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MY  Valentine !
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Episode 1
Inner Thoughts!
  Mi dressed slowly for the office Valentine party knowing her heart really wasn't in it this year.  The last two years she and Thorn had attended it together.  She always felt so happy when the women in the office envied her and commented on what a lovely couple they made and then came the next comment..."When are you two getting married?"  
She had wondered that herself.  Thorn seemed to be happy just to be with her, but never ever spoke of marriage.  Perhaps that was because she wanted  to wait until they were married to fully be his wife in every way.  Although they shared an apartment together, they never shared a bed.  She had  promised herself  that would never happen until they said
"I DO."  Too many of her friends made that mistake and were hurt and miserable now.  Thorn seemed happy as long as she paid everything while he concentrated  on his modeling career. 
She carried the full load happily believing that one day she would be his wife then he could help share the load.
She brushed her long brown hair with hard strokes, thinking of how foolish she was...she had wasted two  years.  Now he was gone.  
Walking to the closet she pulled out the dress she had bought this year to wear to the party.  It was red of course because that was Thorns favorite color.  How could she wear it now. She hung it back up and pulled out another dress.  It was a sparkling blue, with sequins running down the sleeves.
"Perfect, she said out loud...I'm feeling blue anyway."
Slipping the dress down over her shoulders, she glanced at the image staring back at her in the mirror.  She was pretty, at least that's what everyone told her.  Her figure wasn't bad.  Her legs were slender and long, and eyes were a deep chestnut brown.  She was educated and financially stable. She would be a great catch for any man.
She fell down on the bed and started to cry, then wiped her eyes quickly.  
"He doesn't deserve my  tears....their too good to waste on him, she said sternly as she wiped them away.   But she knew she was only lying to herself.  She still loved him inspite of everything.  Tonight she would have to pretend to be happy.  Everyone would be watching her, and the new date she was coming with. Why had she made the mistake of confiding in Ellen her secretary of all people.  The whole office knew she was "blabber city"
She cupped her face in her hands.  And thanks to her mothers intervention,  that date was  with  Kevin Heart of all people, one of the least likely to succeed in their whole high school class.   Her mother said he had been in the military...doing what she couldn't imagine...maybe a cook or something ..... He  said he was on his way.  She didn't even know if he had a car.   As she grabbed her shawl and  purse, she assumed it would probably be a taxi.  It was definitely going to be a long night, and one she definitely would not forget !

As Mi looks out the window waiting for her date for the party , she turns on the radio and sits in her favorite chair by the  window that overlooks  Central park. As  the song plays she thinks about Thorn as she does every night, and wonders if he's thinking about her where ever he is.

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Bruno Mars Talking to the moon lyrics
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Episode 2
 Kevin Heart

Mi looked out the window again.  The party would be in full swing buy the time they got there.  Her eyes widen as she saw a  looked a limo approach nd stop at the curve, and a tall handsome man dressed in a grey suit with straight black hair get out.  he said something to the driver then headed for the buildings entrance.  She should be so lucky she murmured .  The a cab stop behind the limo and a short stocky man got out.  He was dressed in jeans that hung loosely on his hips.  he t too headed to the entrance.  She grabbed her purse and shawl again and headed for the door just then the phone rang.
"Mi, the voice said.  Sorry I'm late but I had  some business that came up at the last minute.  What's your apartment number, I'll come up."
"Oh, that's okay...I'll meet you'll save time."
"Fine, he said....I'll wait for you in the downstairs hallway."
As Mi hung up the phone and closed the door behind her she breathed a sigh of relief.  She didn't want anyone to see Kevin, not dressed the way he was.  Why couldn't she be like Yevette two doors down.  Men were always flocking to her apartment.  That was probably where that handsome man was heading that came out of the limo.  The elevator reached the main floor to soon for her.  And now as the doors opened there was no turning back.  Straightening her shoulders she walked swiftly from the elevator.  It was time to meet Kevin Heart face to face after ten years.
She looked around but saw no one.  Then suddenly she saw him, the short stocky man from the cab walking towards her smiling.
"You can do this, she mumbled under her breath, you can Mi ."
She walked swiftly to him and put out her hand to shake his.
"It's nice to see you Kevin after all these years."
"Yes it is, a voice spoke up from behind her making her turn quickly.
She stood looking at the man.  It was the man from the limo...the handsome man she had fantasied about from her apartment window.  He looked even better up close in his grey designer suit and Italian leather shoes.  She had become familiar with mens fashion from being with Thorn and the things he modeled for mens magazines. His huge brown eyes looked directly into her's, and he smiled.  It was a inviting smile that made her immediately smile back. 
 "Well we'd better go, he said.  I've already made you late."  He smiled again as he opened the door for her, his hand softly around her waist.  She hadn't been in a limo since graduation.  It was wonderful then, and it was still wonderful now.  He got in quickly beside her and moved close enough that she could smell the enticing scent .
"This is for you MI, he said suddenly.  Producing a bouquet of red roses. Happy Valentines Day."
Mi was shocked.  Thorn never remembered Valentines day with a gift.  She felt the tears sting her eyes.
"Thank you Kevin....there beautiful, she managed to said through her tears"  
She looked up into his brown eyes.  "You shouldn't have."
He reached over and squeezed her hand, then continued to hold it.
"I've been waiting for this evening all week since you asked me."
She felt his arm move around her waist again and being pulled closer and closer.  She should of resisted, but she didn't really want to as his lips pressed her.  It was just a kiss, a simple kiss,  that's the least she could give him after all the bad thoughts she'd had about him.  Why did it feel so perfect ?

