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Episode 13
The Mystery !
Misty wasn't sure what she was going to say when she got to Skylers cabin.  Her mind was thinking up all sorts of scenarios.  What if she found him with someone else...she really had no right to be jealous, but that's what she was feeling.  She really liked this man, although she was fighting hard against those feelings.  It wasn't a long walk to his cabin.  Finally she was at his door.  She took a deep breath to calm herself remembering Mandy's words, to give him the benefit of the doubt.  To let him explain and not talk until he was finished.  She knocked slightly on the door.  It surprised her when it just opened .  Everyone locked their doors in the city, maybe country people were different, she thought as she stepped inside.  Her eyes shot wide open.  The table was all set for two. There was wine,  roast beef on a platter ,dinner rolls in a basket, baked potatoes wrapped in foil along with salad and green beans.  She walked around and looked at the table, then her heart skipped a beat.  Something really had happened, but what?  A wave of fear swept over her.  It had to be something bad to make him rush out and leave his cabin wide open and food on the table.  Seeing foil on top of the refrigerator she began to wrap the food and place the dishes inside.  Perhaps they could eat it later if everything stayed fresh  enough.  She really wanted there to be another time for the two of them.  She began to pace around the room.  It was a beautiful cabin, and large enough to be lived in as a home if desired.  The windows were huge with lovely curtains which she was sure his wife had chosen, as well as everything else in the cabin.  She walked down the hallway to an open door.  She could see the king size bed partially made.  It had to be Skylers room.  There were trophies and pictures of different rodeo events he had been in , as well as
a picture of his late wife with him and their two sons.  Misty took a long look at his late wife, she looked Indian.  She sat
down on the bed and looked around. She knew how lonely it could be to stay in a room that you had shared with someone you loved who was now gone.  The memories she still had herself of her and Alex.  She stretched out on the bed and eased off the heels from her tired feet.  She rested her head on the pillow where she knew he had laid his head.  She caressed and nestled close to it, and imagined how it would feel to lay close to him, feel his face next to hers, his arms around her.  She closed her eyes feeling the tiredness of the evening as sleep beckoned to her and she wondered what it would be like to be loved by him.

As Misty sleeps and dreams lets peek into her dreams about Skyler Reed !

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WYNONNA JUDD - To Be Loved By You [HQ]
ALBUM: "Revelations" (1996)LABEL: MCA/Curb Records*No copyright infringement intended. All copyrights go to their respective owners.

Episode 14

The Wait ! 
Skyler Reed remembered the last time he waited in a hospital emergency room.  It was when his wife was dying.  He blinked to push back the memory as he felt his son Deek grasp his hand.  Their eyes met.  He knew he was remembering that night too.  They all sat for hours that fateful night when Bell was brought in. .  Hutch was there too.  Now this time it was Hutch they were waiting to hear about.  He prayed the news would be good and his son would recover fully.  And he also thought about Misty.  He had promised to pick her up for their dinner date that evening, now he had broken his promise.  Would she understand?  He had a feeling she would not.So many promises in her life had been broken, now he was only adding to her list of disappointments in men.
The emergency doors opened and Skyler took a deep breath as he grabbed his son Deeks hand
"What's the verdict Doc," he asked teary eyed.
"Your son's a lucky man, he smiled.  A broken collar bone, some cracked ribs, and a broken leg.  Not to bad for being trampled by a bucking horse.  But he's going to be sore for awhile."
Skyler hugged his son.
"We're going to keep him in ICU for a few days, the doctor continued, just as a precaution.  You can see him if you wish, but he's heavily sedated right now...he won't know you're there.  He's in room 1005, the nurse will show you there."  he smiled, then  walked away.
Skyler and Deek jumped for joy with everyone looking at them, but Skyler didn't care.  His son was going to be okay, that's all that mattered .  After seeing Hutch and knowing he was going to be okay he and Deek drove back to the ranch.  The nurse said he would probably sleep through the night and most of the morning.  And they were both tired.  He was happy that Deek decided to stay with him for the rest of the night.  In the morning they would head out again to the hospital when Hutch was awake.  The nurse said she would call them as soon as he woke up.
"It had been years since the boys had slept in the bed with him.  It would be nice to have Deek close to him.  He knew those times would be few .  One day they both would marry and another would be first in their heart, as it should be.  He looked around the room, then at the dinner table he had left set.  it was empty, no food.  Everything was gone.  He smiled ...the chef had probably came and collected the dishes and saw the food still on the table and had put it up for later.  He would add a bit extra to his paycheck for his kindness.
"Dad." Deeks voice called to him.  I think you'd better come in here."
"I left the the bed a bit un-made, he said to Deek as he headed towards him, but hey we're just going to get in it anyway.  Just throw the covers back and fall in."
"Don't think I can do that, " Deek  said backing slightly away from the bedroom door.
"Why not son, we're both tired."  He walked swiftly to the bedroom, then stopped in his tracks.
"It seems there's someone already in it, Deek said smiling at his dad. I'll sleep with the boys tonight, they'll want to know how Hutch is anyway."  He gave his dad a pat on the shoulder, then smiled again and walked away, closing the door behind him.
Skyler looked at Misty sound asleep in his big bed.  She look beautiful in the black dress . He placed her shoes by the side of his bed and just stood there staring at her beauty.  He just wanted to be with her, to hold her, kiss her lips, to love her and share his life with her.  He eased down on the bed and laid close to her where his eyes could look into her face as she slept.  It was so hard not to touch her, but he restrained himself.  Maybe that time would come.  He hoped so.  Why had she stayed?  What made her fall asleep in his bed of all places.  He didn't have the answers to any of these questions, but he was happy she was there.  He couldn't restrain himself any longer as he eased his arm slowly under her waist, pulling her gently close to him until her head rested gently on his chest.  She had been hurt before by a man.  Life had no guarantees, bad things happened to the good as well as the bad.  He couldn't promise her that hard times wouldn't come to them too,  but there was one promise he could give to her ...."she would never be lonely". Then he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Lets listen as this songs says a lot of Skyler Reeds thoughts about Misty and all she's been through.

