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"It's Only My heart !"
 Episode 1 
Misty Templeton had heard from friends how hot Dallas could be, but that word "Hot" didn't really register until now.  It was unbearable!   Her friend Mandy didn't seem to notice the heat.  She was being her old usual happy self.  Laughing, and talking with the other passengers on the bus taking them to the "Skyler "R" Dude Ranch.  Misty unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse, then took off her jacket and laid it in the empty seat next to her that had been evacuated by her friend.   Mandy seemed to be having such a good time already, while she was being tortured by the blasting heat.  Even her Jeans felt like they were glued to her bottom.  Looking out the bus window brought her no comfort.  All that her eyes could see was flat land.  She turned on her radio, only to be blasted by country music.  She hated country music!
 She closed her eyes in frustration.  This was just another bad decision she had made, besides marrying Alex.    She never should have followed Mandy's  advice to get away for awhile.  She didn't need to get away after her divorce....  what she needed was to be along.  Not around forty happy people!
Suddenly her eyes were seeing cattle ...lots of cattle.  And then there were horses with men riding them  She had never seen cowboys before, except on television.  But there they were right before her eyes.
"Misty."  Mandy's voice startled her, making her jump.
"Girl you scared me."
"Sorry Misty, I'm just so excited to be here.  We're finally here.  We'll be going horse backing riding, going to cook outs, and so much more...just like the brochure said."
Misty looked over at her friend, then back out the window as the bus pulled up into the dusty road that lead to a huge ranch.
"Yes we're here.  She wiped the sweat that was rolling down her face.
But I won't be for long..I'm going back home where I belong.....I'm leaving  tomorrow !
  Misty has concluded in her mind that she wants to be home where her heart belongs...still to remember the memories that still linger there.  The memories of her and Alex's love.  She feels that it's still home even though they no longer share it together.  But in her heart she knows it's just a will never be home again.  It's just a hiding place.  This song speaks some of the thoughts of her heart that only she can hear, but now you can too !
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Gwyneth Paltrow Coming Home with lyrics
I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG IN ANYWAY all rights to the owners! Coming Home - Gwyneth Paltrow WITH LYRICS IN VIDEO

 More to come in Episode 2 on Monday !

Episode 2
Meet Skyler Reed !
 Skyler Reed stood looking at the approaching bus bringing the visitors to the ranch.  It had been a while since he had made his presence know at any of his two ranches.  Running a large corporate oil business kept him busy most of the time.  But he knew that was just an excuse.  He missed his wife Bell.
The ranches had been her babies.  He started them because of her.  And now that she was gone these pass six years, it was hard to go visit them without her being there beside him.  Their two sons were in charge of them now, and were doing a great job.  He smiled. God had blessed him with those boys.  Hutch ran the "Bell R "ranch in Houston, and Deek ran the Skyler R in Dallas.  It was because of Deeks urging that he was at the "Skyler R" now.  He knew Deek was right.  He needed to show his face once in a while to the visitors who constantly asked Deek  if he was  the owner.  He assured them he was not, but that there was a owner...his father Skyler Reed. So here he was to meet and greet the visitors and introduce himself as the owner.  He reflected over times passed as the bus  made  its way towards the ranch.  He could see Deek walking slowly towards it.  He smiled remember Deek as a young boy, and Hutch too.  Teaching them how to ride, rope and even dance. Now they were grown.  Hutch was twenty five, and Deek was twenty three.  One day soon one of them would be calling him but not to come to the ranch but to say they were getting married.  He shook his head from side to side.  He would be happy for them.   He couldn't have asked for two better sons, and no woman could get a better husband then them.  He remembered how they were  there for him after their mothers death, never leaving him alone to sulk or be sad.  He and Bell had married young...seventeen.  It was a good life they had for over thirty years.  He sighed as he walked off the porch and went to stand beside his son. He didn't mind being alone now. His sons wanted him to date, find another love....but where would he find another love like Bell.  That was a once in a lifetime love, and he was sure for him love wouldn't happen again twice  in his lifetime.    He had good memories, and that was enough !
 As Skyler walks to meet his  son and welcome his quest, share some of his memories of his life and love for his sons and  wife Bell !.

