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    " The Best Of Friends "
     By :Janet M. Fears
Copyright © 2014 -Janet Fears All Rights Reserved
Brooklyn   Matthews couldn't believe her ears as she listened to the gossip going on in the beauty shop. 
"I just can't believe he came back here after the death of his wife Cynthia," the one beautician said.
"Yes, he has a blooming law practice in Boston Massachusetts, why come back here where he might have to start over again.  I just can't understand it." 
Bonnie jerked Brooklyn head causing her to jump.
"Oh, sorry dear," she said smiling.
Brooklyn looked in the mirror by her chair.  Bonnie still had half  her head to perm.  She closed her eyes and prayed it  would be done soon.  She hated gossip.
"Now, Bonnie continued.  What's he going to do with his young daughter.  She's only 4 years old...she'll need a sitter."
Brooklyn couldn't stand it any longer, she had to know who they were talking about.  "Just who is this person you are  talking about, she asked."
"Are you serious, Bonnie asked looking down at her.   After years of growing up together, attending school, graduating  and attending the same University.  You too were the best of friends.  The whole town thought that maybe you two might carry it to a different level, but then he came home one day from the army with Cynthia."
Brooklyn felt her heart melt with sadness.  She knew exactly who they were talking about, it was Spencer Keys."
"We all thought if anyone knew he was coming back to his home town it would be you.  Maybe he's going to take over his parents house since its empty since their passing .
Brooklyn want to get up and run as far away as she could but knew she couldn't.  She had a very important meeting at the School tomorrow that might lead to her being made the English Lit Department chairperson.  She had applied others places too, including Boston but heard nothing.  Now she was glad she hadn't, it might mean running into Spencer .  She hadn't seen or talked to him since his wedding five years ago.  It was dreadful about his wife's death, and for that she was truly sorry, especially for his young daughter not having her mother around to raise her.   But he had hurt her so badly, making fun of her feelings for him when she finally told him on graduation day in college how she truly felt..that she loved him . She never forgot the look on his face.  He simply smiled at her like she was a child,  with a crush.   To him she was no more than a good friend.  He said he was sorry if she thought their hanging together gave her different ideas.  She determined then and there that she would never trust her heart to a man.  The best of  friends, that was a joke.  All those years growing up together and spending time together meant nothing...nothing at all.  She had survived.  And done it all by herself without a man by her side.  She stared out the window as Bonnie worked on her hair, her mind replaying all their times together.  He had promised to always be there for her no matter what, all she had to do was call and what ever it was he'd come running.  She believed him then.......... but not anymore !
Friendships are special, so special that they can often last a lifetime.  But when one breaks the bond of  friendship a heart can often be torn a part 
And mending it  can often be impossible if one is unwilling to try again.
Listen as Brooklyn thinks about her friendship with Spencer, and see how special it was in her heart  and why the hurt goes so deep !
Click  the video link and listen to the song about friends as you remember the good times with your best friend, and how important the bond of friendship really is between two people.
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James Taylor - You've Got A Friend w/ Lyrics
Cool Song ^_^
Spencer Keys
It wasn't a long drive back to  Philadelphia, he wish it was, then he would have more time to think about how to approach Brooklyn when he saw her, and it was a definite aim of his to see her and explain why she hadn't heard from him in five years.  They had been the best of friends, but now....he was sure she hated him. He glanced over at his daughter Amie sleeping peacefully in the seat beside him.   She was so young to be blind.  He hoped the doctors were right about the surgery that might restore her sight.  He thought about Cynthia, and their last night together.  It was their fifth anniversary and he had made reservations at her favorite restaurant.  They were so happy, even agreeing to take Amie along with them.  Oh! he wished he had never taken her, then she would still have her sight.  It didn't matter that he had lost a leg in the auto accident that took his wife's life, all that mattered now was Amie and her surgery.  He could still see Cynthia with her arms wrapped around his neck kissing him when she discovered the beautiful diamond bracelet  he had gotten her as an anniversary gift.   it all happened so fast the car darting in front of them.  He tried but couldn't avoid  it.  When he awoke he was in the hospital, and Amie was there too, but no Cynthia.  He  had told her so many times to buckle her seat belt but she would only smile and say "I trust you honey, your a very safe driver."  he shook his head .  He needed to concentrate on his driving.  They would be in Philly in 5 hours.  His parents property was willed to him now.  It was the perfect time to go and see it since he had taken a months leave for Amie's sake.  It was a big place with plenty of room for Amie to move around in.  He had acquired a special nurse for her until the surgery which would be done in Boston in 4 weeks.  Perhaps this little trip would help her to open up some.  She barely talked since the accident, only to ask for food or drink.  He worried about her so much living in a world of darkness.  It was hard enough for an adult to handle blindness let alone a young child of four.
