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Shanghai Christmas  
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 Lee  Chung !
Millicent  woke to the sound of  voices  which seemed to be coming from the open window not far from her.  But she was  more startled  as she looked at the other side of the bed she was in.  The covers were turned back and the pillow  was scrunched .  Someone had been in bed with her.  Frantically she looked at her self making sure her clothes were in order.  She still had on the satin robe from last night, but that brought her no comfort.  If someone had been in bed with her that could only mean one thing, and she dreaded the thought of what might have taken place while she was under the influence of a strong sedative.  She pulled her legs over the side of the bed.  The pain was not as strong as last night.  She had to make it to the window and see what was going on, and if there was a way out of  this place.  Slowly using the chairs in the room like a crutch, , she made her way to the window.  She blinked was like she was watching a karate movie.  The large yard was filled with young men who were being taught by a man she couldn't see clearly because his back was to the window.   And she noticed something else the large yard was all closed in, and had trees and flowers all around.  There was no way out .  Dragging her self back to the bed she sat down.  She could hear footsteps coming closer,she knew she was about to meet the man who was holding her captive.  As the door opened she moved further  back in the bed until her back was against it.  Her eyes began to fill with tears again, but she quickly wiped them away.  She wasn't going to give her captor the pleasure of seeing her cry, even if she was afraid.
        The door opened slowly and she gasp as an old man who looked like he was one hundred years old  bowed as he entered, then made his way to her bed.  He bowed again , then smiled , then pulled  back the covers and reached for her legs.  She screamed and hit wildly at him until he stopped and just stared at her.
"Don't touch me," she said loudly, pulling her legs up close enduring the pain that had now returned to her swollen ankle.
She didn't see the door as it opened again and the man behind it.
"Well I see your feeling better," the voice said.
Millicent looked startled as the man approached and stood by the bed.
"Who slept here?"  She pointed to the ruffled covers beside her...and what happen?"
He walked closer as she looked at him.  He was extremely handsome, although she told herself not to notice, and he was dressed in a karate uniform.  He was the man teaching the younger men.
"He smiled.  then said something in Chinese to the old man who then smiled and left the room.
"To answer your first question, I slept there next to you.  He sat down on the bed next to her.  You were having chills and needed the warmth that another human can give another in times of emergencies when heat is not available.  
He got up and pointed around the room.  Here in China heat is not always used as much as in your country America....and you are from America."
        He walked back and sat down on the bed again.  
Millicent never answered  just sat, their eyes looking at each other
"And to answer your second question, he said finally..... I saved your life last night from those thugs.  A dangerous side of town you were on."
Suddenly it dawned on her.  The envelope...where was it.  her eyes began to search the room...where was her purse that had the envelope inside.
""The envelope, I assume that's what you are looking for?"
"Yes, she said finally it's  gone isn't it?"
"It was for a Mr. Woo Chung right?"
She looked at him did you know that?"
"Because he's my father, and he has the envelope."
""You got it back, she said happily taking a deep breath as she remembered what her boss had said"Guard it with you life".
"Yes,it's safely in my fathers hands now."
"Thank you," she managed to mumble resting her head back on the pillow
."And to answer your next question as to what's was in the envelope, it was money to help my father continue his work with the alcoholic's and drug addict on this side of town."
He seemed to be reading her mind.  Yes, she was curious as to what was inside but knew better than to ask.
"Now a question for you Millicent."
"How did you know my name,? she said surprised.
"Your work badge, on your suit when I undressed you."
Millicent lowered her eyes away from his.  So it was he who undressed her.  Since she had been in China she'd never met anyone like him before.  His English was almost perfect, and he was nice to look at and she could only imagine how he would look in a business suit. 
"Oh," was all she could manage to say.
He reached over and gently touched her hand. 
"Don't worry, I'm a doctor I've seen woman's body before."  He smiled, then reached his hand to shake hers...I'm Dr. Lee Chung, and you're in my home."
Millicent forced a smile still thinking about being undressed by him, as she placed her hand in his and returned the gesture.
:Now I have a question for you."
Millicent looked up .....wondering what possible question he could have for her.
"What is it, she asked timidly still feeling embarrassed about the being undressed situation. 
"Who's Jeffery?    You cried and called his name often throughout the night.  Is he someone you want me to contact as to where you are?"
Millicent felt the tears fill the corner of her eyes again as she shook her head.
"No, it wouldn't do any good.  Jeffery's dead, he was the man I loved !"

