to New York at any time," he said finishing her sentence for her.
He wheeled away from her and took his place behind his desk again.
"Tonight there will be a lot of my friends and business associates here to meet you, and unexpectantly  they will be attending our wedding.  I expect you to not cause any problems."  He looked at her intently.  If you know what I mean?"
Samantha knew exactly what he meant.
"Now, he smiled at her slightly.  I'll have Anita show you to the basement where you will find a rack of dresses in all sizes and colors, Gabriella was a designer...that's  where her studio was."  Samantha could see  he was  having a flashback of his dead wife at that precise moment. 
"I'm sure you will be able to find something suitable for tonight.
She just sat there, looking at him, listening to his words and not saying a thing..  Why wasn't she speaking her mind...telling him she couldn't go through with the marriage.  Somehow she just couldn't.  She couldn't give him more to worry about right before surgery.  She didn't want that on her conscience if something did happen to him, and she truly hope nothing would for, his sons sakes.  He had kept his promise to her, now it was her turn, it would only be a marriage on paper, no emotional involvement at all.  And it wouldn't last forever .  She would be moving on to her own dreams as soon as he was well and stable, somehow she would make her dreams known to him during that time.......somehow she would get him to listen and understand that this was not her home and he was not the man for her .  He had so much but still all that couldn't make her love him.
As Samantha sits there she wants to tell all her heart is feeling if he would only listen and understand her hopes and dreams for her own life.  But she can't seem to speak it out loud to him...perhaps this song speaks for her of all she wants for her life.  Click video to play! 
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Beyonce - Listen (Lyrics)
I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING!!!the first couple of verses where it says 'dyin' its done sorry
The Dress 
Samantha followed Marta down the steps to what was once Jakes wife studio, where she designed her clothing line.  It was a bright airy place, with lots of windows where the natural sunlight filled the room.  She wished she had accepted the offer to take some of the evening dress offered her after she was let go from her job, but she was angry and refused.  Now here she stood looking at a gorgeous rack of evening dresses fit for royalty. There were elegant full gowns, sleek evening pieces that Samantha could tell would hugged tightly to a womans curves. There were also younger stylish dresses, suitable for debut ants of royalty,and an array of shoes like she'd never seen before. 
"Mistress always work here many hours while master Jake sleep, Marta said as she showed her around the studio.  Master Jake say you pick any one you like."
Samantha walked up closer.  There was one dress she especially was drawn to.  It was cream in color, strapless, and had sequins that shined like small diamonds through.  It was long and elegant.  She removed it from the rack and searched for the tag that would reveal its size.  She looked was just her size...a ten.
"I think this will be okay, she said removing it from its hanger."
Marta smiled as she led the way back up the staircase .  Samantha noticed how much she smiled, as if there was a secret she wasn't telling her.  As they reached the top of the stairs she bolted pass her and straight to the butler and whispered in his ear.  He then looked at her too and smiled broadly.  Then they both bowed and went about there duties preparing for the evenings dinner gathering.  She wondered what it all meant as she carried the dress back to her room and laid it on the bed.  Whatever it was would just have to be their own little secret.  Tonight she had enough to think about.  There was going to be a room full of people to meet at dinner , in less than three hours, that would probably  stare at her because she and Jake were so different .  And  at the end of that evening their would be a wedding making her Jake Buchanan's wife, and a stepmother to his two small  boys who so desperately wanted and needed a mother.  What could be worse than that! 
She flopped down on the bed and looked up at the ceiling fan that was going round, and round, and round  She closed her eyes.    Oh! if she were a bird she would fly away, but she knew she couldn't.  Her own choices had put her right where she was now, and there was no way out !
Samantha feels trapped  like a bird she wishes she had wings to fly away from the situation she's gotten herself into...and the choices she's made that lead her to paradise ...listen as this song reveals a lot of her feelings about the upcoming evening events ! Click Video to listen!
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Vanessa Williams - If I Had Wings (lyrics)
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 The Gathering!
Jake Buchanan stood up only for a few seconds to check himself out in the mirror.  For a man of  forty he didn't think he looked to bad.
"Master Jake, your not suppose to be out of your chair, remember?"
The Butler rushed over putting his arm under his shoulder and helping him to sit down slowly into his wheelchair again.
"You worry about me to much
 Metros, " he said as he gave him a pat on the arm.
"And I will always worry, he said smiling happily.
