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The Talk!

“Amanda," he shouted after her, but she didn’t hearken to his voice or slow her step, until he grabbed her arm, forcing her to stop, then turned her to face him.
“What is it MacLeod, she asked slightly breathless.  I told you I have things to do before tomorrow.”
“So, you’re back to calling me Macleod now.”  He looked at her. She was so close to him that he wanted to pull her into his arms and kiss her fully.  But he knew this was not the time.
What do you mean, she pulled away from his arms.
“I always call you Macleod.”  Her eyes avoided his, as she walked to the railing and looked out at the water.  She could feel his footsteps close behind her.
“Not this time, he said turning her to him again.  You called me Duncan.”
His eyes searched her. “You never call me Duncan.”
Amanda looked away again.  “Well it is you name isn’t it.”
“What is it Amanda. He pulled her to him again, who’s after you, what’s his name?” 
“It’s not your affair MacLeod, she said pulling away again.  It’s not your fight, it’s my fight.”
MacLeod could hear the determination in her voice, but his hand was feeling something else.  She was shaking. She had to be scared, really scared.
“Look at me, he said, pulling her close again, his hands heavy on her shoulders.  Tell me.”
He released his grip seeing the tears in her eyes.  He touched her face gently with his hand.
“What ever it is, I’ll help.  He touched her face again.  I’ll always help you.”
Amanda wished it was that easy. But it wasn’t and she wasn’t about to get him involved this time.  Her lips trembled as she forced a smile.
“This is my fight MacLeod..  Just want all of you to be there for Caleb if something should happen to me.”  MacLeod saw a tear roll from her eyes, which she brushed away quickly.
“Amanda, he pulled her to him again.
“Let me do this.”
She pulled away and walked closer to the barge, just standing looking out into the water again.
“ You’re good Amanda, but I’m better.  No need to lose your head just to prove a point.”  he looked her in the eyes, hoping he was getting through to her.
“Maybe, she answered, looking back at him.  It’s been seven years, how do you know I haven’t been training during that time.” 
There was a thin smile on his lips as he walked closer.
“Because you’ve been busy being a wife, and a mother, for the past seven years.  Something you’ve always wanted. I doubt if you took time to train.”
Amanda saw the smug look on his face.  She hated it when he was right, but he was.  Most of her time was devoted to her husband Angus and his son Caleb.  Fighting the immortal that killed her husband was very difficult. She was definitely out of shape.  It was her thought for Caleb being left alone that gave her the strength to fight.
“Okay, maybe I’m not as good as you, she saw his eyebrows raise a bit.  But I’ve survived over a thousand years, and most of those years you weren't even around.
“And the first time we met, when we did meet you wanted to fight and take my head Amanda.  Remember?” he smile.
“How could I forget, she laughed happily.  But yours was a pretty head, so I decided not to.  I decided, a kiss was better.”
They both laughed at the memory.  Their paths went different ways down through the centuries, but always seemed to cross somewhere in time.
“We need to talk Amanda, he said in a serious voice, taking her hand gently in his, squeezing it firmly.  We need to talk.”

As MacLeod stands with Amanda’s hand in his, he remembers another conversation he and Amanda had years ago about their relationship.  Lets listen as he replays that conversation over again in his mind, and what they meant to each other, and about love!
he didn't know then that love was love.  It didn't matter if it was mortal, or immortal.  It was so simple.  All that mattered was to be loved, and he desperately wanted her love as never before!
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Highlander - Dramatic License Clip - Duncan & Amanda
The two immortal lovers discuss the nature of their relationship

“Okay MacLeod,  she said moistening her dry lips.   What, she lifted her hands up in frustration.  Just what is it that you want to talk about. She began to pace back and forth. I really don't think we have anything to discuss,” she said standing  looking at him.
“If I remember correctly, there was another time that we stood by the river and You question me about are relationship.  You wanted to know exactly what our relationship was.”
He walked closer until they were eye to eye.  He wasn’t going to let her look away. Remember what you asked me?”  
Amanda did remember, but didn’t want to acknowledge that she did.
“That was a long time ago Macleod, she said looking into his eyes.  I don’t remember exactly what was being said between us.” She shuffled her feet in the dirt beneath her.
MacLeod wasn’t going to let her get off that easy.  He knew she remembered every word of their conversation that hot afternoon in Italy.
“You asked if we were in love.”
“Okay, so I did.  She said honestly.  I was young, naive not even a thousand years old then.  And I remember exactly what you said. She pulled away again walked a short distance and turned with a whirl.  You said, and I quote 
“This conversation never turns out well Amanda. And you always get upset  about it. So why bring it up now?” She looked at him perplexed.
MacLeod lowered his eyes, then looked up and walked straight to her, taking both her hands in his.
Because I was wrong Amanda.”
Amanda, eyes widened and her lips parted in surprise. “What do you mean you were wrong?”
“Did you love Angus, Amanda?” 
He could see the fire in her eyes, and the tears,  She jerked away.
“I ‘ll dare you ask me that, or question my love for my husband.”
He instantly pulled her into his ams.  “I’m sorry, I was trying to make a point.  He kissed her cheek softly. Then smiled warmly at her, touching her cheek.
“Then make it,” she said brushing the tears away.”
“Did you love Angus because he was a mortal, and not an immortal?” His  voice had a tender tone to it this time. 
She was silent a moment. Then he saw her slowly take a deep breath. 
“I loved him because of who he was, she said softly.  I loved him because he loved me, and believed in me. His love made me believe in myself, that there was goodness inside of me, she said, placing her hand on her breast, as the words staggered from her trembling lips.  Being a mortal, or an immortal has nothing to do with real love Macleod. It’s just being loved and loving that person back.”
“I know,”  he said in a tender voice, taking her into his arms again. I know.
He could hear the soft sobs coming from her throat, with thoughts of the husband she lost.  Now was not the time to confess his love for her. She was hurting and needed time to heal. For hundreds of years she had pursued him.  It was his turn now. Whatever it took he wasn’t going to lose the woman he loved.  He couldn't imagine his life without her in it, and didn't want to!

Insight:As MacLeod stand looking at Amanda, he remembers their life down through the years.  She was always there.
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Faith Hill - There you'll be (lyrics)
My first lyrics to song.. Hope you like it (:Artist - Faith HillSong - There You'll BeWhen I think back On these times And the dreams We left behind I'll be glad 'cause I was bless...

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