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Shanghai Christmas !
 Pg. 3
The Party !

Millicent forced herself to enter the hotel where the party was being held.  It was a beautiful sight to behold all decorated with lights hanging from the ceiling.  She had decided to wear a long slim black dress and low heels.  She didn't want to force her foot into high heels and hurt her ankle which as her boss said was healing quite nicely. She loosened her hair from the  clamp that usually held it in a up position and let it hang down on her shoulders.  Everyone was laughing and having fun.  There were trays of different foods around the room that she eyed but wasn't sure what they were.  The Chinese dessert were always tasty so she took a few of them as she watched people entering , greeting others, and forming small intimate groups at the tables.  Her eyes looked in disbelief.  There by Mr. Yen was Dr, Lee Chung.  It was obvious that he'd  seen her too.  She tried to turn away but to no avail...he was walking right in her direction. What was he doing here.  She wasn't his responsibility as he had said she was that night he saved her life.  He said he had to look out for her as long as she was in China.  Well, she sighed a sigh of relief...that wouldn't be to much longer since she had decided to go back to America.
"您看非常美好的今晚Millicent., his voice spoke softly to her.
"What, I don't know what you just said..I know very little Chinese."  She looked up into his eyes, shocked  by the way her heart beat just looking at him.
"Forgive me, he bowed as he placed a glass of wine in her hand, his fingers touching hers. I said you look very beautiful tonight Millicent."
"Thank you, she managed to mumble, I do know how to say that.  She smiled reluctantly at him.  I think it's  谢谢...My Chinese isn't very good, I only know how to say a few words and phrases like Hello, Goodbye, Thank You and where's the bathroom."
He laughed softly.  "I see your earring has found its home again.  He gently reached up and touched her ear."
Millicent smiled happily thinking about Jeffery.
"Yes, it has, and I have you to thank for that again."
"Tell me more about him," he motioned for her to sit at a table that was directly behind them and in open view of everyone.   Millicent sat down slowly.
"I told you everything that night in you home, there's nothing more to tell.  She felt a tear fixing to fall from her eye and quickly held it back.  Then she noticed something she had never noticed before.  He had a ring on the third finger of his left hand.  He was married.
"You must know all about love, she pointed to the ring on his're married right?"
"He looked up at her, then gently moved the ring around on his finger.  "I was once, my wife died three years ago when Mae was only two.  I've  become so use to wearing it that I guess I never through about taking it off....or maybe its just that no one's ever given me a reason too."  His eyes looked deeply into hers  forcing her to look away.
 She was finding out more about him, more than she really wanted to know.  She didn't want to know anything about his life that would make her feel connected to him...and now she did.  He was once a married man, and he was also a father, and him saving her life had somehow brought them together.
"My life has been so filled with work that I think I've forgotten something I once read long ago it said...那里有爱有生活.  He shook his head and smiled means in English..."Where there is love, there is Life."  I think I need to love again.  What do you think?"
Millicent didn't know how to answer such a personal question, and  she couldn't believe he was even asking her too.  It was such a relief that she didn't have to answer him.  Mr. Yen came to the  table just at that  precise moment  and took him away to meet someone. 

   MORE TO COME.......
Dr. Lee Chung was definitely happy to see Millicent again...for him it was a happy and joyful reunion characterized by the happy music that is playing in the large banquet room, where the party is being held...lets take a listen    
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The Touch !

Millicent didn't have long to think about how she should answer as he sat back down in the chair across from her.
"So What do you think Millicent...should I love again?"
He reached across the table and took both her hands in his.  She could feel her heart race.  A feeling that was totally unexpected as she looked into his eyes.  They were a soft captivating brown.

