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Love In Paradise !
April Love, yes that was her name.  Why her mother ever named her that to this day still was a mystery!  She sighed deeply as her eyes looked around at the other passengers on the airplane.  She could always tell the honeymooners...they were giggling happily and sneaking kisses, and drinking champagne.  Then there were the single ladies, like herself.... trying not to be obvious but at the same time checking out the men who didn't have wedding rings on their fingers.  Last, but not least there was the old vintage wines...that's what she called the older folks who sat silently together.  One reading a book while the other snored.  Yes it was a mixed crowd...all except for one.  She looked at him only a few rows away from her.  She hadn't quite figured him out yet.  He  was extremely handsome, well dressed, caramel complexion, and had a briefcase beside him. She was sure he was aware of all the attention he was drawing from the women passengers.  But it was her he smiled at when he caught her looking at him.  Feeling ashamed she turned away quickly.but it was to late His captivating smile had already drew her in.  She fumbled in her seat as the pilot announced that they would be arriving in Nassau in twenty minutes and they all should fasten their seat belts.  As she reached over to buckle herself  in she looked across in his direction .  His eyes were still on her, and he was smiling.  Whoever he was she hoped she would have a chance to see him again, but she knew this was illogical.  They were strangers.  But at least she would have his smile to remember! 

As April leaves the airplane their eyes met once more.  It was such a strange feeling wanting to run to him, as if they were a couple and knew each other deeply.  He was tall, well built and captivating.  The type of man she herself would want to be matched with...a man to care for there when she opened that lonely door to her apartment in the city.  A man to wipe away the tears, and fears, that no one ever saw because they were hid beneath smiles all day, but came out at night.  It everyone really knew how lonely she was they would be shocked.  All she had was Drew Jackson her boss, and childhood friend who co ran the "Love Dating ' Agency with her, and shared the other half of the apartment rent.  She knew she had to get away when even he of all people  was beginning to look attractive to her, and he never did before!    oh! it wasn't that he wasn't handsome, he surly was, and dated a lot of women who just used him for financial purposes because he was so kind and easy going.  She spent to much time worrying and  trying to protect him from the wrong women...she had to stop, and leaving town was one way of letting him sink or swim. Yes it was her time now, and how she wished she could spend it getting to know that handsome stranger who was eying her as he gathered his luggage and walked from the terminal. She plugged her ear phones into her ears and sighed as Whitney song came on.."Run To You"..... that exactly what she wanted to do with that to him as fast as her legs could carry her.. which was totally ridiculous.  She would probably never see him again any way .

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Part 2  Her Perfect Stranger

It felt good to grab a shower and then quickly change into her shorts and a blouse and take a walk .  She had never felt the sand between her toes before.  She giggles because it felt funny and kicked it playfully with her foot.  In the distance she could see a couple walking, holding hands.  She smiled slowly.  Of course it was natural.  Couples came there was a place of love.  Love, she shook her head slightly.  Would she ever know love.  She had the perfect name, April Love....but on perfect guy.  She walked with her head down thinking about all the other matches she had made for others that turned out so well.  Most were married now.  Suddenly she was forced to stop walking...there were two well shaped mans legs standing directly in her path forcing her to look up, and when she did, her mouth dropped.  It was him...the guy from the plane.   He was just standing there looking at her in his tan shorts and designer sun glasses, and smiling that captivating smile that she thought she'd never see again. He was someone she couldn't forget.  Someone she wanted to know better, to fulfill the dreams she already had built in her fantasy about the two of them...but did he remember her was the question?

As April stands looking into the face of her" perfect stranger" she's wondering if he's thought about her....if he remembers her at all from the plane ride that afternoon  This song voices her feelings...and a bit of her fantasy to about how her life could be if they were  a couple, and how she would feel if she let him slip away from her.  She just couldn't let love pass her by this time.......she just couldn't!
"I Will remember You"

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A Night To Remember!