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Remember When by Alan Jackson (Lyrics)
One of my all time favorites, such a beautiful and heart warming song from Alan Jackson
 Episode 3
First Meeting  !

Misty  made sure she and Mandy were the last ones off the bus.  Everyone was excited looking around the ranch as the men approached.  She could see one was  young, probably in his middle twenties with curly black hair.  He. wore a plaid red shirt, and brown cowboy boots with spurs that made a sound as he walked towards them.  But it was the other who caught her attention, as well as Mandy's.  
"I guess they really do grow them tall in Texas Mandy said whispwrinng in her ear.  He's gorgorous isn't he Misty?"
  She knew Mandy was right.  The older man was 
very handsome........ he had to be over six feet tall, also wearing jeans, a white shirt under a jean jacket and boots.   
"He looks okay I guess."  She turned away.  It was a lie and she knew it.  She looked around as the bus engine started and it began to pull out.  
"Excuse me, she shouted, her voice overpowering  the younger man who was talking.  When does the bus come back tomorrow?"
Every eye was turned in her direction.  The older man said something to the younger, then he motioned to him and he started leading the group away leaving just she and Mandy standing there all alone.
"I'm afraid it doesn't come back."
He was standing only inches from her.  his soft brown eyes looking directly into hers.  a feeling swept over her as he looked at her, then smile warmly.
"Why not, she questioned looking quickly away.  I've changed my mind.  I plan to leave tomorrow."  She finally looked up at him only to feel that same sensation as before.  It was utterly stupid.  He was just a man.  Okay...a very handsome man at that, but there were a lot of hamdsome men in the world...he just happened to be one of them!
"It will be back next Friday.  May I ask why you want to leave when you just got here?"  He shifted to his left leg, and she could see his boot go deeper into the dusty ground they were standing on as he looked at her waiting for a reply.
"Its not that she doesn't want to be here, Mandy said suddenly.  Its just that she was recently divorced and her husband married a younger woman, and........."
Mandy, Misty reached over and put her hand over her friends mouth.  
"Why don't you just tell him my life story!"
Mandy lowered her head seeing the tears in her friends eyes..  "I'm sorry I was just trying to explain that's all.  I'll go inside with the rest of the group.  I'm sorry, she said again as she walked away, I'm really sorry Misty."
Misty brushed the tears quickly  as he moved closer.
"I'm sorry.  I know how it feels to be hurt.  He looked deep into her eyes.  Lost my wife 6 years ago  But I'm afraid I don't know the hurt of a love walking away from a person."
Misty couldn't speak.  Her heart was racing so fast as he moved closer and she looked up into his eyes.  They were so sincere.  
""He was a real fool to walk away from a pretty little filly like you, he said.  I'd never do that I assure you, if I had the chance...never!"
His was so close that their faces were inches apart.  She thought for a moment he was going to kiss her.  She didn't know what to do as he moved even closer.  Then suddenly he reached down passed her  and picked up the luggage by her side and walked towards the ranch.   He was a total stranger, but she had a feeling if she stayed there he didn't want to remain one......he wanted to be something more, and she couldn't have that.  She couldn't have that at all.  She'd sworn off men, all men  after Alex.  And besides he wasn't her type,,,they  were so different, racially and she hated anything country.  Horses,ranches ...and all that came with it.    She didn't need a man now...she was getting stronger now ...she would make it, and she didn't need a man at all. She had her job, her friends.   She walked slowly behind him to the ranch.
"  Yes , she said herself.......I'm stronger now...much stronger."
 Then why did she want to run and hide herself  in the arms of  a total stranger...Why?
 As Misty walks behind Skyler Reed to his ranch she feeling a bit confused by her feelings and her reaction to this handsome stranger.  She has made herself move forward after her more hopes and dreams that maybe Alex would come back to her.  Every day she had  gotten up feeling less of the hurt and pain, a bit stronger.  She wouldn't let her guard down again with any man to have her heart broken.  It  just hurt to much ...and especially with someone totally opposite from herself. That was totally out of the question.
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A little bit stronger - Leighton Meester (Country Strong)
Song from the movie "Country Strong" played by Leighton MeesterWoke up late today And I still felt the sting of the painBut I brushed my teeth anywayGot dressed through the messAnd put a...
 Episode 4 on Saturday!
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