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Shanghai Christmas
 Finale Pg.5
Trying To Forget

Millicent  as surprised at her mothers reaction to her predicament. When she talk to her later that evening after work.  She thought she would tell her to rush back to America...instead she told her to stay until she had thanked Dr. Lee Chung in a proper way. 
"The man saved your life Milly, her mother replied.  You could at least cook him a good meal.  I raised you to be thankful and polite.  And besides, it sounds like you're running away just because he likes you."
Millicent was silent.  In her heart she knew she her mother was right she was running away.
Okay mom, I will when I have's busy now before Christmas."
"I'm sure he's busy too, but he found time to buy you a gift.  What was it anyway Milly?'
Millicent couldn't tell her mother what the gift was...then she would have to explain everything , about them sleeping together ...she just couldn't do that, even if it was a innocent night together.  
"Just some perfume that's all mom, just a bottle of perfume."
She felt guilty lying  to her mother again.  She'd done it with Jeffery because she wasn't sure how her mother would react to him being Korean.  But once he talked to her on the phone he won her over instantly with his humor and truthfulness of his feelings for her.   She would do it tomorrow right after work.  The Christkindmrkt was within waking distance and she wanted to do a bit of decorating in her apartment before she invited him for dinner.  But for now she just wanted to close her eyes from a long day and not think about anything of anyone as she got into bed...especially not Dr. Lee Chung...or see his handsome face & his brown eyes looking into her's...or remember the feel of his hand on hers at their Christmas party.  No she didn't want to think about any of that, but how could she forget when his face was constantly before her day and night, and how her heart testified with every encounter that her attraction for him was growing !.

Finale to be finished
 on Christmas Evening !

Millicent is desperately fighting not to love again...but will she be able to resist the feelings that are flooding her heart & mind and dare to trust her heart to another man?  She had so many reasons not to....they were so different...miles a part.  He didn't really know her...and he was really a stranger who just happened to save her life.  But also there were so many reason  she felt connected to him as hard as she tried to deny it.
 Take a listen to the song that's playing on her radio as she drifts off to sleep with thoughts of Dr. Lee Chung.

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 A Private Affair !
Millicent stood at the mirror looking at herself.  Was the dress to much ...was it to revealing to wear for just dinner.  It had been two days since she'd gotten that gift from him.  She thought maybe he'd  finally given up on her, then out of no where there he was in Mr. Yen's office.  It was the opportunity she needed to ask him to dinner as a payback for saving her from those thugs that day.  And he accepted, but only if she allowed him to take her to his favorite Shanghai restaurant instead, to which he added that he'd take a rain check on her fixing him one later, which meant he wanted to see her again.  She rushed out the door when the bellman buzzed and say a limo was waiting for her out front.  She blinked as she exited the door staring at the white limo . She didn't know much about Dr. Lee Chung but she knew limo's were expensive.  Here she was getting in a limo with a man she knew little about, but who made her heart race at each meeting.  She smiled warmly as the door opened and Dr. Lee Chung stepped out wearing a black tux white shirt, black tie and gold cuff links.  Her fingers fiddled nervously at the chain around her neck with the slippers on it.
"Awe, I see you're wearing it wonderful."  He reached for her hand kissing it as he helped her into the back seat.
"Yes, she said nervously.  It's beautiful."
"Not as beautiful as you are Millicent.  You're my beautiful, beautiful lady."  His fingers curled around hers, and then he leaned over and kissed her cheek .
Millicent didn't know how to respond verbally, but  her body responded on the inside instantly as she looked into his eyes.
"Why do you care so much for me Lee, she asked hardly know me."
"You called me Lee for the second time.  First time was when you ran from the restaurant, and now.   He smiled...I'd say you want to know me too."  He looked up as his hand gently touched her face again.
"It was love at first night Millicent.  He touched her face again.  When you were hurt , you cried most of the night, and had chills.  I got in bed with you to warm you...but it was you who warmed my heart.  It was the first night I'd shared a bed with a woman since my wife died.  I felt you close to me, felt the warmth of your body on mine, brushed away your tears...and allowed you into my heart despite all my senses telling me not to.  I chose you that night to be the beautiful  lady in my life.  I just had to convince you of it."
Millicent looked up surprised It was his hotel they were stopping in front of.
"I thought you were taking me to your favorite restaurant."
He laughed softly.  "I am, my place and I'm the chef."
Millicent was still hearing his words from before, and the sincerity in his voice as he opened the car door and helped her out.
"Wait, she said quickly turning and facing him  as he closed the limo door behind her.
"You asked me a question that night at our office Christmas
party.  She swallowed hard.  I can answer that question now."
He walked up close to close their lips were almost meeting for a kiss. "Yes I did, didn't I."
She nodded.  "You asked me if I thought you should love again.  She swallowed hard again as her eyes looked into his.  Yes, I think you should love again."
They stood looking at each other.
"And who should I love Millicent?"  His hands were on her shoulders now pulling her even closer.
She gently moved away from his arms and walked back a few spaces, as his eyes watched her intently.
She stepped out of her high heels one at a time, then took a step towards him.  He looked happily at her as he opened his arms for her to come to him, and that's exactly what she did with just one step!  
                                                                 The End !

Millicent unexpectedly has found love again and has given her heart to the man who thinks of her as his beautiful, beautiful lady....just like the song from her favorite Korean soap.  She would be his Beautiful, Beautiful Lady now & forever

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See you in April 2016 with another fabulous Love Story!   Merry Christmas!!!

Pastor & Author Janet M. Fears !!


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