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Shanghai Christmas !
Coming In Mid- December....

      Shanghai, a city of sights, sounds, people,and often danger.  A fantasy job could prove to be more challenging than expected for Millicent Black when she gets lost on the wrong side of town delivering a package for her boss on Christmas Eve, and is confronted by a gang Chinese hoodlums!
Lets take a look at this fascinating beautiful city that Millicent is drawn too, and that just might cost her more than she bargained for !
Click video to take a listen to the sights & sounds of Shanghai!

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Memories ... 보고 싶어  !
Millicent stretched out on the sofa and indulged her thoughts  into the Korean music video she had taped while working in Korea. She felt the tears as they rolled down her eyes, onto her cheeks.  It was the song Jeff played for her the night he proposed.  It brought back so many memories of Jeffery Chung her lost love.  She had always been attracted to the Orient, and Korea was the first international job she'd ever taken, and Jeffery wasn't the man she ever thought she could love.  But his smile, friendliness, and openness to other cultures and ethnic groups made him hard to resist.  He was the first oriental man she'd ever dated, or kissed.  To this day she knew how to use chop sticks, cook Korean food, all in preparation , as he told her for their upcoming marriage.  She would always smile and ask when that would be since he'd never proposed to her yet after two years of seeing each other. He would just smile at her and say "Be patient"  She never thought she would hear those words until that night he played that song and asked her to marry him.  Why did he have to be on that flight that exploded in mid air.  It had been almost 8 months and still they had no answers as to why it all happened.  It was still hard for her to accept the reality of never seeing him again.  It was the main reason she left the firm where he had been chief of security.   Now here she was in China, a place she could lose herself in with no one to distract her....just a job that needed her skills, and a boss that was old  enough to be her grandfather.  Yes here she was safe .

           Safe...was she really safe?
Lets listen to the video song that Millicent plays over and over again.  The song Jeffery played the night he asked her to marry him.  Click the video to play and hear the beauty of the words that bring back so many memories for Millicent !

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The Envelope !

Just about the time she had picked up a few Korean words and phrases now she knew nothing about the Chinese language. She was totally lost. Luckily most workers knew English pretty well.   Her boss Mr. Yen spoke English quite well, as did most of the others high ranking officials that came to his office.  She could always tell when she wasn't needed, they would start speaking Chinese, then she knew it was time to get back to her desk.  Mr. Yen was a rather large Chinese man, had a mustache and walked with a limp which she'd heard was from a War injury.  He smiled a lot which made her more comfortable when she was around him but still she missed Korea.  Most of her friends were Korean that she had met through Jeffery.  It was a hard decision but she had decided it was time to leave the orient and go back to the USA.  China was beautiful...especially Shanghai.  Her mother was ecstatic when she called and told her ...she never liked her being so far away from home.
"Ms. Black."
Millie looked up from her desk shoving her thoughts away for the moment.
"Yes Mr. Yen "
He smiled broadly  "I need you to deliver this envelope for me today after you get off work.  It's a very important envelope, for a trusted friend  Mr. Woo Chung."
He laid the envelope on her desk, then leaned in towards her.  Let nothing happen to this envelope  Ms. Black ...guard it with your life."  Then he laugh softly.  Millie saw the smile fade as he walked away.
She hoped he wasn't being serious, but a part of her said he was.  She looked at the address.  It was a part of town she knew nothing about.  As she asked around she distinctly got the feeling that everyone knew more than they were saying, as all eyes were on her and that envelope she was carrying in her hands.  Grabbing her coat she decided to leave early and take a cab to the address.  The way Shanghai traffic was it would probably take her an hour or two anyway.
As she walked out on to the streets of Shanghai music could be heard from a young couple passing by.  It was a tune she was familiar with since Su Ling had played it often in the office.  It was sweet, smooth, and  the title brought back  good memories of Jeffery.  The title was "You Exist In My Song".  And that's exactly where Jeffery was every time she played their favorite song, right there beside  her !

AS Millie walks along happily thinking about Jeffery as the song plays, not feeling the gentle rain falling around her...she's also unaware of the danger that's around her 
too !
Lets listen to this beautiful song that's captured Millie's attention and brings Jeffery back to her if only for a moment !
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The Attack !

Millicent slowly saw the city lights fading away as the taxi moved farther away from the streets and businesses she knew.  Where ever they were going it seemed dark and sinister to her, and she remembered how strange the taxi driver looked at her when she showed him the address on the envelope.  When the driver finally came to a stop she wasn't sure she wanted to get out.  It was a dark street with only a few lights.  There were men on the streets, some sleeping, and their were liquor bottles everywhere.   She looked at the address on the envelope, then at the driver who pointed to the door and nodded his head to affirm that she was at the right address.  As she got out she  pointed to the driver with her finger at the ground hoping he understood that he was to wait.  She knocked but no one answered.  It was then that she saw them...a gang of men with their faces covered with hoods.  They were advancing quickly towards her.  She started to run back to the cab, but the cab driver obviously had seem them too and took off.
Before she could even scream, the tall one reached out and grabbed the satchel containing the envelope  from her hands.  He had a gun pointed in her direction.  She watched him open the satchel and remove the envelope then hand it to another masked mask to tore it open...then he smiled  and shook his head at the other man.  The silence was deafening as she waited for what she knew would happen to her.    She was either going to be killed or taken for the slave trade that existed in the orient she had heard so much about.   All she could think about was her mother, and that it was almost Christmas, just two weeks away.  She felt the tears roll down her cheeks.  To be killed or sold in slave trafficking would totally destroy her mother.  It was those thoughts that made her turn and run but only to twist her ankle in the process causing her to fall to the pavement hitting her head, then the lights went out.    When she awoke she was dressed in a satin gown, lying on a huge bed, in a large  room filled with beautiful drapes and other antiquities .  The worst had happen, she thought as she sat up in the huge bed and looked around.  She was obviously in the home of some rich Chinese man who wanted her as a trophy.  She would rather die she thought than be a love slave.  She finally collapsed back down on the soft bed.  Her head hurt so much.  She felt the bump through the bandage on her head.  She knew she didn't have the strength to resist her captor as she looked at her bandaged ankle and felt the pain shooting up her leg.  She felt dizzy...they had probably given she some sort of sedative to keep her was useless to fight it.  She rested her head back on the soft satin pillow as she closed her eyes and falls helplessly asleep.

As Millicent goes to sleep she's unaware of the handsome China man who saved her life standing beside her bed..or when his hand gently touches her face and brushes  away the tears that keep falling, then  covers  her shoulders with a warm blanket, before leaving the room, or that he turns on music to comfort her  from the events of the evening..and aid in the healing process through her sub-conscience.  
Lets listen to this soothing music that Millicent hears.

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