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Episode 6/ Page 5
Just Coffee !

Roselina walked  quickly pass the motorcycle parked out front with Giovanni by her side to the restaurant around the corner from her brownstone. It was filled with people  as usual talking, laughing, as they enjoyed their meal.  She really didn't want to go with him but after watching that video and reading those words on the screen, she just went instead of telling him the real reason why.   How could she tell him it was her and Boris's special place.  The one they went to so often for meals, since her cooking wasn't very good.   But he probably wouldn't of understood anyway.  So she just went !
He thought it was a good idea for them to go sit and talk over coffee.  She was hesitant, and she knew he could tell. 
 "It's just coffee. he said seeing how skeptical she was to go with him.  ...just coffee."  So she went.
He agreed with Andre that they needed to get comfortable with each other in order to dance well together.  They took a seat  away from the door.  It was a bit more quiet but she could still hear the chatter of the people around her.  There were all kinds of smell tickling her nostrils.  When had she eaten last...she couldn't remember.  Was it lunch?  She didn't know but her stomach was definitely telling her that it was way to long ago!
He smiled as he picked up the menu.
She couldn't help notice how his eyes sparkled when he did.
"Hope you don't mind if I order more than coffee, didn't get home for dinner tonight."
"Of course not, she answered quickly.  She hoped he couldn't hear the growling going on in her stomach.  She watched
him fingered through the specials finally settling on something but she wasn't sure what.
The waitress walked over smiling.  "So nice to see you , it's been a while.   So sorry about you husband."
Roselina lowered her eyes .  "Thank you she said softly."
"Lets see, he hesitated.  I'd like coffee, double steak burger, steak fries, and a side order on Apple pie with vanilla ice cream.  And the lady will have the same."
Roselina was surprised.  "I didn't ask for anything...I'm not hungry...just coffee remember."
"Well I hate eating alone, you can just leave it there in front of you, if you don't want it when it comes, or take it home"
The food arrived in minutes.  The steak burger was huge, and the fries smelled so good.  She picked up her coffee and sipped at it, her eyes on the burger in front of her and the fries.
"Well I wouldn't want you to waste your money.  She picked up the burger and bit into it quickly.  Even though I'm not hungry, I'll force myself."
He nodded with a smile.  "I appreciate what you doing for me."
There was that smile again and that sparkle in his eyes.
She felt the corners of her mouth moving towards a smile but she stopped it immediately.  She didn't want to like him.
"It's hard coming back to a place the two of you spent time together in.  I understand."  His eyes looked deeply into hers.  When I lost my wife Angelina I stopped  going to all the places we use to frequent together.
Roselina's mouth dropped open but she said nothing, just chewed more slowly.  Finally she had to know why he was still dancing and seemed so happy.
"Why you still dance...why you not other you still live without her?"
He stopped and looked at her a long moment.
"Because we had a dream, and I wanted to keep that dream alive.  The dreamer may die as did my wife Angelina, and your Boris.  But never dies the dream it must live on, and you do that by faith ."
Roselina noticed a glistening in the corner of his eyes again.
"Rose, I got tired of the I decided to smile instead and go on for her."
Roselina stared at him as he went back to eating.   Then he suddenly stopped and reached across the table and touched her hand.
"Let me ask you a question.  If  Boris was here now...right now what would he want you to do?"  Would he want you to stop dancing, go back to Russia, be angry about the tragedies that can happen in anyone's life. ?"
Roselina was shocked she just looked at him totally stunned  by his words.
In her heart she knew.  Boris would say dance and never stop.  "Our dream together was to dance, she said sadly famous ballet that dream gone, and Boris too."
He wasn't just touching her hand now, he was holding it.
"But you're still here Rose...I'm still here...our dreamers have died, but not the dream. The dream can live on through you and  I.  He looked up into her eyes.  "Be my partner with me!

Final Episode coming this week..come back to find out Roselina's decision...will she stay, or leave...or will she dance with Giovanni?

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