"Have the guest started to arrive yet?"
"Yes, most are in the dining hall  talking ."
"I'll  be down in a few minutes...make them comfortable."
Metros bowed and left the room.  Jake sat there looking at himself dressed in a black suit and tie, white shirt and gold cuff links.  He couldn't wait to see what Samantha would be wearing. She had plenty of dresses in the studio to choose from. Even the dress he had picked for her, but then decided to just let Marta add it to all the rest that were already there. . He was sure Samantha would not have appreciated it.  She would only see it as a start of him trying to control her.  In a matter of minutes he would be introducing her to all his friends and associates, and then the wedding would take place.    He truly was looking forward to marrying her.  There was just one thing he desperately wished.  He wanted her to just be with him tonight after everyone was gone and they were all alone.  Just to have her lay beside him so he could look at her beautiful caramel skin, and her big beautiful brown eyes, and full lips.  He wanted to  feel her body close to his before he had surgery tomorrow.  He pushed the wheelchair away from the mirror and headed towards the door.  He knew very well that it was a wish that wasn't about to come true !
To be continued on Monday...
Story ending Friday  May 23rd !
 Jake wants to be close to his new wife tonight...just to feel  her next to him, knowing that she's there for him and that he's not alone anymore...will it happen?  He wants it to...but it's all up to Samantha now...will she see it in his eyes tonight...feel his want for her in that one expected kiss at the end of the ceremony? He wants just to be close to her tonight before he has the final surgery that will determine his fate to ever be able to walk again...?  Listen to the song that reveals his true feelings  about tonight...and his wish for every night!
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I don't want to put no chains on youI just wanna be here lovin youcause you touch me in a placethat puts a smile right on my facebut I don't wanna be holding youbaby only for an hour or two...
 A Wedding Request!
 Samantha could hear the people laughing and talking down stairs as she stood in the open doorway of her bedroom...She hadn't felt this nervous since her first modeling job five years ago.  
"You look very pretty, Marta said as she smiled at her.  Master Jake be very happy you pick dress he bought for you."
Samantha twirled around and looked at her.  
"What , I just took this one off the rack."
Marta smiled again.  "Master Jake tell me to put dress in with others, he no want to give to you, he say maybe you get mad he pick dress and not like."
Samantha looked surprised.  So that's what all the whispering was about when she took the dress upstairs.  They were happy she had picked the dress he had chosen for her.  She had no idea Jake had bought her a dress to wear for their wedding.  She walked slowly down the hallway and then to the stairs. her heart was beating wildly as she took the first step, then the second, and then one step after another until she was on the main floor.  The laughing was louder now, and she could see people mingling and eating as they walked around.
"Samantha."  It was Jakes voice speaking behind her.  She turned quickly surprised.
"You look stunning," he said, smiling at her.  Her eyes looked at the man she was about to marry.  Virtually a stranger!
He was dresses in a black suit, white silk shirt, black tie and she could see the impressive gold cuff links  from the tips of his suit sleeve.
"Everyone is waiting to meet you, but before I introduce you I have one request of you tonight."
Samantha looked at him.  What more did he want of her.  She was keeping up her end of the bargain, but only because he had already deposited the money into her account.  She had to marry him so she could use the money to get back to America, then she would find a way to pay him back.  She didn't need it all, just enough to get back home and then she would send the rest back to him and find a job to support herself.  Her eyes looked at him.  He was definitely handsome as any male model she'd ever met.  Her  heart started to beat fast as she looked at him, there was definite attraction there, and she scolded herself  for it.
"What request?"
He wheeled his chair closer to her.  "I want one night with you Samantha.  I want you to be in my bed tonight"
Samantha's jaw dropped, but before she could answer him, he wheeled passed her into the dining hall.
"Everyone I want you to meet my future wife Samantha Caldwell."
More on Wednesday !
Samantha has just gotten the shock of her life.  What was suppose to be a marriage in name only was now turning into something more.  Jake had promise he would ask nothing more of her than to marry him without any romantic involvement. She was so attracted to him, and she knew he was equally as attracted to her. Now he wanted her his bed...what was she suppose to do?  She didn't want to feel anything for him, and one night with him and those feelings that were now stirring inside her could change her whole future...she might actually fall in love with him!
Lets listen to a song that is speaking the thought rolling over in her mind as she thinks about spending tonight with Jake her new husband !