April couldn't believe that she was having dinner with the man who's smile she had become so addicted to on the plane.  He did remember her.  It was like a dream, the two of them walking , and talking together on the beach and him telling her how beautiful she was, and that he just had to meet her.
   And his name...awe...his name was so unbelievable.  I sounded like a Greek God.. Adonis. He laughed when she said that to him, only to be  inform that a lot of people in the Bahamas used that name for their male children.  It was as common as the name Smith, or Jones.  She felt a bit embarrassed that she was so naive about such things, and was happy that he didn't mind at all.  She learned so much about him.  He owned the hotel where she was staying, and four other hotels in the Caribbean, plus one in Hawaii.   He traveled six months out of the year, but Nassau was his home base.  Adonis Amertil..she said his name again, letting her lips get the feel of saying his name.  Mrs. Adonis Amertil.....she giggled happily like a school sounded good.  She took a last look at herself in the mirror...everything had to be perfect,  as he was perfect.  He even sent up a dress for her to wear for dinner from the classy boutique shop downstairs, the one she peeked at when she registered that morning.   It was a straight red silk sheath, with matching heels that fit perfectly.  She wondered how he   knew her dress size and shoe size. But that was no just showed how observant he was and caring.  The dress was elegant and fit all her curves.  She smiled and gave her lips a last touch on lipstick, brushed her hair one more time to make it shine,and hang long around her shoulders, then walked to the door humming happily to herself one of her favorite songs by the artist Selena..."I Could Fall In Love." and that's exactly what she was hoping would happen tonight.

Tonight April in living her dream with the tall dark handsome stranger she's  so attracted to... she wants desperately to fall in love....... and could easily fall in love with Adonis  tonight, but would it be real love..... or just her emotions?  Will she be guided by her  feelings... or by her heart?   

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Fantasy Night !

April felt like a school girl as she rushed to the door at the sound of the buzzer, but it wasn't her mister perfect, but the manager.
"You look beautiful Madam,  he said with a bow.  Mr. Armetil is waiting for you on the beach."
April followed him to the elevator, then out of the hotel.  Her eyes lit up when she saw the beautiful table, and the  lights sticking out of the sand.  There were two chairs across from each other.  She was speechless as well as breathless.  She felt like Cinderella at the Ball, but the ball was a beach instead.    It was far beyond her dreams.  As the manager pulled out her chair and she sat down she was still in such a shock that she didn't here Ardonis Armetil walk up behind her until she felt his hands around her waist.  Then she felt the zipper on her dress start to move slowly down, and his lips on her partially bare back.
"What are you doing, she gasp, turning and pulling away quickly, facing him?"
"Only trying a little taste of what we will be doing later."
"I thought we were just having dinner, she said backing away from him feeling frightened.  That we'd spend time getting to know each other."
She saw a smile cross his lips, but it wasn't one she wanted to remember.  It was a sinister smile.
"Oh, we will know each other much better before the night is through," he said walking closer to her.
April didn't know what to do, what to say, and more importantly where to run."
"If I've given you the wrong impression of me, I'm sorry.  I'm not that type of woman."  She looked up into his eyes.  He was standing directly in front of her now  dressed in a white dinner jacket with matching slacks and  silk pink shirt and ...just looking at her.
"Take it off, "he said suddenly.
"Take what off," she questioned...her eyes filled with fear.
 "Take off my dress.  He reached behind her before she could react and pulled the zipper all the way down, causing the dress to fall to her feet.  I didn't spend 1500 on a dress, and 800 on shoes not be rewarded  this evening."
Then he started to laugh at her standing there with her hands trying to cover herself.   She just couldn't take it any longer realizing what a naive fool she had been.  She turns away from him, hurt, with  tears gushing from her eyes and  run barefooted through the sand back to the hotel as fast as her feet could carry her.  

April is feeling so humiliated and hurt.  She wonders how he could do this to her.  Lets listen to a song that voices her feelings about Adonis Armetil, and what has just happen!

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Safe Haven!

