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"Looking For
" Mr. Right "

Episode 5
The Invitation !

"Well tell me more,"  Tiffany asked as they had dinner at her apartment after work on Monday.
"Nothing more to tell, Ebony replied eating her usual chef salad.
"You had dinner with the man, there's got to be more."
"No, Ebony said flatly...we just had dinner that's all."
Tiffany looked at her .  You guys didn't talk, you just both sat there silent?"
"No, Ebony said.  He talked about New York reminding him of Beijing with all its traffic and people rushing around.  And that he was trying to get settled into his new home here." 
Ebony saw a flicked in her friends eyes that always happened if she had an idea.
"Didn't you say he gave you his card that day when you two had that faithful meeting through those revolving doors."
Ebony frowned, knowing exactly what Tiffany was instituting.
"Well go get it...we can check him out on line."
Ebony didn't even know if she still had it as she rummaged through her purse.  Then she saw it at the bottom among other papers.  She really needed to clean her purse out she thought, as she pulled it out.  When she turned around Tiffany already had her computer hooked up and running.
She snatched it from Ebony's hands and began to type in his name.
Now we'll just see who this mysterious man was you shared a night with."  
Ebony looked over her friends shoulders as she typed.
"Hum, there are so many Harry Wong's listed here.  Let's narrow our search.  She looked again at the business card he had given Ebony.  It says here Harry Wong Investments. Businesses in the United Kingdom,Beijing and  New York.
Oh wow," Tiffany said as she mouth shot wide open.
"What, what, Ebony quickly grabbed a chair and pulled it next to the computer.
"He's a millionaire."
No he's not, Ebony said quickly, as she looked closer and started to read all the information posted about him.  But  it said exactly what Tiffany had said.  
                          Top 100  Asian Millionaires 
                                making a big mark in the world
 And there was his picture & name-....... Harry Wong, among a list of 99  others!
"Wow, they said in unison, as they sat back in their chairs stunned.
"Well we've come this far lets see what else is written about him, Tiffany said as she clicked on his picture."
Ebony was silent, her mind still caught on the word "Millionaire" 
"Oh, Tiffany smiled.  He's a widower."
"I know, he told me that at dinner last night."
"I thought you said you two didn't talk?"
Ebony punched her gently in the arm.
"Just keep looking ok."  Tiffany turned her attention back to the article.
" As you said, he did have a wife...her name was Su-Lin  but she died  four years ago of  cancer. They were married for seven years and lived in London England.   And he has a daughter.  She turned and looked at Ebony.  Did you hear what I said Ebony...he has a daughter."
"I heard you.  Go on."
"Tiffany smiled.  Well her name is  Lihwa, I'm sure it has a meaning, all Chinese names do.  And she's five years old.  That's it, nothing more.  I guess he's a very private man."
She clicked off the computer, then turned facing Ebony.
"Boy you really hit the jackpot Ebony."
"It was just dinner Tiffany, nothing more..I'm sure I won't hear from him again.  And besides, she got up and walked to the window and looked out.
"He's way out of my ballpark.  I'm just a working girl, not in his class at all."
"Oh don't be ridiculous, Tiffany said walking over to the window beside her.  You'd be in his class...your talented, professional, and most importantly beautiful inside and out ! Ebony hugged her.  "Thanks, but I'm not in his class Tiffany no matter how you say it."
        They both stopped talking at the sound of a knock at her front door.
"Who could that be, she wondered as she went to answer it.
When she opened it there was a man standing there. He looked a lot like the Chinese chauffeur from the limo last night...but that would be ridiculous she thought as she looked at him.
"Good Evening madam, he said bowing slightly.  My Employer asked me to give you this.  It's self explanatory ."
And with those words he bowed again and walked away.
"Ooh, Tiffany said rushing over beside her.  A mysterious stranger, now a mysterious exciting. Its got to be from him...its got to be."
Ebony looked at her friend.  She was like a kid all excited...her hands ringing together , anxious for her to open the envelope.
"This is like the academy awards...she joked..."The Envelope Please", she almost shouted to Ebony."
Ebony opened at slowly, with Tiffany looking over her shoulder.  It looked like an invitation.  It was an invitation.  A dinner invitation.  But it wasn't going to be at a restaurant, but on a of the most famous elegant cruise ships in New York ..The Bateaux .
Tiffany started jumping up and down, but that didn't compare to the way Ebony's heart was racing.  He meant it when he said "The Next Time", and this was it !