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Selena - I could fall in love
Enjoy, rate, comment and don't forget to subscribe to my channel :)Selena - I could fall in love.R.I.P selena quintanilla-perez.1971-1995.Lyrics:I could lose my heart tonightIf you don't...
  The Vows !
Samantha was to shock to even speak as she stood there looking at Jake greeting all the people .  It was obvious that he was use to entertaining, as he greeted, smiled, and shook hands with the men and kissed the hands of the ladies.  She had seen pictures of elegant dinner parties, but never in her wildest dreams did she think she would be a part of one.  One given in her  honor.  Everyone to her surprise was very friendly, asking her about her job in New York, and complimenting her on the gown she wore.  She felt a bit nervous when Jake left her in the mist of a crowd of women and  wheeled  away with the men for a private conversation.  She and Jake were so different and she waited for that to come up in the conversation  as they flooded her with questions about herself and the USA.  But nothing was said about the racial difference between her and Jake.  This was most surprising to her.  She was glad to see him wheel into the room when the butler announced  that they should all go to the dining hall.  Everyone  walked into the dining room, laughing and talking as if this relationship she and Jake were about to commit to was the real thing and were happy for him.
"Are you thinking about my request," Jake asked as he wheeled his chair beside her into the dining hall.
 Samantha looked slightly down at him as she walked.  "You said you didn't expect any thing from me, that this would just be a marriage strictly on paper,  for the security of your sons."
 He smiled up at her.  "It's only one night Samantha, only one night...surely you can give me that?"
Before she could answer he pointed to a chair at the head of the table and she sat down.  The butler remover the head chair at the table  and Jake took his place beside her .  She could see everyone smiling at her and Jake as the butler and maid wheeled out a  cart on which were covered silver dishes containing the evening dinner..  
She was extremely surprised when the trays were uncovered and there before her was a  American dish consisting of New York Strip Steak, Bake potato, Peas and Hot dinner rolls.
"I thought  we might eat American tonight, Jake said lifting up his glass for a toast. In celebration  of Samantha and my wedding  tonight, he which you are all invited!".
He held his glass up towards Samantha as everyone did, and they all laughed and clapped happily at his announcement.
Normally it would have been an enjoyable meal, but she found it difficult to eat knowing what the end of that meal would mean her wedding was soon to happen. 
Jake looked up as Methos rushed to him and whispered into his ear.  She noticed Jake smile as he lowered his coffer cup  and looked at everyone.
"The minister has just arrived everyone."
He wheeled away from the table and closer to Samantha.  Everyone was already leaving the dining hall and heading towards the living room.
"Well I guess it's time Samantha...remember your promise, I've kept mine."  With those words he wheeled out leaving her sitting there in the dining hall all alone.  
Getting up slowly she walked out into the hallway leading to the living room.  Everyone looked up as she entered.  Jake was sitting at the side of the couch, and there was a man in a long robe standing in front of him.  He was definitely a minister, that was obvious.  He smiled as she walked up next to Jake.  Jake started to get up from his wheelchair but she  laid her hand on his shoulder stopping him.  She had heard his butler say he was not to stand of  walk until the surgery was completed....she didn't want him to do anything that would affect tomorrows surgery. 
She  smiled at Methos, "I'll sit too ."
Methos immediately rushed and returned with a chair  for her to sit  down.
Jake's eyes looked into her a long moment, then he reached over and gently entwined his fingers into hers, as he gave her a wink.  
It all seemed to happen so fast.  The vows, him looking at her the whole time, and then hearing him say he promised to love her, cherish her, till death do us part...and those final words of his.."I Do"
Everyone was looking at her now, waiting for her to say her vows to him.  She knew she had to, and did with tears in her eyes and a thump in her throat.  And then she said those final two words that made her and Jake bound together as man and wife..."I Do."
Conclusion Friday May 23rd/2014
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Well Samantha Caldwell is now Mrs. Jake Buchanan..she kept her promise, now tonight Jake wants one more thing  from spend the night in his bed as his wife...can she keep such a promise...and fight what she's feeling deep within?   Something happened when his fingers touched hers, and when he looked deep into her eyes...and she heard him say those wedding vows....something flooded deep inside her that made her see him in a different light, and makes her want to say yes to his request for tonight.     Lets listen as she thinks about Jake and what happened inside her tonight that she never expected to happen !
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Mariah Carey - When I Saw You + Lyrics
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