It was so embarrassing, running barefooted through the hotel, in her bra and panties, with every eye watching her.  She collapsed on the floor once she got inside the door.   Was it real?  As she looked down at her self without the dress or the shoes, she knew it was.  It was a night she would never forget.  The way he looked at her...then took the dress off her, and oh! that laugh, as she stood there almost naked before him.  She wiped the tears from her eyes and forced her tired body up from the floor.  What if he came after her.  She quickly locked the door, then limped  to the couch and sat down.  Her feet hurt.  When she looked down at them there was blood on them and the carpet.  In her escape she had stepped on something sharp, and blood was now flowing everywhere.  How often had she warned her female clients to move slow with the dates she matched for them.  But she didn't listen to her own advice.  Suddenly there was a banging on the door.  Her whole body began to shake uncontrollably.  Locking the door would do no good she finally realized, being the owner he probably had a universal key that fit every lock.  The knock got louder.
"Go away, she shouted...leave me alone, or I'll call the police!"  More tears began to fall.
" the's me Drew."
"Drew...oh! Drew," she shouted as she rushed to unlock the door.
Suddenly the pain in her feet didn't matter...or the  blood that she was now tracking across her hotel rooms beautiful white carpet...
flinging the door open wide, she looked into Drew's wonderful big brown eyes... then collapsed into his awaiting arms.

As Drew holds her, April has no idea of the soft kisses he places on her cheek as he carries her to the bedroom...nor does she hear the loving words he whisper in her ear as he looks at her lying on her bed.  He makes promises to her as he wipes her bleeding feet and softly pulls the covers over her body, then lays quietly beside her holding her close to him, as he  professes his love for her ...words she's unable to hear

This song voices his heart completely...but will April ever be able to see how he really  feels about her?

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Drew !

April opened her eyes and looked at Drew lying next to her in the bed.  He always seemed to be there when thing went wrong .  She looked over at him., he was still fully dressed in his  island shirt and Bermudas shorts  She studied him closely.  He was really handsome, although she'd never told him, and denied it to herself..   His pencil beard was growing nicely.  Reaching over she stroked his face with her hand, then placed a soft kiss on his cheek.  How had he found her...but it really didn't matter, he was there now.  She moved closer and rested her head on his chest.  With him she felt at for...and loved...yes, loved.  It  felt strange to think of him as coming home...but that was exactly how she felt with him.  She looked up into his face.  he was kind, considerate, compassionate, and  funny....all the things she'd been looking for in a man.  Why hadn't she seen it before.  She took a deep breath as she rested her head on his chest again, then wrapped her arm around his waist..  She could hear the  air escaping from his lips, and the sound of his heart beating in rhythm.  She felt the tears fill the corners of her eyes.  She could stay in his arms forever.  If she could only tell him how she was feeling at that precise moment.  How she didn't just want him to share the half of her rent...but the rest of her life.
"Hey, you're awake," he turned  facing her, smiling.  you scared me for awhile there A.  What happened last night on the beach?"
April brushed a tear away, as she leaned over and kissed him full on the lips.   He was the only one who called her A.  It sounded heavenly. 
 "Nothing happened, she said finally...nothing at all," she looked silently at  him.
 He just sat there looking at her in surprise.
"Well, she smiled at him as she moved closer.  No response from my kiss?"  She slowly moved in his lap, and began kissing him again
"A, I'm only're making it really hard for me right now."
 His voice was serious,  trying hard not to let his feeling show, as her lips repeatedly kissed him again, and again.
April could tell his defenses were weakening.  His arms were gently touching her, then he would pull away.  She could feel his lips trembling with desire, wanting to return  each kiss she placed on them, and that's exactly what she wanted.
"Oh!, I love you A, he said pulling her to him.  I've always loved you.  Finally his lips fully returned her kissed.  
Paradise, she had come there to fall in love, while love was right in front of her all the time in a man named Drew Jackson .

                                                  The End !

April has found love at last...and it was right in front of her all the time!

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