And there was another thing he worried about....Brooklyn.  He had never confided in her all the events that had happened in his life since he and Cynthia left Philly, nor did he know what had happened in her life either.  They had always been the best of  friends, now five years had wiped it all away, the bond of friendship had been torn a part, and it was his fault, all his fault, but still he hoped somehow she would forgive him.  He needed her friendship now more than ever !
 Memories can often soften a blow of sadness and make living a bit more bearable after tragedies.  Spencer holds on to such memories as he thinks about his dead wife  Cynthia.  It's almost like he can feel and touch the emotions they shared for each other.  They had dreamed of doing so many things together and being together for a lifetime.  "We almost had it all ," he says softly as he listens to one of their favorite songs, as his car moves swiftly down the highway.  Almost !
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Whitney Houston - Didn't We Almost Have It All [Album Version]
Whitney Houston - Didn't We Almost Have It AllSong written by Michael Masser & Will JenningsAlbum: Whitney [1987]Video made by myselfPhotos: Google and myself__________________________...
 The Encounter !
Brooklyn was relieved to be out of the beauty shop and on the highway heading home.  Just the thought of Spencer coming back to Philly made her angry.  She assumed that he would have some lame excuse for not keeping in touch all those years.  Her foot stepped on the gas and  sped up. as she thought about him.  He was a prominent lawyer.  "Well, she said out loud, I've made something of myself too, I'm a teacher."  She bit down on her lower lip.  Yes she was a teacher, but she was sure it didn't compare to practicing law.  
Perhaps Bonnie was right he was coming to see about making arrangements to sell his parents house.  It had been vacant now for two years. it was still a beautiful two story place with four bedrooms, a large yard that once held a beautiful garden that all marveled at when passing by.   It would be perfect for a young couple just starting out in life.  She smiled thinking about all the times she had helped his mother trim her roses, and all the times she and Spencer had sat on the swing on the porch and dreamed their kid dreams and skinny dipped in the pond out back, unknowing to his folks.    
Her eyes began to concentrated on the car ahead of  her.  It was moving way below the speed limit.  She honked her horn to make whoever it was aware that she was going to pass, but then a semi blocked the way and she had to wait,  She never liked waiting.  An opening finally appeared and she pulled out  and proceeded to pass when her eyes caught sight of the driver.  It was only a quick glance but she knew that face well.  It was Spencer.  Her foot hit the gas peddle hard as she shot pass him.  Perhaps he didn't see her, but she knew he did.  Their eyes connected, it was only for a moment, but  he knew it was her.   She would have gotten a ticket  for how fast she shot up the highway finally reaching the  exit that led to her parents home where she was house sitting while they were away on vacation.  She breathed a sigh of relief when she finally got home . She knew they would meet eventually, but she was just glad it wasn't now.   She opened the door and got out grabbing  the bags of groceries in the seat next to her.
 She closed the car door and started up the walk when suddenly she heard a car pulling up behind hers in the driveway.    Turning she looked at the tall figure of a man getting  out and walking towards her...... it was  Spencer Keys, and he was even more handsome then she remembered.  How did she ever think she could avoid him when his home was only four houses away.  
Sometimes fate prevails over our senses  and things are taken out of our control, things that we would like to evade are brought to the front where we must confront them in order to move on in life. Brooklyn is facing such a event in her she stands looking at Spencer Keys. There's hurt, but also a part of her that wants  him to remember all the same memories she has...the ones they made together growing up.  In her heart she asking "Please Remember Me" as I remember us !
Click video link and share the feelings in Brooklyn's heart as she looks at Spencer and remembers !
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Please Remember - Leann Rimes ( lyrics )
Hi everyone! I made this video 6/7 years ago.. I was 14. :) I am an Italian girl, and my english was not good at all at that time.. huahauha but when I started attending the high school, I decided to ...
Regrets !
