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It's Only My heart  Pg. 3
Episode 7
In  A Different Light !

Misty wasn't sure if it was hunger from being lost in the woods, but whatever it was she was extremely hungry.  Everything tasted wonderful at breakfast time..  The eggs, waffles, pancakes sausage, and the country fried steak.  Mandy looked strangely at her as she gulped down  her third glass of orange juice.  
"Hope you won't be sick once we get on the horses this afternoon after all the food you ate.."
"I'll be fine, she replied.  I don't think I'll be going on the horse ride anyway.  I don't know how to ride, I didn't take horse riding at camp like you all those years ago."
"Looks like he's concerned about you too, Mandy said nodding her head towards Skyler Reed who was looking in their direction.  "
Misty tried to ignore her friend as she looked away. 
"Wonder who that other guy is sitting by him and his son....he's gorgeous.  To bad I'm married ."
"Mandy." Misty shook her head.
"Just joking, but he is handsome, and it looks like I'll get my answer.  They're walking in our direction."
Misty wanted to get up and run, but that would be to obvious.  He would know that she was running from him.  All she could do was sit there and wait until he got to their table. 
"That kiss must of really turned him on Misty," Mandy said with a giggle.
"I told you how that happened, it wasn't intentional. I was excited about being found, that's all."
"Ladies, how you all doing this morning?"
"We're fabulous, Mandy spoke up quickly with a huge smile.  I want to thank you for finding my friend  There's plenty of room here at our table.  Please join us"
Misty looked at Skyler Reed as he seated himself ,and the other two men took the other vacant chairs.
"Yes thanks again for finding me yesterday." She smiled. feeling the other two mens eyes looking at her.
"I'd like to introduce my other son Hutch...he runs the Bell Ranch in Houston." Misty noticed the huge smile that crossed his  lips.  He was definitely proud of his boys.
"I'm happy to meet you, she said reaching across the table to meet his out stretched hand.
"Likewise Ma'am."Mandy was right he was handsome.  With striking blue eyes and a smooth Texas drawl.
"And of course you met my other son Deek yesterday morning on your arrival."
Deek stretched his hand also to meet hers.
"Ms. Templeton, he said looking directly into her eyes.."
 He too was handsome up close, with huge brown eyes just like his father.
Misty could see both sons looking intently at her...studying her.  But  she wasn't sure why.
"Looking forward to horseback riding this afternoon," Mandy said breaking the silence that was in the room. 
"Do you ride?" Skyler asked .  His words were to Mandy, but Misty could feel his eyes were in her direction.
:Since I was twelve." Mandy  said with pride.
"And you Ms. Templeton, do you ride too?" 
She couldn't avoid his eyes any longer.
"No, I don't. She said looking up at him... So I guess I'll pass on the riding this afternoon."
"Nonsense, I'll instruct you personally.  Give you the most gentle horse we have...Milly."
"Really you don't have to go to all that trouble, I'll just sit in the lounge and read."
"Won't hear of it." 
He got up from the table, his two sons following his lead.
"Everyone's meeting out front at twelve sharp....see you then."  He tipped his hat and walked away.
Misty looked over at Mandy who's mouth was hanging open.
"Wow!, he 's going to give you personal service.  That must of been some kiss."
"Don't be ridiculous, Misty said in an irritated voice. He just doesn't want me to leave the ranch and they lose the money, that's all it is."
Mandy shook her head from side to side.  "He didn't sit down at any one elses table and introduce his sons, did he?
I think he's stuck on you Misty, Just like our favorite song by Lionel Richie.   I'm just saying." And with those words she walked away humming "Stuck On You."