Mi is stunned to find Kevin has changed over the years, could Valentines day may turn out to be more than she ever expected ?  She's waited for such a time as this..a man to cherish her and her special secret love for Valentines day with gifts, and now someone has made her secret Valentines wishes come true... but it's not the face she'd hope to see !

Listen as the music plays in the limo and feel the secrets her heart reveals to you about her secret wishes to be Thorns Valentine now and always !
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My Valentine Lyrics
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Episode 3
The Party !

Mi didn't know how to react after that kiss.  Perhaps it was just the result of missing Thorn , she told herself as they entered the Elite dinner club where the party was held every year.  She felt Kevin's hand wrap around her.  Instead of it all feeling weird, it all felt so natural.
"Hope you didn't mind me being impetuous and kissing you, he said." Interrupting her thoughts  as he opened the door for her.  But I've been wanting to do that for so long MI."
Mi smiled as she looked up into his eyes and felt her heart skip a beat.  "No, Its Valentines Day.  Everyone should share a kiss with someone on that day."  She rushed through the door quickly before he could answer.
Everyone was already seated at specific tables but all eyes turned to her and her date when they walked into the room. She could see people whispering, and chattering and she knew it was about Thorn, as they were lead to their table.  Kevin pulled her chair out and she sat down, then he took the seat beside her. Suddenly she heard sighed and gasp.  She looked up to see her secretary walking into the room smiling up into the man's face...them sharing a kiss. Her heart sank when she saw who Ellen was with.  It was Thorn.  She wanted to run, but where.  Everyone would know why she was running away. And a light suddenly went on in her head, now she knew why Ellen always asked about Thorn, and commented about his good looks, his body.  How could they both do this to her   She turned her face away towards could Ellen be so bold....and how could she herself have been so blind .  Ellen must be laughing knowing how she had confided in her about Thorn when all the time she was going after him herself.

As Mi contemplates what to do now, the band starts to play a slow song.  One she knows well...and it speaks to her heart the message..."A Time For Letting Go "...she knows after tonight, its time!!

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Michael Bolton - A Time For Letting Go (Lyrics)
Sometimes you find out what you wantedIsn't really what you needAnd the dream in all it's promiseWas never meant to beAll your hopes and desperationWon't make it like it wasAnd you believe...

Episode 4 
Mi wasn't sure of where she would go but she had to get out of there, away from Ellen and Thorn.
"Lets go."
 She heard a voice say softly and looked up into Kevins eyes.  
She nodded her head as tears rolled down her cheeks.
"I," she started to say, but he stopped her with a gently kiss on the lips as all eyes looked at them.
"No explanation needed.  He's the one right?"
Mi nodded as she grabbed her shawl and purse.
"He's a jerk," Kevin said with a wink.  He's setteling for a fake diamond when he could of had the real thing!" 
He squeezed her hand tightly as they passed through the tables with all eyes on them.  Mi had never had a man compare her to such a treasure as a diamond.  
Once outside he pulled out his cell and in moments the limo arrived.  
"You can take me home now, she said through tearful eyes.  I'm so sorry for all this, and making you waste all that money on those roses."
"Mi, he said walking closer, as he pulled out a handkerchif , and started to wipe her tears away.
 "It wasn't a waste  at all.  I want to do even more if you'll let me."
Mi's eyes opened widely as his face came closer and she knew he was going to kiss her again.
"You shouldn't, she said pulling back from him.  I'm to emotional now and I might think something different than what this night is all about.  Just a date, nothing more.  And now it's over"
"He smiled as the limo pulled to the curve and the driver got out and opened the door for her.
"The night is just beginning Mi, he said as he got in beside her.......just beginning."
"As the limo pulled away she noticed that they were heading away from the city.
"Where are we going," she asked anxiously looking around as the city began to fade away.
"To Paris, he said softly, reaching over and touching her cheek gently.  Where else .  The City of Lights and love.  The perfect place to celebrate your  Day"

As Mi sits shocked that she's being swisked off  to Paris France........  A City she's only dreamed about. She's wondering if this is a dream.  Is this really happening to her of all people.   Listen as she ponders the night in her thoughts, as the limo heads to the airport for a night flight to the City of Lights, and a Valentines Day  she will never forget.  A song suddendly surrounds them as the driver drives.  A song that makes her feel a bit like a princess in a fairytale!        Listen. and dream with her and the excitement that floods her heart about the night........

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Michael Bolton: A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes
"A Dream is a Wish Your Hearts Makes"A song from Disney's Cinderella.Sung by Michael Bolton.

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