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                   My Valentine !

Paris !
Mi blinked her eyes. There it was , the  Eiffel Tower. other limo waiting. It wasn't a dream.  She was actually there.  As the doors to the jet opened she saw another limo waiting.  Just what type of  job did Kevin have, she wondered as she walked beside him.  Being so overwhelmed by the evening events, she had neglected to ask him.   All she could do was sit and look as the jet moved swiftly through the air.  She was like a child full of excitement as the sights of Paris came alive in front of her very eyes .  She moved her head quickly from left to right trying to take in all the sights she was seeing.  But mostly it was the view of the  Eiffel Tower in the distance that amazed her.  It was early morning, and she wondered if it really lite up at night as she had heard.
"There will be plenty of time to view Paris Mi , Kevin said smiling...I promise!"
She knew he had seen her excitement , and was a bit ashame to be so obvious.
"Just wish I'd brought my camera, she smiled. It's so beautiful." 
The limo eased to a stop, and she looked out.  It was a  beautiful place with attendants parking cars and moving luggage.  
"No worries Kevin said as he helped her from the limo.  We'll pick one up in the hotel gift shop."
Mi looked up at him.  He was bringing her to a hotel.  So that's what he wanted.    If she'd known that ahead of time she never would have accepted his offer. 
She wasn't going to move another step ....not one step.
"I'm not going to sleep with you Kevin.  She looked him directly in the you've done all of this for nothing.  Just fly me back to New York.  I'll pay you later for all your trouble."
He started to laugh softly.  She didn't see what was so funny.
"Why are you laughing?"
He walked closer.  Reached up and touched her cheek.  She pulled away slightly. She wasn't going to let him kiss her again.    
"I won't be your "Femme Fatel," she said feeling the anger rise in her voice. as he moved even closer to her.
"Do you know what "Femme Fatel" means Mi, he asked still smiling as he still came closer.
" I don't, but I heard it once in a French movie and it wasn't a nice thing for a lady to be called."
"It means an attractive alluring woman, which is what you are Mi.  A woman who has seductive powers over men.
"Well I'm not the second part of that statement, she said flatly.
"Awe, but you are Mi, you've had power over me since I first saw you all those years ago in high school.
"This is my hotel, and you're  right, I do intend to sleep with you."
Mi's eyes shot wide open and she turned and headed for the limo but it was gone.  What was she to do ?
She felt his hand on her arm, and then he was standing directly in front of her, looking deeply into her eyes that were now filled with tears.
"I intend to sleep with you Mi, but not tonight. He reached up with one hand and wiped away a falling tear.  I don't want you for one night only  Mi....I want you for a lifetime as my wife."
Mi's knees became weak but  his arms were there to catch her.
This couldn't be happening, she had to be dreaming.  She
needed to stop all this foolishness and demand that he take her back to New York.
 But as his lips pressed her's again, she knew it was real, and not foolish at all.
  She was in Paris, the city of love and a man she'd known for years, and yet not at all had just confessed his love for her.
"Will you let me show you Paris Mi, he asked, his brown eyes looking into her's once more.  Paris should be seem with the one you love."
Mi felt her heart race at his words, as he clasp his hand around hers.  
"Yes It should, she said smiling, still breathless from his kiss........yes it should."
As they walked off into the streets of Paris arm in arm, she knew her life was about to change, and she was more than ready for it !

             La Fin
           ( The  End )

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     Romantic  Story !

                              See You Then !

                                Author Janet M. Fears 
   Happy Valentines Day !!!!!

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