As Misty thinks about their favorite song , another version of that song comes on the ranch style, and she thinks about Skyler. He just can't be stuck on her.  She's  not ready for anything like that...especially with a man so different from her in so many ways.  He's country, she totally city, and of another race at that.  But she can't forget his lips when he returned her kiss...soft...inviting.  And when he held her in his arms so gently, how safe she felt.  Or how when ever she looked into his eyes her heart skip so many beats.  The whole situation was totally crazy...totally . Why was she entertaining such thoughts anyway?  She needed to find a way off the ranch and back to Chicago !   She couldn't go riding this afternoon,  she just couldn't.  It would just give Mandy more to fantasize about !
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Stuck On You-lionel richie with Darius Rucker
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Episode 8
The Talk !
Skyler Reed was talking to the ranch chef  in the lodge rest area when he saw his two sons walk in.  He could tell by the look on their faces that something was up.
"Hey dad, Hutch said with a smile. thought you might be in here.  We were looking for you."
"Well, you found me. checking with Rocky to make sure he checked with any guest that might have dietary restrictions.  No one has any, thank goodness.  He smiled."  Both Boys nodded in agreement.
"Did you get the horses ready for the rides this afternoon?"
."Yes...but that's not what we want to talk to you about.  They walked closer.
We need to have a talk Dad."  They both took him by the hand and they all sat down on one of the couches.
"I already know about the birds and the bee's.  In fact that's why you both are here today."  He chuckled. In fact I told you Hutch about that at twelve.  And Deek you never asked." He looked in Deek's direction."
Deek looked shyly at him.  "I didn't need to...I was listening out side the door when you explained it all to Hutch."
"Oh!, he reached over and rustled Deeks hair in fun.  I know."
"Now what this all about boys?"
"You were right dad...Hutch looked at his dad.......she's a real looker."
"Yea, Deek agreed but, "he hesitated as his fathers eyes met his.
"But what?"
"We just don't want you to be hurt.  You've been through so much already, He smiled.  I have to agree  I think she's interested but she's afraid. We both saw the way she looked at you, then away quickly as if scolding herself for doing so.  Maybe this is one woman you should pass on."
"Can't, Skyler said in a determined tone.  She's the one, and in time she will come to see it too."
"But dad, Deek continued.  She's only going to be here for five more days."
Skyler looked at his sons.  They loved him and were worried.
"I tell you it'll all work ...... you;ll see."  He got up and stood looking at the both of them.  "Who knows maybe even one day you might even have more brothers and sisters, what would you say to that?"
He laughed as he saw both boys eyes widen in surprise.
Hutch stood up, as did Deek.
"I guess then we'd better get to know her better these next five days."  They started to leave.  A song came over the speakers in the lounge.  
"I guess like Kenny's song says dad, "She Had You From Hello."
Skyler nodded as  both sons gave him a pat on the shoulder and they all together walked out the cabin door for the afternoon horseback ride.

Skyler Reed knows his son's words are true just like the words of the song that's playing.  Misty had his heart from the first time he saw her.  Yes she had him from HELLO !
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Kenny Chesney You Had Me From Hello Lyrics
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Episode 9

"The Reluctant Cowgirl ! "

Misty took one look at herself in the mirror, in the outfit Mandy bought her at the clothing station. "I can't wear this, she confessed , her mouth opened.  I looks like some movie star preparing for a role in a cowboy flick."
"Well you are.  Mandy said with pride.  You're going to meet your man."
"He's not my man, I hardly know him.  I only met him yesterday.  She said defensively.  And Who said I'm going anyway."."
She took another look at herself in the mirror.  The hat was okay, she could handle that, and maybe the sleeveless blouse.  But the jeans were way to tight.
"Look Mandy, she forced a smile.  I appreciate what you're trying to do, but I'm not ready to date, and especially someone like him."
"The jeans are perfect, Mandy assured her....they'll adjust to your shape as you wear them.  They have spandex, so they'll stretch."
Misty walked a bit.  "No!  they're  to tight.  I wear a twelve and these are a ten...your size.  I can't hold my self in and not breath all day."
"Yes you can, and you will."  She grabbed Misty hand and pulled her down on the bed beside her."Look you've been a real brat since you arrived."
Misty looked at her shocked.  "You'd be the same if  Charles walked off and left you for another woman."  Tears began to fill her eyes.
Mandy hugged her tightly.  "All I'm saying is you can't blame everyone because of what Alex did.  You're being rude, and that's not you Misty.  I miss the sweet, warm, funny friend I use to have, who laughed and made others feel so good to be around her."
Misty sat looking at her friend
."This guy isn't Alex, Mandy continued...but you're displacing your anger and hurt on him like he was."
Misty now could see why Mandy was so good at her job as a Psychologist.  She had good insight into people , especially those who had been hurt.
"This guy's attracted to you.  She continued..... what's wrong with you enjoying yourself with him, even if nothing comes of it.  There is life after Alex.  Let yourself be happy, forget about the past and live.  Everything doesn't have to be perfect....the puzzle doesn't always have to fit.    I'm sure Alex is going on.....  why not you."
"You really don't think the jeans are to tight," Misty asked taking another long  look at herself  in the mirror.
Mandy walked over beside her friend .  
"No, they're perfect!" She smiled as she gave Misty another hug.  Just perfect !"

Misty is now wondering if her friend is right.  Everything with her x had to always be perfect, maybe she was right ...the puzzle doesn't always have to fit...things didn't always have to be perfect as she thought they needed to be.

