Romance 4 You ! - It's all about LOVE !

 I Will Love You !/ From My Book "Seasons of Love! "
I will love you until time stands still
for s long as there are mountains
to grace the lofty hills
I will love you until
the stars no longer shine
from here to eternity
my love you will always find
I will love you until love no longer exist
and even then I will love you still !
Be Careful !/ Also from my
 Seasons of Love Poetry Book                     
Be careful when you kiss me
and hold me in your arms
and bestow upon me,
all yourearthly charms
I might think that you love me
Be careful when you share
my time and space
or look into my eyes
and gently touch my face
or hold my hand and
speak of future plans
the kind that happens
between a woman and a man
be careful that you mean exactly what you say
my heart is a fragile thing
                                              and not for games to play!
You Can't Remember  
From My Poetry Book A'More !                    
                                                           When I look at you
I just can't see
how you can't remember the
love you had for me
how you use to want me
all through the night
with arem that ached
just to hold me tight
and how our bodies would entwine
and the thrill I felt
when your lips touched mine
all the love we shared
I thought you really cared
now all of my dreams are gone
and my life has lost its song
only memories remain
                                                            that only I seem to claim
                                                            I let you in my heart
                                                           right from the very start
                                                          and I believed all your lies
                                                           with eyes that were opened wide
                                                           now you say your love has died
                                                         and my heart has withered down deep inside
                                                          somehow I just can't believe
                                                         you can't remember you and me !
Friends /
From my Poetry Book A'More !
I'd give you the moon
my heart and my soul
would always be yours
to have and to hold
the depths of my love
would have no end
but to you I'm just a friend
another has your heart to keep
so I must hide the tears I weep
never showing how I feel
while hiding  a love, oh so real
I would climb mountains high and low
if to me your love you'd show
I cherish you each passing day
but not to you a word I say
it's best to keep it all within
to hide my love and stay a friend !
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