She eased her hands away from his.
"How do you expect me to answer that.  She looked at him.   Thats a decision that's yours and yours only."  She could feel herself becoming increasingly more nervous.
He relaxed in his seat and looked silently at her before speaking.
"You were the first woman I've slept with since my wife three years ago, even if it was for a medical reason.   It was a nice feeling to hold a woman in my arms again...I miss that."  He looked intently at her...I want that feeling again."
Millicent didn't know what to say.
"Excuse me, she said finally as she got up and rushed from the table.  She had to get away...she needed to think.  She stood at the dessert table.  Was he trying to, proposition her to be his lover...what did it all mean.  It was hard to believe he'd never had a woman since his wife, as handsome as he was.  She looked back at the table but he was gone.  Her eyes looked around the room, finally spotting him talking to her boss Mr. Yen.  Then he bowed and walked away.
She hoped Mr. Yen wasn't upset with her as he started walking in her direction
"Mr. Chung wanted me to apologize to you.  He said he was sorry if he offended you.  He thought it would be better if he left."  He looked questioningly at her.  Didn't you say he saved your life?"  He's a very honorable man Ms. Black...I can't imagine how he could offend you."  He shook his head and walked away.
Millicent felt like a fool.  Her boss was right.  He did save her life.  She put the desert back on the tray and rushed from the banquet room, down the steps, and out the door.  She could see he was quite a few paces from her so she began to run something her ankle told her was it wasn't totally up to doing .
"Lee," she finally had to yell as she stopped to catch her breath and rub her aching ankle.
  He turned and started walking towards her, until he was by her side.
"You shouldn't run...not yet until it's totally well.  He bent down and lifted her long dress and looked at it , then felt it. I don't think you've done any real damage."  He lowered her dress.
"I wanted to apologize for being rude.  I've just never had a conversation with a man before like that.  It kind of threw me...I didn't know how to handle it.   'I'm truly sorry...and if I haven't said it before thank you for saving my life."
She extended her hand forward to shake his, and he returned the gesture.
Well at least she had apologized and said thank you, she thought as she turned and started to walk away, when suddenness she felt a hand on her shoulder turning her around.   She looked into his eyes surprised.  Maybe he didn't accept her apology.  But she could see that he was smiling at her.
"Why are you smiling," she asked as he moved closer to her, taking her hands again in his like he had done at the table.  She could feel herself slightly shaking inside.
"I was afraid I had offended you, and I had no intentions of doing that...I  have never talked like that to any woman before.  I am usually a very private person...and very selective who I share my private thoughts and time with."
Millicent felt his hand close tighter around hers.  
"Come home with me tonight can trust me."
"What, she said shocked, her eyes widening. He was asking her to come home with him?"
There was no way she could go home with him, yet 
she felt his hand leading her, and felt her legs moving forward towards an awaiting
 car without any resistance on her part .  He                                     said she could trust him, but could she?

    More to come  ! 

As Millicent walks beside this handsome man who arouses feelings in her for the first time since Jeffery, she shocked at those feelings...yet captivated by them too at the same time while trying to understand where this is all leading to for her.  Listen to this song in 2 versions (English and Chinese too) that says a lot about her letting her heart go to search for love.  She had taken one man to her heart before..and look what happened.......dare she take another ?

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For my Chinese friends here's the same video in Chinese...enjoy!

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The Hotel !
Millicent immediately recognized where they were when the car stopped.  She had seen the hotel before with her co-workers one day when they were walking through Century Park.  It was The Dorsett.  It looked even more beautiful at night with all the rooms lit up . She had never been inside but knew it reputation and of its elegance.  She always wondered how it looked inside, now she was about to see for herself as she stepped from the car and looked up at it's magnificent structure.  She really couldn't believe she was allowing her self to go to a man's hotel, but she was.   She watched as Dr. Lee Chung spoke warmly to  people as they passed heading to the elevators.  They seemed to know him well.  He keyed the elevator to the eighteenth floor which she knew meant that he could look out over the city if his room faced the park.  Once they stepped off the elevator she could see the Chinese culture on some of the walls, which were a stunning white.  
"This is where I live," he said as he opened the door to his apartment  and she stepped in.   She looked around.  As with most Chinese hotel rooms the windows went from the ceiling to the floor.  It was breathtaking the view that was before her.  She could see the whole city lit up with lights.  She walked to the window and just stood spellbound, wishing her apartment had such a view...but unfortunately it did not, but at least it was one of the perks from her job that she didn't have to pay rent for herself.  There didn't seem to be a lot of personal items like family photo's.  She remembered he'd said he was a very private person, now she knew he was right.
"Would you like some tea, he asked his eyes looking into hers....I don't drink coffee or I'd offer that to you."
"No, she said softly walking back to the window.  I really shouldn't be here at all.   She turned facing him.  Why did you invite me here anyway?"
He started walking closer to her.  She could feel her heart beating rapidly.
"To see if you'd come....and you did."
Millicent watched as he took off his suit coat, laid  it neatly on the chair behind him, then loosened his tie, and remove his shoes, then take a step closer to her.
"(Qiānlǐ de lǚchéng zúxià kāishǐ?)
"You know I don't speak Chinese, she said nervously looking at him.    What did you just say?"
"I said the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.  He smiled.  I've taken that one step tonight."
Millicent looked strangely at him.  He couldn't be thinking just because he saved her life that she was destine to be his.  That would be a foolish assumption in America.  But as she looked into his eyes, eyes that she was drawn to, she knew she was not in America anymore and this gesture was real and meant to arouse a response in her that would speak to him much more than mere words could ever say.  It meant crossing cultural lines, races,ethnic back  meant commitment, if she took that one step!

Millicent  see's the predicament she's in, and it's a serious one.  How will she respond ?

 come back & see ..........

 A beautiful song sharing Dr. Lee Chung's feelings for Millicent...take a listen.....

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