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Andy Griggs "You Won't Ever Be Lonely" (With Lyrics)
And I realize I somehow screwed up at certain parts.Amazing song, so I made this video for someone! You know who you are :)Lyrics:Life may not always go your wayAnd every once in awhile yo...

Episode 15
Revelation of Love !

When Misty opened her eyes, it was Skylers face that greeted her.  There he was lying beside her fast asleep.  She didn't know when he came but she was glad to see him.  He was still dressed in the same clothes he wore yesterday when they went horse backing riding.  Tears filled her eyes, and her heart skipped a beat.  he was alright.  But what had happened to make him rush off so quickly leaving everything and not calling her.  She wanted to know, but right now all she wanted to do was look at him.  He was so handsome and above all else kind and gently.  She took a deep breath, realizing that she not only cared for this tall Texan, but loved him.  How it had happen she wasn't sure.  She had sworn off men after Alex.  The hurt was so deep.  But now she felt different.  A new light had come into her life and dispelled the darkness.  She smiled as she reached over and gently touched his cheek.  She couldn't believe that she had just said in her heart that she loved him. She never ever expected to use those words again after Alex left her, but now she knew that love had come again when she least expected it to, and by someone totally different.  Loving him would bring a lot of changes in her life and career...but he was worth it.  She had no doubts in her heart about that !
He stirred slightly, then opened his eyes.  They were both silent for a moment.
"Wish I could wake up each morning like this with your face to greet me, " he said softly.
Misty smiled.  "I guess I fell asleep .  I came over and you were gone so I put everything away and I was just waiting for you to come back, and I was looking around in your room at  all your awards and I sat down on the bed and the rest is history."
"So it was you who put everything away then."  He reached down and took her hand in his and placed a warm kiss on it.
"Thank you."
"What happened Sky?"
He smiled .  I think that's the first time you've called me Sky."
Misty smiled back as she waited to here all the details of what happened.
"My son Hutch was injured in a rodeo event yesterday."
Misty reached over and grabbed his hands.
 "Is he okay she asked anxiously
"Yes, he's in ICU now.  "
She could hear the relief in his voice.
"He has a broken collar bone, crack ribs, and a broken leg.  The good Lord was definitely with my boy yesterday.  The nurse is suppose to call me this morning when he wakes up and is able to see me and his brother."
Misty hugged him.  "'Im so glad."  She kissed him impetuously.
But his lips returned it more passionately.
"Will you go with us when she calls....  his eyes looked deeply into hers.  I'd really like that a lot?"
Misty looked at him a lingering moment.  She knew she was ready for love again because of him.  It was his love that had brought her heart back to life, and not a moment to soon.
"Yes she said happily.  "I'd like that a lot too!"
                                    The End,
Misty has found her way back to love and as she said "Not a moment to soon"  This song depicts her life and feelings before love entered in once again. Love can happen in a  most unexpecting place, through a most unexpected face, at an unexpected time.  We must  never give up on love ....NEVER ! 
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Not a Moment Too Soon by Tim McGraw Lyrics
My mom put this song on my iPod and I didn't know it before then, but I listened to it a few times and I loved it. I hope you guys like it to. Have a great day!

Off for the Holidays...see you in February with a Valentines Day Short Story!!!!!

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