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Playing It Forward !
She thought a lot about what he had asked her once she got home from their coffee.  He wanted her to carry on her ballet, but with him as her partner.  It was what Andre wanted too. There had never been anyone else but Boris in her life.  They had danced together since they were children in Armavir Russia.
As she opened it, there stood Andre.
Roselina didn't argue.  She was to full and to tired.  His car was waiting outside.
"To Harlem, he said puffing on his Harlem."
As his car pulled up at the curve she saw a theater.  She looked carefully at it.  It looked old.  It had a marquee sign that read "Dance Theater of Harlem" written in huge letters.
" This is where Giovanni spends his off time, he said as they walked inside.  He teaches free ballet classes here, along with other dance styles and techniques."
"What he do here," she asked looking intently at Andre.
Roselina touched his arm .  
"Because its his way of giving back to the community...his community.  He grew up in Harlem, both he and his wife Angelina."
"He has a agreement with these young people, Andre said looking at her and smiling.  If they learn ballet, then he'll dance their favorite style  when they complete his class.  And yesterday his class finished their final ballet routine.  So today he has to dance for them.  They picked the song and the routine they want to see him do.  That's why were here. " He patted her hand.
"Okay, he said laughing.  You guys picked the song and the routine...but I picked the outfit, and my dance partner for this.  He lowered his arms by his side...and this is it."
"I'll be dancing along with this and see if I can keep up." 

Watch Giovanni's dance routine along with Roselina, Andre,  and his ballet class as he dances along with the video and the music of Michael Jackson & Fred Astaire..."Smooth Criminal"

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