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Only In His Arms !
"The Storm !  
Neeley knew she couldn't stay in her room forever, even if it was fantastic.  There was a huge walking closet, a feature she had always said she would have in her own apartment once she was established as an actress.  She hadn't left her room since Chance put her suitcases down.  She glanced at the clock.  It was almost
 8 o'clock.  Her stomach was starting to growl.  She could hear the tv going in the living room as she got up and walked to the door and peeked out.  Finally she walked out.  The tv was playing but there was no one watching it.  Where were Chance and Ben she wondered as she looked around the living room , then walked into the kitchen.  Opening the refrigerator she looked inside.  It was stocked with fruits, eggs, bread, and juice.  She opened the freezer and found steaks, hamburger, roast, and tv dinners.  Chance was probably making sure there was enough food for Ben since he was now living with him.  It was then that she heard the thunder, and saw the lightening strike.   She hated storms. They always frightened her as a child, and still as an adult.  She was just about to pour a glass of juice when she heard a loud cry.  It was Ben.  He ran into the kitchen, dressed in his pajamas.  He was crying, as he grabbed her around the waist.  She could feel his body shaking.
"Where's your uncle Chance,?" she asked as she lifted him into her arms.  There were tears streaming down his cheeks.
"He had to leave.  He said I wasn't suppose to bother you, just stay in my room until he came back."    He looked up into Neeley's face.....I'm sorry but I'm afraid." 
 Just as he said that another clap of thunder hit, and he held on even tighter than before. 
Neely never pictured herself a mother type.  She had never even held a child before.  Being an only child there were no nieces or nephews she could practice on.  But there was something about his small body pressed against hers that gave her a warm  feeling.
"Are you hungry?"
He nodded yes .
"Well so am I. Lets see what we can find okay. How about  soup, a sandwich, and a glass of milk.."
She lowered him to the floor and they walked together to the cupboard.  She wasn't even sure Chance had soup as she opened the cupboard door, but he did.
In no time  they were both eating.  She could hear the rain beating heavily against the window, and with each hit she felt her heart beat louder and louder.  She couldn't afford to be afraid, it would only make matters worst and scare Ben more.  She thought about Chance. It had to be a really important matter for him to go out on a evening like this and  leave Ben there alone.  Why hadn't he knocked on her door and asked her to watch him.  She frowned.  She knew why.  He didn't think she cared.
"When ever I get afraid uncle Chance lets me come in his bed  with him, then 'I'm not afraid anymore." He smiled.  Uncle  Chance never gets .afraid"  He wiggled down from his chair, his small feet hitting the floor and stood on his tiptoes, then dropped his bowl  in the sink.
"Can we sleep in his bed until he comes?"
Neeley looked at him in surprise.   Thats exactly what she use to do with Chance while they were married.  He knew her fear of storms and whenever they hit  she would run from her twin bed  and jump in his bed.  It was the only way she ever got close to him.  She actually use to pray for storms just so she could share his bed.  Ben was right, Chance wasn't afraid of storms and she remembered how safe he made her feel laying close to him.
"Sure, she said .  Just until your uncle Chance comes, or you fall asleep." 
She knew she has an ulterior motive for saying yes.  It would give her a chance to see if  he really had her picture over his bed.   Ben
 grabs her hand and they walked down the hallway to Chance's room and he opens the door, her mouth drops open.   There she was in full color, hanging directly over his bed.  He had told the truth, he was sleeping with her every night.  As Ben pulls back the covers  he takes her hand and she gets in next to him.    He snuggles close to her and closes his eyes. She would just  lay there with him, just until he fell asleep , no longer than that !
Before Neeley closed her eyes she pressed the  cd player beside Chance's bed and a song  starts to play, a song she realizes that Chance has been playing every night before he goes to sleep.  The song speaks to her of the  dreams she had  for a future with Chance...."You & I " That was the way it was suppose to be......... them against  the world...dreams she thought were hers only....dreams that maybe Chance was  having too !
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Michael Bublé - You And I
Michael Bublé All right reserved.
The Dream  ! 
When Neeley opened her eyes she looked right into Chance's face.  He was just laying there  shirtless in red pajama bottoms, looking at her.
"What are you doing here, in my bed, she said jumping up from the bed.  And where is Ben, and what happened to you last night that took you away leaving him all alone?"
