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 Episode 11
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Bad News !
Skyler Reed was happy that Misty Templeton had reluctantly greed to have dinner with him at his cabin.  The ride back to the ranch after her mishap with her jeans seemed to be a good thing in some ways. They talked as they rode together, and he had a chance to know her better. She loved to cook, dance , write, and do volunteer work with homeless shelters on her time off  from teaching third graders.   She lowered her defenses a bit and he like it.  It showed she was beginning to trust again, which was good.  She felt good to him as she leaned into his chest whenever they hit a rocky bump in the trail.   He wished the ride had lasted longer as the cabin approached.  He would call for her at seven.  He smiled to himself as he thought about spending the evening with her, all alone.  They would have an elegant meal that he had just call and requested the chef to prepare, then a bit of dancing. Slow of course.  He chuckled to himself.   It would be nice to hold her close to him.  Just a prelude to what he hope would lead to many more dances together.  He remembered her smile as he helped her down from his horse and how close their faces were....their lips almost touching.  He actually thought she would not have resisted if he had made the move to kiss her.  But he decided not to.  Hopefully that would happen later in the evening.  He was jolted by the pounding on his cabin door, which brought him back to the present.
"Hold on, he said loudly....I'm coming...hold on!"
He opened the door quickly.  There stood Deek.  There were tears in his eyes.
"What's wrong, he asked ushering him quickly inside.  What's happened?"
Deek was silent for a moment, and Skyler felt as if his heart would stop waiting for him to speak.
"Its Hutch.  He looked up ino his dads face.  He was thrown  this afternoon at the rodeo riding one of the bucking bronco's, he's been taken to  Houston General  ."
Sky turned away in anger.  Hutch had left shortly after the trail ride because he said he had some business to do.  Now he knew what that business was.  Riding in the rodeo.  Hutch knew how he felt about the rodeo.  It was dangerous. He himself had been hurt many times in riding bucking bronco's. Hutch had promised him he would give it up.  Just like he had promised their mother for fifteen years and never did until she fell sick and the worry was to much for her. Hutch had his stubborn streak to the bone !
He turned back facing his other son.  
"How is he?" 
Deek didn't have to answer.  The look on his face spoke a thousand words.  He grabbed his hat. 
" Lets go," he said grabbing Deeks arm.  As he closed the door he looked back at the set able for his dinner with Misty . She had been hurt by one man he was about to be the second man to disappoint her, when she was just starting to learn to trust again. He hoped she would give him the chance to explain it in detail later, but  right now there was some place else he needed to be, and that was with his son Hutch !

Skyler hopes Misty will understand as he heads to the hospital to see his injured son.  but will she...or will she see his absence as just another disappointment from a man?   ....this may be the straw that breaks the camels back....or the tie that binds their hearts together......time will tell ! 

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Travis Tritt - Can I Trust You With My Heart (with lyrics)
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Episode 12 
Stood Up ?
Misty was still sitting on the cabin steps when Mandy came  back from dinner.
"I thought you were going to change for your dinner date with Mr. Reed."  She looked at Misty.
All you did was change into another pair of jeans.  You really should wear a nice dress, she urged her friend/"
Misty lowered her hat to cover her eyes.  She had already listened to her friend once, but not twice.  And besides it was now eight thirty.  Skyler reed was an hour and a half late.
She was silly to think he really wanted to have dinner.  He probably just wanted to get her to his cabin .  He didn't really want to get to know her at all.  She felt a tear creeping to the corner of her eye, but she sniffed it away before Mandy could see it.  She was so foolish to have stayed.  Her first mind said leave, but no she listened to Mandy instead...and now look what had happened.  her emotions were all out of wack.
"Look, Mandy said sitting down beside her on the steps.  I know he's late.  Have you ever stopped to think that maybe something happened?"  She reached over and lifted the hat from Misty's face, and they looked at each other.
"Give the guy the benefit of the doubt, at least until you know the reason."
Misty knew her friend was right.  It was just those hurt feeling from her x Alex that was causing her to act this way.
"Okay, she looked over at Mandy...okay.  I'll wait to hear what he has to say when I go to his cabin." She stood up from the steps.  And thats exactly where I'm going right now."
She started to walk down the steps when Mandy pulled her arm.
"Just in case he has a good excuse, don't you think you should dress for the occasion?"Misty looked down at her jeans.  It really wasn't a good look for their first dinner date....if there really was going to be one.
"Okay, she smiled at Mandy.  I'll dress up....but he better have a darn good excuse."
Mandy gave her a big hug .  
"Wear the black dress."
"What black dress are you talking about l didn't bring a dress, " Misty stared at her friend. Mandy, what did you do. You didn't buy me a dress did you?"
Mandy didn't answer but just smiled as she walked swiftly up the stairs with her behind her.  

Misty is now examining her feelings for Skyler Reed.  Listen as the song shares whats in her heart as she remembers riding with him, and him sharing his love for the countryside there in Dallas.  And she remembers how she felt his heart beat as her back rested against his chest.   She didn't want it to happen, but she cares about this Texan more than she ever realized before !!

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