As Ebony hold the invitation in her hands, she wonders if she should accept, or say's all like a couldn't be real...things like this just didn't happen to her.. but it was happening, she wasn't was real.... and she had the invitation in her hands to prove it !

Listen as the song plays some of the thoughts and emotions filling Ebony's mind as she looks at the invitation again!
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Episode 6
Dinner Cruise !
Ebony and Tiffany stood by the pier looking at the Bateaux.  It was gigantic, and beautiful.  They could see the tables already set for the lunch crowd
"Gee,Tiffany said, leaning wistfully on the railing of the pier.  I envy you, eating on such a elegant ship."
Ebony looked at the ship again.  Friday was only a day away.  All week she had been dreaming about being on it.  It still didn't seem real.  She dreamed about it at work, and when she fell asleep. 
" We'd better get back soon, our lunch hour is almost up," she reminded her friend.
Tiffany smiled as she sadly waved goodbye to the ship with pouted lips and they walked away heading back to the law firm.
It was nice having a friend like Tiffany at the same law firm.  They had been friends since day one.   It was Tiffany who finally convinced her to accept Harry Wong's invitation, and buy  a new dress for the event.  But  she still felt that the dress was a little more sexy than it should be and might give off the wrong impression.
When they entered the office everyone was smiling and began to clap, as they pointed to her desk.   Ebony  looked,.....and there on her desk was a bunch of red roses.  The prettiest color she'd ever laid her eyes on.
"There's got to be a card, Tiffany said surprised , rushing  up to Ebony's desk pulling a dazed Ebony along with her.  Here it is, she said it it!"
Ebony picked up the envelope and opened it, pulling out a small lace sheet.  It had Chinese writing on top, then English ...just like that night at Barney's restaurant
"We'll...... Tiffany tapped her heel against the floor impatiently... , are you going to share...or is this a private note.......... for your eyes only?"
Ebony swallowed quickly, embarrassed and then began to read...
."Happiness is something to do, something to love, something to hope for."
"Ooh!...something to love, Tiffany repeated.  Everyone began sighing softly. Repeating the word love.
Ebony  put the card away quickly.  There was no way she was going to read anymore of it, not with everyone watching her.  ...especially not the last part that said.....
"You give me something to hope for Ebony, something to hope for.    I hope you like the roses....Harry Wong !"
          Ebony took the roses home with her.  They were so beautiful that she wanted to sit them on the nightstand by her bed.  She was glad that Tiffany was spending the week with her since her husband was out of town doing his reserve training with the Marines.  As they walked up the steps Mr. Hammond the building manager met them.
"Boy, he shook his head and smiled.....there's a pile of mail came for you today...I mean a pile.  I put it outside your door there was to much to fit in your mail box," then laughed as he walked away.
"Tiffany stopped dead in her tracks.  "It's begun, she said in an excited voice."
Ebony looked strangle at her as she went inside with Tiffany beside her.  "What's begun?"
"The ad, Tiffany said...the ad about finding Mr. Right."
Ebony was shocked when she saw the huge bag of mail waiting for her at her door.  There had to be hundreds, and hundreds of letters inside it.  Tiffany helped her drag the bag inside.  It had to weigh over fifty pounds or more.  As they both sat down on the couch exhausted, Ebony opened the bag  and dumped a small amount of  letters on the floor.  Picking one from the many  she opened it and began to read
She slowly lowered it, and relaxed back on the sofa behind her.  Tiffany was right it had begun!
"What does it say, Tiffany asked...but Ebony was to stunned to reply.  Tiffany pulled the letter from her hands and started to read.
"See I told you it's the ad.  Its catching on Ebony...its catching on."
Ebony just sat silent looking into space.
""It's Mr. Wong isn't it, she asked looking at Ebony.  You're interested in him aren't you Ebony...your Mr. Wong is turning out to be Mr. Right after all, isn't he ?"
Ebony still didn't answer as Tiffany reached over and hugged her warmly. But she knew Tiffany was right.  She was beginning to have feelings for Harry Wong...feelings that made her feel special, safe, and wanted.  Feelings that spoke of love with a man totally different from her in race, culture, and everything she was raised to value in her own ethnic Black heritage.  She had always figured she would marry a man the same ethnic background as her, but now it seemed fate had thrown her a curve.  She definitely could fall in love with Harry Wong, or had she already?  Could this be Love? She'd waited for so long.  He wasn't the love she expected...could this really  be love?