Spencer looked at Brooklyn standing there in blue jeans and a pink blouse.  Her black hair parted to one side, reaching just to the tips of her shoulder.  She was really beautiful .  Five years had changed her in more ways than one.  But he was also aware of the look on her face. As he approached she backed away and then turn and bolted from the driveway as fast as she could up the steps and into the house closing the door behind her.  He walked back slowly to his car and got in.  Amie was still sleeping from the long drive.  As he pulled out of the driveway he regretted ever stopping.  She wasn't ready to see him yet...maybe she never would be.  As he pulled into his parents driveway his eyes caught sight of the porch swing where they would sit on weekends and dream of all they were going to do once they grew up. He smiled.  He wished he could go back , but time wouldn't allow it.  Stopping the car he got out and looked around.  The house looked basically the same, a bit run down but fixable if he decided to sell it.  He walked out and looked at the back yard.  He laughed softly.  The old tire swing was still there tied to the tree that he and Brooklyn use to  swing on. Why hadn't he come home sooner.  Cynthia wanted to come home for Christmas but he was so busy at the Law firm that he just couldn't get away.  He shook his head, that was another regret.  If he only had come home he would have been able to be with his mother, who died shortly after Christmas.  Just another regret, he said softly.  And now his father was gone too, he felt loneliness played a big part in his death.  He didn't understand loneliness then when he told his father that he needed to get a hobby and move on with his life, but now he understood it all to well after Cynthia's death.  His father had been married  to his mother for fifty years.  He must of  felt so lost without her, just like he was feeling now without Cynthia.    He sighed as he walked back and opened the car door where Amie was sleeping. 
He touched her face gently and she opened her eyes.  Eyes that couldn't see him, he regretted  that so much.  Oh, how he regretted  driving the car that night , and not  insisting that Cynthia buckle her sets belt .
"Come on honey," he said as he lifted her into his arms, and carried her up the walkway to the house.  He had so many regrets, and hurting the best friend he ever had in his life Brooklyn was a definitely one of them !
 Spencer has lots of  regrets and memories.  lets take a look into his memories as he looks at his old home and all the memories it holds for him.  He realizes now more than ever that the heart Never Forgets !
 Click the video and listen as Spencer remembers the past!
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Le Ann Rimes - The Heart Never Forgets
One of Le Ann Rimes' songs, "The Heart Never Forgets" (Gary Baker, Frank J. Myers, Jerry Williams).
 Revelation !
Brooklyn couldn't believe she had acted so childish, running away like that.  Her mother and father couldn't believe it either when she talk to them on the phone later that evening and told them Spencer was back home with his daughter.
"How could you just turn and run away Brooklyn, her mother asked.  You don't even know all he's been through do you?"
Brooklyn had to answer no.  But then she didn't really want to know.   All that mattered to her was that he had hurt her.
"Well I'm going to tell you, her mother said in a slightly irritated voice.  He was driving the car the night his wife was killed.   A drunk driver crossed over into their lane and hit their car.  Cynthia died instantly.  Spencer legs were trapped and one was so severely mangled in the wreckage that it had to be amputated at the scene, and his daughter Amie was blinded by glass embedded in her eyes."
Brooklyn felt the tears swelling in her eyes.  She never taken the time to even inquire into his life since he and Cynthia left for Boston.
"I didn't know, she said sadly.  I'm so sorry."
"He needs friends now Brooklyn, her mother said in a softer voice. He needs you."
Brooklyn was silent.  Spencer had always been there for her every time.  She remembered even in grade school when she would get nervous about taking test, she could always look over at him and he would wink and mouth silently"You can do it Brook," which was his pet name for her"  And how in junior high he would walk home with her  instead of his guy friends because she didn't have a lot of girlfriends.  Or in high school when Jason stood her up on Prom night and she was all alone at the dance, how he shared his time between his date Nancy and her.  Yes he was always there for her.  These were some of the sweetest memories ever!
"Honey, are you listening?"
"Yes, Brooklyn answered quickly, I'm here."
"You can't blame him forever for falling  in love while in the Army with Cynthia."
Brooklyn knew her mother was right. 
"Every person has the right to love honey, he just loved you in a different way back then, but that doesn't mean he didn't love you."
Brooklyn wiped the tears from her eyes.
"The timing wasn't right for the two of you then honey, but maybe......