"Well to answer your first question, it's my bed in my room.  And to answer your second question, Ben's sound asleep in his own bed in his own room.  For your third question as to where I was last night, well I had to go bail a client out of jail."  He got out of bed and reached for his robe but now before Neeley could get a glimpse of his muscular chest.
"Now my question for you."
Neeley looked at him strangely.  "What question could you have for me?"  She felt so stupid not remembering that she and Ben had slept in his bed last night.
"That was quite a dream you had last night...what was it about?   You were all over me, hugging me, kissing me and...."
"And what, Neeley's eyes widened and  looked  into his eyes as he walked closer to her. 
"And what, what else , she questioned ." He was now standing in front of her.  It was hard to concentrate on what he had just said.  He was still as handsome as ever  clad only in  his silk pajamas bottoms.   The dream was still fresh in her mind, or was it a dream" Now she wasn't sure at all.  Could they...did they...of course not, she scolded herself.  She would remember something like that.  Wouldn't she?"  Her and Chance together as man and wife, sharing the honeymoon night she had always dreamed of !
He smiled.   Neeley knew he wasn't  going to tell her what she did while dreaming.
He grabbed his robe and started towards the door.  "I'm starved after last night, I'm sure you are too."  He gave her a wink, then walked out, leaving her staring after him wondering.
Was it really only a dream....or was it real.  Neeley is now wondering, and Chance is not about to tell her what she wants to know .  Lets take a peek into Neeley's dream and see what she was dreaming about.
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Vanessa Williams - Dreamin'
Music video by Vanessa Williams performing Dreamin'. (C) 1988 The Island Def Jam Music Group
The D-I-V-O-R-C-E !
Neeley was happy that the director was pleased with her work that Monday morning.  And it wasn't to bad living with Chance and Ben.  Ben was a really good kid and she could tell that Chance had instructed him to stay out of her way, especially when she was rehearsing her lines.  She walked up the steps to the apartment building humming to herself.  Life was starting to fall in place for her.  She smiled to the doorman and went inside.  Punched the button for the elevator and stepped inside.  Chance still hadn't told her what she did during her dream that Sunday morning.  But all during breakfast he just kept smiling at her.  Maybe they had made love, but why didn't she remember it.  That's something a woman definitely would remember.  She stepped off the elevator and pulled the key from her purse and opened the door.  She was really starting to like his place.  it made her feel like a success.  But she knew eventually she would have to find her own place and move.  It was quiet inside with Ben at the youth camp that Chance had enrolled him in for the summer.  She would have the apartment to herself  for the next three hours.  Chance got home around 6PM, and would have Ben with him.  She dropped her purse with the script in her room and walked to the kitchen and fixed herself a sandwich and a glass of orange juice, then collapsed in the chair to relax.  Chance filled her mind.  She couldn't deny that she still had feelings for him, and maybe he had some for her too.  It was then that she saw the papers on the coffee table beside the telephone in the living room.  Why hadn't she seen them when she first walked in. 
"Just to tired, she mumbled softly to tired." Her cell rang and she flipped it open.
"Hello Neeley."  It was Dorrie's voice on the other end.
"Oh  Dorrie!, How's Tennessee," she asked as she walked from the kitchen
 to the living room.   She picked the papers  up.  Probably something Chance had left behind for a case he was working on.  She would call him after talking with Dorrie, in case  they were really important.  She glanced at them.  Her jaw dropped and she let out a scream.
"What's wrong, Dorrie asked excited...Neeley what's wrong?"
Neeley couldn't answer.  Then tears filled her eyes and ran down onto her cheeks.  The word she thought she wanted to hear a year ago.........DIVORCE.  That word was now a reality.  She was holding the papers in her hands.   Her and Chance's divorce papers.  The ones she had asked him to get moving on only last week.  She walked dazed to the sofa and sat down.  She didn't want a divorce...not now, maybe never !
Neeley is faced with what she said she wanted..what she asked Chance to do.  She realizes now the meaning of the saying... "Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it, and find you don't want it after all"
As Neeley sits alone on the sofa holding the divorce papers in her hands, she turns on one of her mid-afternoon Korean love stories that Chance introduces her to in the earlier part of their marriage when he was studying Korean Culture at the University.  She can relate to the sadness of the girl and the man she loves who are now parting.  She too will be parting from Chance the man she loves.  Although the words are foreign her heart feels the young womans pain.  Lets watch and listen as Neeley watches the sad ending of one of her favorite love stories, knowing how it feels not to have the one you love!  (words of song are in English at bottom of screen while song is playing )
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