Listen to the words of this song that shares a lesson Mandy is trying to get her friend to think about !

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Sara Evans-Perfect (with lyrics)
Enjoy :) No copyright intended!

Episode 10
A Horse Back Ride To Remember !
Misty was surprised when she came out her cabin door to find Skyler Reed standing at the wood 
post with a beautiful brown horse.  It was only the second time she had been this close to a horse.  She saw Skyler Reeds eyes give her a quick look, then he patted the horse on the nose.
" Ms. Templeton meet Milly.  Say hello Milly." He gave the horse another gentle pat on the nose.  And to Misty's surprise the horse  bowed down to its knees then came back up again.  She won't bite, you can pet her."
He walked the horse closer.
Misty hesitated a bit, then reached her hand out and rubbed the horses nose gently.
"She's really beautiful."
Skyler smiled.  "A beautiful horse for a beautiful lady.
I'm afraid the others have already started ahead of us.  But we'll catch up !"
Misty stood looking at the horse who seemed to be looking at her.  She wondered if the horse knew she didn't know anything about riding.
"Well, Sky said looking at her.
  Put your foot in the stirrups and I give you a push up."
Misty walked slowly.  She didn't like the idea of him behind her in those tight jeans at all.  She shouldn't have listened to Mandy, she scolded her self as she felt his hand on her rear end, and with one push she was up and into the saddle.
She felt like she was on a ladder so high up.  The horse moved slowly with Skyler holding the reigns.  It was breathtaking how beautiful the countryside was.  So many tall trees all around, and a river whose water seemed to mimic the horse slow walk as they passed.
 "So, still want to leave after seeing all this beautiful countryside?"  He looked over casually at her.
"I guess not, she answered.....since the week will be over soon."
He gave her  wink, and she couldn't help but smile.
"I didn't know you could."
"Could what," she asked .
"Smile," He winked again .
Misty sat silent in the saddle  as he horses walked together side by side.  The Skyler Reed Dude Ranch was truly beautiful, and with all the modern convinces too.  There was a spa, rec room, pool, fishing, tennis. all anyone could ask for on a vacation.  And all types of crusine.  She felt her stomach growl.  Food would taste good right now, she thought.
The horses came to a stop and Skyler Reed  dismounted and walked over to her and Milly.
"Think Milly has a loose shoe, she limping a bit."
He reached up his arms to Misty to help her down from the horse, so he could check.   Then the unthinkable happened as he was lifting her off she felt the seams in her jeans split completely down the back.  She pulled away quickly but she could tell by the look on Skyler Reeds face, that it wasn't quick enough.  There was a grin on his face.
"I guess  you think this is funny," she said in a heated voice, as she covered her backside with both hands.
"No, he walked closer.  I don't.  he started to unbutton his striped shirt.  Just brought back a funny thing that happened to me when I was bull riding years ago and my pants split when I was thrown.  Had to walk away with my butt showing my shorts to the whole audience."
Misty looked at him intently.
"You're just saying that to make me feel better aren't you?"
He shook his head from side to side.
"No, ask my son Hutch he was five at the time...never forget seeing his old mans shorts to this day."  he laughed softly.  But at least my mama was proud, I wore clean underwear."
Misty couldn't hold back the smile from her lips.
"Me too, she said releasing a too."
He walked closer and handed his shirt to her and she put it on.  It covered everything.  Then he reached down and checked Milly.
"Have to walk her back.  So I guess you'll have to ride with me."
"Misty nodded as he helped her up on his horse then got on in back holding the reigns.
"Some first date,she said jokingly.  First I'm lost in a forest, now torn jeans, and even Milly has problems because of me." 
"We'll do better on the second date." He said as the horses started off towards the ranch in the distance.
She could feel his naked chest on her back as they rode back to the ranch.  It was strong, and she oddly felt safe with him.  He was more handsome up close in his cowboy hat and sunglasses.  She liked him that she had to admit, even though she didn't want to.
"Some music while we ride, he said suddenly bringing her back to reality.  I always like to listen to music when I ride out here at night by myself."  
Misty felt his hands move towards his jean pocket and  then she heard the music coming from behind her  It was country music of course but her heart began to melt as she listened to the words..."Give In To Me"    Was he trying to tell her something...or was it her heart that was speaking to her.  She wasn't sure which, but she knew what she was feeling for this tall handsome Texan.   She was becoming lost in his arms, his smile, his big brown eyes, and kind heart.  He made her want to give in to love again , and give in to it with him !

Lets listen to the song that's making Misty think about maybe loving again....and maybe with a Texan named Skyler Reed !

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