A song that voices Ebony's thoughts as she sits wondering and trying to explain her feelings for Harry Wong.
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Episode 7 

"The Letter !
Ebony and Tiffany spent most of the night reading letters.   Tiffany finally called it a night at twelve thirty, but Ebony kept reading.  She was astounded by how many lonely men there  were in Manhattan .  Men who were used and abused by women.  Tears filled her eyes as she read them.  She had always thought it was the women who were the ones who always got hurt.  But as her mother always said" there are two sides to every story."  She had been ignorant, just looking through rose colored glasses all this time.    One letter caught her eye.  It had a red rose on it, and smelled good.  She took it from the envelope.  The paper was delicate and it too had a nice scent.  She unfolded it and began to read.
The man said he had recently moved to the city and was trying to get accustom to his new surroundings and new home. He was a businessman, financially secure, a widower with one young daughter.  His wife had passed away a time ago and he was looking to find love with the right person.  He said he enjoyed being married, and the comfort a wife could bring.  He wanted that comfort again.  He thought his features would be acceptable to a woman...he had been told that he was handsome, and easy going.  He was looking forward to meeting that special woman who would give him hope of a new love, and life.  Someone who would make him want to love again.  He wanted to meet her for dinner tomorrow evening at 7 pm at Barney's for a quiet dinner where they could get to know each other better.  He would be seated at a table in a black suit, and there would be a large single red rose in a vase to welcome her.  Then he signed it..."Your Mr. Right."
Ebony's eyes opened wide ...he was expecting to meet her tomorrow at 7 pm...and that was the exact time she was having dinner with Harry Wong.  She couldn't meet him.  Her heart sank.  She hated the thought of him waiting there all alone, expecting her to arrive when she couldn't.  She herself had been stood up once, and she never forgot it.  It wasn't a good feeling.  A feeling she didn't want to impose on him.  
Somehow she had to meet him, how she didn't know...but somehow she had too!
                 "There's no way, Tiffany voiced, as she looked at Ebony' taking one last look at the dress she had bought for her dinner with Harry Wong.  You can't keep two dates with totally different men on the same night.  There's no way!"
As Ebony looked at herself she thought about the stranger who's letter she read.  He was probably getting dress too.  Maybe even standing in front of a mirror just like her,  wanting to look presentable to the woman he was about to meet.
Tiffany straighten the necklace around Ebony's neck.  
"You were worried about getting one man, now you have two," she shook her head in disbelief !
 Ebony had to admit the Blue long gown with bugle beads and glitter jewel effects did look good, especially with her mothers  blue sapphire  necklace around her neck, and the new hair style Tiffany had done for her night out.
    "So, how are you going to do it Ebony.....  how are you going to have dinner with two men at the same time?"
"I don't know, Ebony finally answered taking a seat on the couch.  Harry Wong had called and said he would pick her up at 6:30 .  It was 5;30 now..that gave her an hour to find a way! 

As Ebony contemplates what to do, and thinks about how she got in this situation seeking to find love  lets listen to a song that talks about love! 

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