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Episode 4
The Storm" 

Roselina didn't know how far she had run, or where she was now.  But where ever she was there was no Giovanni or motorcycle !  She looked around then collapsed to her knees on the cold concrete.  She was soaking wet and shivering but she heard the music...she wasn't sure of where it was coming from.  It sounded like it was coming directly out of the sky...maybe angels.  But then she knew  that was foolish and looked up at the tall building in front of her.  There was a cross on it..  It was a church.  Not as big or fancy as those in Russia, but still a church.  She remembered going to church with her mother and how her mother prayed to this God she called Jesus.  And how so many times she told her that  he would help her when she was in trouble.  She hit the ground with her fist splashing the water up into her eyes.  Where was this Jesus the night Boris was killed.  She sobbed loudly.  Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulders and jumped.  It was a tall old man  with glasses, grey hair and very dark skin.  He helped up from the wet pavement.
"It's just a small storm can make it through the storm, he said with a smile.  Come in and join us.  The storm will pass."
Roselina wasn't sure if he could be trusted.  New York was so big and had many bad people.  Somehow she didn't feel he was one of them.  She got up and followed him inside.  There were many people singing and smiling, with their hands in the air.  The old man brought her some dry clothing and had a older woman take her to a back room where she changed then came back out.  The woman was still singing when she returned, and behind her on a big screen were the was like a movie playing before her very eyes.   They were the words the old man had said to her outside earlier.  They were soothing words and she closed her eyes. They seemed to calm the storm raging inside her.  She wondered if what the song said would be true for her... that she would  make It through this storm in her life !

To hear the song Roselina heard outside, and  inside the church the video

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      As she leaves the church she notices that the rain has stopped, and the sun is peaking through the clouds.  In her rush to get away from Giovanni she had dropped her bag with her purse and everything else inside of it.  As she walks she could still hear the song playing over, and over in her mind..."You can make It Through The Rain"  Everyone there seemed so positive about life, or was it this faith her mother always told her about...if it was, they seemed to have lots of it.  Deep inside she wished she had just a little...just enough to help her go on.  Waving her hand in the air she motioned for a cab, and it pulled over to the curb.  She was thankful for the money the pastor gave her .  It would get her home...but then what?
Was it really home anymore, she wondered as she enter the apartment she and Boris shared together as man and wife.  They had been married such a short time...only one year.  They thought they would share so many years together, have a family, then go back to Mother Russia.
She slipped out of the sweatpants the pastor had given her, and then the sweatshirt too and laid them on the sofa.  How would she get them back to him?  She didn't even know the name of the church...she was so upset by seeing that motorcycle in front of the theater, she just lost it and ran.
She walked over to her video file and thumbed quickly though it, stopping and taking out a video .  She felt like dancing, but not Ballet.  There was an anger inside her that only one video, one song could handle.  The one she always played when ever she was angry with Boris, of things wern't going right for her at the theater. Rushing to her bedroom she quickly removed her under garments, then slipped into a leotard and tights.  She had to drown out the song in her head...the song that was now playing over and over...telling her she could make it through the storm.  She didn't want to make it...she wanted to be angry at life...what it had taken from was her right...her right to be angry and no one was going to tell her otherwise !

To hear the song Roselina put into the DVD player, the song she would dance to, ...the song that matched the fire burning inside of her... Click the video below and visualize her dancing as the video plays !!

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