'Oh no mom, Brooklyn said quickly.  But I am sorry for him."
"Well you tell him your dad and I send our best when you see him.  You are going to see him right?"
"Yes mom, I'll go over tonight."
"Brooklyn, her mothers voice became very soft and gently.  Don't close your heart honey...leave it open you never know when love will find its way in.  Talk soon, bye now."
Brooklyn sat holding the phone in her hand.  How was she suppose to go over after the way she had acted towards him.  Suddenly she heard the most awful sound ever.  It was like someone drilling in her kitchen.  She ran to see.  The refrigerator was shaking violently, then suddenly stopped.  She moved with caution towards it, then opened the door.  Nothing but was totally dead, and with all her eggs, juice and frozen foods she had just brought from the market inside it.  She called the repair man from the list by the kitchen who always took care of any household problems for her mother.
"Mr. Acker, I think my moms refrigerator is dead, nothing seems to be working can you come see about it today?"
"Not today sorry, its my wife's birthday and we're just on our way out to dinner to celebrate."
"Well what am I suppose to do with all my food, it'll spoil," she said frantically.
""Got neighbors close there, maybe you can store your food there until I come tomorrow, that's the best I can do for now.  See you then."
Brooklyn 's mouth dropped open.  He had just hung up on her.!  Most were on Summer vacation, but there was one neighbor that had just come back, and was home, and his house had  a big refrigerator and freezer in it.  Was this the opening fate was giving her. She wasn't sure but at least it was a way to keep eighty dollars in groceries from going to waste .  She grabbed paper bags from underneath the counter and began bagging.   She piled in the frozen dinners, and then the eggs,milk,  juice and finally her yogurt.  The can goods and bread would be safe in the pantry.  As she walked out the door heading towards the Keys home she thought about all the sweet memories she and Spencer had made there, and she wondered if Spencer was thinking about some of those memories too !
 As Brooklyn walks towards the keys home she is thinking about all the precious childhood memories she  shared their with her best friend Spencer.  Lets peek into her thoughts and share some of her sweetest childhood memories with her, and maybe recapture a few of our own !
Click Video to listen .
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Vanessa Williams - The Sweetest Days
Music video by Vanessa Williams performing The Sweetest Days. (C) 1994 The Island Def Jam Music Group
 Face To Face !
 It felt really strange to be back home.  Spencer walked around and looked at the house he grew up in.  As he walked through each room carrying his sleepy daughter in his arms he almost expected to hear his mothers voice calling to him from the bottom of the stairs to come to supper.  And he could see his father as he ran down the stairs still  in the den reading the newspaper and laughing at the cartoons.  He felt a trickle of tears roll down his cheek.  Why was it that he never felt this way when he was at home.  Perhaps that's the way it was meant to be.  It seemed that those feelings only surfaced later in life when one was older and love ones had passed away.  Brooklyn was blessed to still have both her parents in her life.  He prayed she would always cherished them.  He forced back the tears and walked into the kitchen to check the refrigerator to see if  Mrs. Bates had stocked it as he had instructed the agency for her to do.  Amie he knew was hungry by now, and he could feel some pains of hunger himself.  He pulled open the door.  It was totally empty.    He shook his head in frustration as he closed it.  How could it be totally empty.  The agency knew  they was coming, he had informed them five days in advance and they assured him the house would be clean, and the kitchen stocked with food by then. That's what he had paid for.  What was he suppose to do now. He gently rubbed his daughters back hoping she wouldn't awake before he could drive them both to a fast food place not far from their home.   He looked up suddenly as his eyes caught sight of a woman walking towards the house.  She was carrying two bags in her arms with some difficulty as he watched her shift them from arm to arm.  He knew that walk very well, the same walk that came over many evenings right after having supper to sit on the front porch swing with him and dream about the future.  It was Brooklyn,  He walked swiftly through the kitchen , and living room almost stumbling as he rushed to open the door.   When he did, he looked directly into the eyes of Brooklyn.  Neither of them said a word, they just stood looking at each other  for the really first time, face to face !

As they stand face to face for the really first time what's going through their minds, perhaps they are each feeling words that this song is expressing...lets listen and see Spencer through Brooklyns eyes as she looks at her first love, and he looks into the eyes of the first woman who ever said "I Love You" to him !

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first love by utada hikaru with lyrics
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 To be continued............
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