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Episode 5 

 Private Eyes !

Dropping to the floor exhausted after her dance she suddenly heard hands clapping.  She turned quickly. There standing in the doorway was Giovanni.  He was clapping but the expression on his face wasn't one of approval.
"What are you doing here? 
  She got up quickly grabbing the towel by the sofa and wiped her face.
"How did you get in, she asked in a heated voice.
"With your key.  Andre was worried about you after I told him what happened after the rehearsal so he gave me your address, and anyway you, dropped you bag and purse when you were running away."
 Roselina rushed over and jerked the bag from his hand and the key.  
"Do you always go through womens purses ?  And I wasn't running away."
"So much anger in your dance, he said walking closer and taking a seat on the sofa in front of her.
"Well just make yourself right at home, seems you're doing it anyway."
Her eyes met his for a moment, then she forced herself to look away taking a seat across from him.  He was just sitting there staring at her not saying a word.
"It helps me unwind when I'm upset, dancing,she said finally breaking the silence between them.
She saw him nod slightly, but he was still silent
                                                                                                                                  "I suppose you never get anger or upset?  You Americans like happy always."
She could feel herself getting angry at him even though he had given her no reason to be.
"You no talk now, how you say mouse got the lounge."
"He smiled .  "I think you mean  Does the cat have my tongue."
"Now you make fun of Roselina.  She threw the towel on the floor and turned to walk away so he wouldn't see her tears, but  his hand caught her arm stopping her.      
"I wasn't making fun of the Rose, he said softly...I would never do that."
Roselina looked at him.  "Why you call me "the Rose?"
"That's what everyone calls you. Didn't you know that?"
Roselina shook her head. "No".
"Why, she asked searching his face ...what it mean..."The Rose?"
She watched him walk over to her computer and start typing.  In moments a video  appeared on the screen. 
She slowly walked over and sat down on the floor beside him as it started to play.
He  looked over at her.  
"Listen and you will understand why."
As the music played there were words moving across the screen that she could understand fully.  As she listened, and read the words, the tears began to flow.

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