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Episode 3
Caught In The Rain !

Roselina stood  at the door.  Her face plastered against the glass pane watching  the soft falling rain.  How could he dance ballet so well and that American dancing too?  It hurt to admit it but Giovanni was a good dancer with great style, almost like her Boris. 
The music they dance to was a familiar tune .  It was the same tune she and Boris danced to when they preformed on the Ukraine "You Got Talent " show.  The tears rolled down her cheeks as she remembered their first time she and Boris danced in front of a camera.  They were both so young then.  It almost seemed like a life ago.  They had danced for pleasure and that pleasure led to them being seen by a Russian talent scout.  The rest was history. From Russia to America.  It was a dream come true. Now just a memory and a nightmare  without Boris.
  Giovanni knew all the steps, the lifts, and the right moves...but she missed Boris.  Andre was very happy with their performance, and was excited for rehearsal to start next week for the new show.  He wanted them to spend more time together not only while dancing, but off stage too.  it was his suggestion that they go have coffee together after rehearsal and talk .  She didn't want to know him off stage...or on stage either.  But what was she to do.  If she did leave and go home, Andre would lose lots of money that he had invested in the show, and in her.  She wiped the tears away as she heard footsteps coming closer.  She knew it was Giovanni.  He had asked her to wait while he made a phone call.
"Well it looks like we're both going to get a bit wet"  he said leaning  over her shoulder, peeking out at the wet sidewalk in front of the theater.  She had smelled his cologne when they were dancing, and it was just as enticing now,  as it was then. There's a coffee show two blocks over.  He pulled his hoodie over his head.  Where's your car?"
Roselina turned, her eyes looking into his his.
"I don't have one...I don't drive, she said quickly, then turned  away."
"He peeked over her shoulder again.  On the dance floor they had to be close, but not now.  She moved away to the other side of the door.
"Well, You ll just have to ride with me then.  I'm out front.  The seat might be a bit wet but it beats walking."  He pushed passed her and rushed out into the falling rain.  She cover her head with the newspaper  she picked up off one of the theater seats, and ran quickly behind him.  She stopped abruptly as she looked at what was in front of her.  What He was sitting on.   It was a motorcycle...a big one.
"Come on, he yelled ...hop on!"
Roselina just froze.  Feeling the rain soak through her clothing, but she didn't care.  There it was.... that killing machine that took Boris's life. There was no way she was getting on that, now or ever.  She turned and ran as fast as her legs could carry her , hearing his voice yelling behind her....
"Roselina where are you going?" 
But she didn't stop to answer...she just kept running !

 To be continued.........
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