                     More to come.............

As Millicent tells Dr.  Lee Chung about her lost love, she can still remember like it was yesterday.  when they met, fell in all comes back once again...take a listen!
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The Earring 
Millicent was glad to be back at work a week later after resting off her ankle.  Her boss was super nice and  even lightened her work load.  But her thoughts still went back to the conversation she had with Dr. Chung that night before he took her back to her apartment.  How could she spill all her inner most thoughts about Jeffery to a total stranger like that.  She was glad that she wouldn't have to see him again. She had made such a fool of herself  hitting his father when he was only concerned about her ankle. And then finding out she slept with Dr. Lee Chung, oh!  She shuttered at the thought of what others in the office might think if they knew...especially her boss.
"Ms. Black."
Millicent looked up into the face of her boss, Mr. Yen.
"Yes Sir, she said grabbing her note pad , and pen.  He probably wanted her to jot down some things for the Christmas Pasty tonight.  She was pleasantly surprised at how many Chinese celebrated Christmas, and all the markets that had so many activities this time of year.
"I'm expecting you tonight Ms. excuses about your ankle...its been healing quite nicely, and besides, he smiled widely.  You need some fun in your life.  Eight o'clock."  He pointed a finger at her, then walked away.
    Millicent wasn't in the party spirit at all.  She could only remember her last Christmas in Korea with Jeffery.  They walked, talked and just laughed together.  He had no family  living, so on Christmas Eve they called her mother and talked together before having a nice dinner at a local restaurant.  And then they exchanged gifts.  She gave him a set of cuff links, and he gave her a set of diamond stud earrings that she always wore even now.  She reached up and touched her ears.  She had never taken them off to this day.  Suddenly her finger touched her right ear...she was only wearing one earring....where was the other.  She checked her purse, pulling everything out onto her desk.  It was gone.    How could she have lost it, how could she!
Sitting back down she sat and thought.   It had to be when those thugs attacked her.  It was probably lost in the alley that night, and never to be found.  She looked up to see Mr.
Yen bowing and smiling to a man in the hallway, then they both started walking in her direction.  Blinking she was surprised to see a face she remembered.  It was Dr. Lee Chung.  Her thoughts were right...he looked unbelievable handsome just like she knew he would look in a suit.
  Mr. Yen smiled.  "Someone to see you Ms. Black, you remember Dr. Lee Chung.  Says he has something of yours."
Millicent stood up and moved from behind her desk and walked out to meet him.  What could he possibly have  of her's she wondered as she walked close to him.   
She watched him reach into his suit pocket and bring out a handkerchief and slowly open it.
"Oh!, she gasp."  It was her earring, the one she'd been looking for.
"Where did you find it, she asked excitedly.  I've been looking all over for it."
He looked at her and smiled as he placed it into her hand  his eyes looking directly into hers. 
"I found it where you left my bed."
A hush fell over the entire office, then slowly she could hear the whispers coming from her co-workers.  How was she to explain this....She could see Mr. Yen looking at the both of them, and she could also see that Dr. Lee Chung was slightly enjoying the predicament he'd just put her in !

     More To Come on Page 3   !

Millicent is caught in a predicament , put there by Lee Chung' s words.  But as she looks at him she' feeling a bit drawn to this handsome Chinese Dr.   Feelings she never expected to feel again or even wants to feel for another man.  She had "One Love,"  and  he had been the flower in her heart & life
Take a listen she thinks about the one person..the  one flower that was in her heart & life....Jeffery.

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