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Episode 8
The Last Dance !
Roselina stared in awe at how well he could dance.  Not just ballet but so many other styles too.  The crowd went wild with excitement.  Clapping, jumping and shouting for more.  Roselina was on her feet with the rest of them when a hand pulled her arm.  It was Katerina.
"Come on, you don't have much time, she said pulling her away from the rest of the crowd.    Giovanni last dance is coming up...the last dance he's dancing  with his graduating ballroom dance class."
Roselina couldn't figure why she would be telling her this as she reluctantly followed her away from the crowd to a back room.  She glanced back at Andre.  he was smiling at the both of them.
  Once inside the room Katerina pulled out a bag, and from it came a beautiful red dancing outfit along with red heels.  Roselina assumed Katerina wanted help dressing for the dance and proceeded to un- zip her dress.
"Oh no, I'm not dancing with are."
"But I can't...I don't know that routine," she argued even as Katerina proceeded to help her off with her sweater and jeans.
""Its easy just follow learn quick."
In moments she was dressed.  Looking stunning in the red dress and heels.  She was still protesting as Katerina led her from the back room to the side of the dance floor.  Giovanni was talking to some students as they took partners and went onto the dance floor.  He looked over in their direction, then motioned for silence.
"I'm really excited about this dance, he said looking around at his students, and then in her direction.  We've  all worked so hard on ballet it fun reward time.  You've all voted to do ballroom dance for the audience of parents here tonight.  He smiled as they started to clap again.  I'm proud that many of you have decided to pursue a ballet career, and that I've opened your eyes to it as well as other avenues of dance.  I know you all remember my wife Angelina who worked here with me."
Roselina could see people's heads shaking in remembrance, and a few students wiping the tears from their eyes as he spoke of his wife.
You'll be moving on, and so will I."
Roselina saw him look in her direction.
"I have a new partner, Roselina Savinkow who will dance me me tonight for the first time...please make her feel welcome."  Everyone started to clap.
 He reached his hand towards where she was standing, which was a gesture for her to walk out.  Roselina couldn't move.  She had never told him she would be his partner. He had asked her, but she never told him she would.
She felt Katerina's hand on her back pushing her out.  
Walking slowly to where he was standing . She could see the students eyeing her.  Giovanni reached his hand out and took hers.
"Andre said he would get you here tonight, he whispered in her ear, but I didn't believe him.  Will you dance with me now Roselina?"
Roselina looked up into his eyes , knowing everyone was watching them.  He had added a shirt and jean vest, and the cowboy hat was gone.  As she stood there looking into his eyes...his hand tight in hers.  He was like a magnet, drawing her to him...and she didn't want to pull away.  Her heart was beating fast, as she felt him lowered her to the floor his chest against hers. 
"Yes I dance with you, she said softly."
 The dance was about to begin.  But there was another dance starting it's own rhythm in her heart.  Although it was the last dance for him with his graduating students, she knew it was just the beginning for the two of them!
                    The end........not really !

Roselina & Giovanni became dance partners not only on stage, but in life too.  They married a year later.  And he taught her many things.  How to appreciate American culture, how to cook, and even helped her get  over her fear of motorcycles.  But most importantly he taught her that a dream never dies!   She also became his partner at the Dance theater teaching classes along with him, fostering the dreams of others !

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