Romance 4 You ! - It's all about LOVE !

Love Poems For the heart !
When I Look At You !
When I look at you
you wonder what I see
I see a love as wonderful as can be
I see a man who's loving, gentle and kind
and best of all I know that he is mine
I see the world as a different place
full of love, hope, and happiness on each face
I see my dreams fulfilled
and all I ever wanted coming true
all this I see...when I look at you !
Someone To Love !
From My Poetry Book Seasons Of Love !
Under the covers late at night
I long for someone to hold me tight
to kiss me with desire
to awaken in me passion and fire
and finally when the night does end
to do it all over once again
I'm so tired of being alone
and walking this world all on my own
I want someone by my side
who will love me till I die
is this really so much to ask
I have all life can offer, but still I lack
someone to love, who will love me back !
Wrap  Your Arms Around Me /From My Poetry  Book "A'More"
Wrap your arms around me
and hold me tight
make love to me in the middle of the night
just to feel your arms pulling me close
that's the feeling that I like the most
to know that I am sheltered
from all the worlds harms
just by the strength that I feel in your arms
so wrap your arme around me, and never let go
that's all the reality I need to know
Forget you!
From my poetry book "Seasons Of Love"
Forget you                          
that's something I could never do
I would have to forget there are stars in the sky
or how it feels when the wind passes by
forget you...there's not a chance
it would be like forgetting how it feels to dance
or how a heart can stir at just one glance
forget you...I would have to forget how to breathe
or the smile on the face of a love one I've pleased
forget you...that's something I could never do
you're imprinted in my memory, and on my heart too!
If  Only You Were Mine
!From my poetry book  "A'More "
If only you were mine
for just one moment in time
you would be all I would need
and on your love I would feed
just to share your space
anytime, anyplace
my world would be just fine
if only you were mine !
Loving You
From My Poetry book
"Seasons of Love
Loving you is the best thing I will ever do
If I searched the whole world through
I would never find another you
so I think that you should know
I have no plans to let you go
because loving you
is the best thing I will ever do
                                                                           He's Out Of My Life
   From My Poetry Book A'More
 I go to work
  then home again
spend time with family
and with friends
a tv dinner
a glass of wine
trying to pretend
everything's fine
then off to bed
for another night
not wanting to accept
                                                                                     that he's out of my life
A Video I made so you can preview my poetry from each book in a more romantic setting!
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Preview of Poetry Books 0001
Hightlighting poems from my poetry books that are now out in print"Seasons of Love ""A'More "
From my poetry book "Seasons of Love
Available on
About this Poetry Book !
Just as the seasons change, so does love. It has a beginning, a middle and an end. This poetry book is all about the different changes love can put people through as seen through the eyes of different people who have crossed my path in life, from the young, to the old, and those who are still looking for love, hoping to find the kind that will last forever. I hope these poems will reach into your heart and touch your soul and speak to you. If so, then I have accomplished my dream in life—to write good poetry!
True Love !
  From My Poetry Book A'More!
There are many that use its name
often duplicated but not the same
on this road we call life there are many kinds...but true love is the hardest thing to find !
About this Book !
This book is all about love, as told through poetry—its ups, its downs, its thrills, and often its pains. Yet still the quest in everyone’s soul is to find love, for when we do, we discover that love is worth everything!
Available on Amazon .com
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Another one of my favorites by Kenny G, along with Songbird! Very soothing....
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