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                 Conclusion !
 Tonight !
Samantha slipped into the satin white gown set that Marta had laid on the foot of her bed.  It was so elegant.  She looked at her self in the mirror.  She looked like a woman of wealth even to herself.  Her hair was fixed elegant in a bun, and her makeup was flawless.  It felt like she was preparing for a modeling shoot, but she knew this was for real.  She was a married woman now, and her husband was waiting for her in his bedroom.  Tonight he expected her to fulfill her duties as his wife. She opened the door and walked slowly down the hall to where his room was and opened the door.  She could see him sitting there in his bed.  He sat up as she entered.  The room was dark except for the light from the open patio doors where she could see the calm blue ocean before her.  She walked slowly to his bed and stood silently, afraid to open her eyes and look at him.  She eased the robe from her shoulders letting it fall to the floor revealing the slender satin gown that hugged her figure tightly.  If this was the price she had to pay, then so be it, she thought as she felt, her body began to shiver.  She always thought her first time at love would be something she would treasure with the man of her dreams...but now, here she was ready to give herself completely to Jake Buchanan because of a promise.
"Awe !...Samantha."  It was Jakes voice, and it was so close to her that she opened her eyes quickly.
 He was out of bed and standing in front of her, bare chest, and wearing only red silk pajama bottoms.
"Here you are, ready to give to me the most treasured, beautiful  part of yourself, but not  your heart."  He reached up and touched her cheek.
She was surprised how gentle and warm his touch was.
"How could I take from you what you are not ready to give.  He leaned forward and pressed his lips on hers.  Only when our hearts beat as one , and you give me the right to your love will I take  it."
Samantha had never heard such words from a man before.  She stood there looking at him.  He lowered his eyes from hers, as he reached slowly down and gathered her robe in his hands and put it back around her shoulders. His body swayed slightly as he stood up.
"Jake, She put her arm under his to steady him.  You're not suppose to be out of bed...I heard your butler say that. "
She walked him back to his bed and helped him lay down again, his head resting on the pillow.
She brushed his hair with her hand, then felt his forehead to make sure he was okay.
"I like your touch Samantha, he said, his hand taking hers."
"And I yours, she said softly," her eyes looking into his. She couldn't believe those words were coming from her lips, but they did. She was sitting on his bed looking into the eyes of the man who swore to love, honor, and cherish her forever, only hours ago, and he made it sound so real.  She felt his hand move tighter around her waist, as he pulled her to him.  He began kissing her so gently, and so sweetly, and she found herself  returning his kisses without hesistation.  And then she felt him pull her into his bed, and the feel of the silk sheet as it  rolled  over their bodies, as his arms closed around her.
"I want your heart Samantha my love, he whispered into her ear.
I'll settle for nothing less."  His lips pressed against hers again. 
She didn't know how it happened but she knew  she was right where she wanted to be at that exact moment, with him.  And  when the time was right, and he was fully recovered she would not only give him  her heart, but as his wife, Samantha Caldwell Buchanan, the right to love as well !
                                                                                          The End
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