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Shanghai Christmas 
P. 4
The Gift
Millicent couldn't believe what she had just done as she rushed from the taxi, in the door and up to her apartment.  She had left without saying a word.  She ran out like a scared child straight pass him, to the elevator and out the door where she hailed a taxi and came home.   Covering her eyes she relaxed back on the couch.  He had said nothing happened that night when she shared his bed with her.  But now she wondered...maybe something did...something that made him feel drawn to her.  She got up and walked nervously around her apartment.  She had to be honest with herself and admit that she felt drawn to him too, but why.  The small clock chimed that her mother had given her telling her that it was now eleven o'clock.  The phone ringing caused her to jump.  What if it was him...what would she say.  So she just let it ring.
               Christmas was coming soon.  Only three days away. It had been a week since Dr. Lee Chung had taken her to,his apartment, and not a word.  Oddly enough she was a bit disturbed by that.    The office was humming with activity, and joy but she felt sad for the way she had behaved that day.  As she walked to her desk and sat down her eyes caught sight of Mr. Yen talking to a man with his back to her and  a young child by his side, at the far end of the hallway.  The child was dressed in a school uniform as she stood silently and patiently by the mans side .  Even from a distance she could tell that the child was beautiful.  He  bowed to Mr. Yen, then handed him a box and turned and walked away with the child beside him.  Millicent watched as Mr. Yen approached and stopped at her desk.
"Dr. Chung asked me to give this to you and say Merry Christmas.  "
Millicent looked as the door closed behind them, then at the gift wrapped box in bright gold paper and tied with an elaborate silk gold bow in her bosses hands.  
"You are very special Ms. Black.  Many women would love to receive a gift from Dr. Lee Chung, but in the two years I've known him, only you have." 
Millicent looked at the box as all eyes anxiously waited for her to open it and share its content.  With trembling fingers she loosened the ribbon and then the elegant paper, and finally lifted the lid off the top of the box.  Her eyes swelled with tears at what she saw.....and she began to cry !

What was in the box that Millicent
 opened that touched her so much that she began to cry...
                     come back and see  !
      Story Ending on Christmas Eve           Thursday December 24th

Millicent is in Dr. Lee Chung's heart...but is he in her's?
Here's a song that says what Dr. Chung is feeling for Millicent, take a listen!
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For my Chinese friends here's the same song in Chinese just for you !
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The Note !
Millicent dried her eyes quickly as she was bombarded by her co-workers rushing to see what Dr. Lee Chung had given her in such an elegant box.  She lifted the gold chain on which had two elegant miniture black heels dangling form it with elaborate jewels around a heart on both backs of the heels.
She was surprised again to find a  note underneath them.  She opened it slowly, not knowing what it might say after the way she ran out of  his apartment that day.  But there was no mention of that event...instead she saw some Chinese words and then words she could plainly understand...the words said....." love at first sight."  He was making his intentions plain not only to her but to all the surprised eyes that were gathered around her looking eagerly at her with happy expressions.  She knew exactly what the shoes represented ...that first step that he was wanting her to take in building a relationship with him!

Finale Thursday!

As Millicent looks at the note knowing exactly what its meaning is, Lee Chung was telling her he had no intentions of letting her go even after she pulled away from him, he was still advancing towards her until she made it perfectly clear what she wanted him not to.  Her mind went back to Jeffery and the hurt she felt when she lost him.  She never wanted to experience that hurt again by falling in Lee Chung was wanting her to do just that...fall in love ...and with him.   It was a choice she had to make.  He was leaving it all up to her to decide !
Take a listen to this song again expressing Lee Chung's  feelings for Millicent....

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