Romance 4 You ! - It's all about LOVE !

Revelations On Love !

It was a side  of love I didn't see
like soft rain falling on you and me !

    You must learn to forgive !

Love is like looking at the stars
it can seem so close and yet so far !
   Love can often be closer than you image
if you look deep into a persons heart, 
and not always the outer appearence

Love can often come like a thief in the night
when all the time it was in plain sight!
   We often get caught up in the fantasy of love
like in the movies, and that closes our eyes often to what's around us.  
We are looking for a woman or a man that lives up to that fantasy.  We must be realistic.  We live in the real world....not the movies !

Love cost a isn't free
death to self is the fee!

    To be in love is a sacrifice of self....
putting the other above yourself.....
willing to often put your dreams asleep for awhile, 
yet knowing that there is a joy in seeing
the happiness of the person you love !

MORE TO COME ... my newest Novel "Sarah"

Coming  sometime in 2014  !

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Romantic Sax - When A Man Loves A Woman
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