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        The Awakening !

"So what do you think." Methos asked Joe as they walked from their car towards Duncan’s barge. 
“Well, at least they didn't kill each other, Joe said with a smile that's a good start." 
"We could have picked her up you now, " Methos said looking at Joe.
“We could have, but I think she needed some time to process this whole afternoon.”
“Well, it was your idea Joe," Methos remind him.
  They had reached the barge, and started up the steps.  
" I just hope she shows, that’s all," he said, glancing back at Joe.   
Joe too was apprehensive about her showing up to Mac’s dinner invitation.  
“I just think she wanted to be alone for a bit after meeting MacLeod,” he replied.
As Methos knocked on the door, he hoped Amanda wouldn’t be a no show. She was very quiet as they left the antique shop.  Her face to the window, only speaking when they arrived at the hotel where she was staying. And when They said, “See you tonight,”  she never looked back, just gave that familiar wavy of her hand, and walk away. 
“Hey, MacLeod smiled, as he opened the door and they entered.
They both saw him look behind them. Dinners in progress," he said, as he turned quickly and walked into the kitchen which was visible from where they were seated.  They both knew it was Amanda he was looking for, even though he never asked about her.
Methos looked at Joe, shrugging his shoulders, then got up going over to the stack of CDs by the stereo and began looking through them, finally picking one.  
“I think Amanda is going to be fashionably late," Joe said looking in the kitchen at Macleod. He knew he had no idea what Amanda was going to do.  But he had to say something.
Methos lowered his head pretending to listen to the music, but Joe saw the look he was giving him.  Yes, Methos was right. He had forced their meeting, so if things went wrong, he had no one to blame but himself!
“That’s okay Joe, MacLeod, said.  I understand.”  
“What’s okay?”
It was Amanda, standing  in the living room, dressed in jeans and a blue sweater, looking at them all.
“I knocked, but no one answered, so I let myself in.  Didn’t have a chance to change, I was running some errands, for the museum, and I forgot the time."  
“What are we having, she asked, as she nonchalantly made her way towards the kitchen.  I see you still have it."  She pointed to the coffee maker that she remembered gave him so much trouble.
MacLeod nodded.  "Coffee may not be on tonight’s menu.”
Amanda walked closer then picked up the coffee from the counter and proceeded to fill the water and put the coffee in the maker.
“Angus loved Turkish coffee."  We had a maker just like this one.
 She could feel him watching her, as well as Joe and Methos.
“Thanks, I’ll get the feel of it one day," He said smiling at her. 
“You said that the last time I saw you, seven years ago MacLeod, she smiled back.”
“I guess it takes a certain touch, which you seem to have Amanda.” He smiled warmly at her, as his eyes looked knowingly into hers.
 She watched him move around the kitchen putting spaghetti on a platter, sauce in a bowl, and garlic bread on the table, to complete the meal, and they sat down to eat.  She remembered that time seven years ago when she returned after Tessa’s death, and stood in this very kitchen, and tried to use her feminine charms to get him to help her out of some trouble she was in. They ended up being shot, and killed, by two Federal agents who were crooks, then dumped into the river while Richie recorded it all.   If she remembered it, she was sure he was remembering it too, and if she told them what was coming for her, he, and Methos would naturally think as in times past, that it was her reason for coming to Paris. To seek MacLeod's help, and end up having him fighting the battle for her.

As Amanda sits and thinks about the past, she realizes that MacLeod has always been her hero.  The one she could depend on. Even fighting battles that were not his, to save her.  She also realizes that they both have been hurt by loving a mortal. She understands as never before the love he had for Tessa.  A love that made him want to be better, leave the game and live a normal life.  That's what Angus's love did for her, and even more.  It changed her from what she use to be, a thief, liar , a self centered person, who thought only of her self ,to what she was now.  She owed Angus so much for loving her.  But she owed MacLeod even more for always being her friend.  As their eyes meet across the table, she decides this is one battle she wouldn't allow him to fight. It was hers!

This song relays her feelings about MacLeod.
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inner feelings

Dinner was good, and gave Joe and Methos a chance to discuss the strange activity going on across the nation on the Watcher database.  Amanda listened silently. Wondering if the immortal after her was the cause of all the activity.  
Joe had turned the Watcher service over to Methos, and retired to manage his club and write and play music.  
“So what do you think it all means, Joe asked concerned, looking at Methos, and MacLeod.  If anyone should know it should be you three.” He turned his attention to them, and then to Amanda.  
“I don’t know, Methos confessed, looking at Joe, I’m just  as puzzled as you.”
“I don’t know either Joe, MacLeod said quickly before Joe could ask him.  I’ve been away for seven years, remember.”
He gathered some of the plates from the table, taking them to the counter, and leaving them there.
“I’ll wash them later. But, he looked at Joe.  I only encountered one immortal while we lived in Glasgow.  Just one in seven years.” 
There was a bit of surprise in his voice as well as a bit of comfort to have lived there that long without fighting in the immortal game.
Amanda knew he was speaking of his life with Sara, even if he never mentioned her name.
“Amanda.” Joe looked intently at her.
Everyone was  looking at her, waiting for her to reply.   As if she had the answer to the mystery. 
Amanda could feel her heart race.  Why was he putting her on the spot.  Did what was happening internationally have anything to do with the immortal that was after her? She truly didn’t know. 
“I don’t know either, she responded sharply, getting up from the table, taking her plate to the sink and banging it down hard on the counter beside the others.  I was out of the country too Joe, remember. She stared at him. I was living in Turkey with my husband and child.” 
Joe could hear the irritation in her voice, but why, he had no clue.  He watched her walked out of the kitchen into the living room, and take a seat on the sofa.
“What did I do?”  He looked at Methos and MacLeod.
“Nothing Joe, MacLeod answered looking at her sitting silently on the sofa.
Methos looked at MacLeod.  Something was going on with her, they both knew it,  but it had been seven years, and they didn’t want to rush in and push her away by demanding to know what it was. Inside they already knew.  Another immortal was after her.
“Look, she said suddenly, standing up.  I should be going. I’ve got to get ready for my flight tomorrow.  She looked around for her purse seeing it on the sofa, picked it up, and started to walk towards the door.
“It was wonderful seeing you all again.  She took a long lingering look at them. Walking back she hugged Methos, and Joe.  The walked to MacLeod, nervously placing her hands on his shoulders, smoothing his shirt collar ,as she’d instinctively done so many times before.  Realizing what she was doing, she removed her hands.
“Sorry Duncan, just an old habit.”then kissed him softly on the cheek, and walked to the door.
They all looked.  
“I think that’s the first time I’ve ever heard her call you Duncan,” Joe said, looking at Mac in surprise.
“I know,” MacLeod said, staring into the living room, hearing the door closed behind her. 
“It was almost like she was saying goodbye for good,” Methos said, looking at MacLeod. 
Joe jumped to his feet, realizing that what Methos was saying was true.  It definitely did sound like a goodbye.
But MacLeod was steps ahead of them, as they heard the door close behind him.


As MacLeod runs after Amanda, he thinks about the possibility that Amanda may truly lose her life and be gone from him forever.  He had loved many women, but now to love her, an immortal like himself was an awakening he never expected. The thought of losing her, he couldn’t imagine.  She’d always been there.  Her presence in his life flashes before him like a movie. She had put her life on the line many times for those she loved, and faced death in the immortal game, and survived.  He had always denounced her presence as a“Bad penny”, always showing up and trying to be in his life, disrupting all the mortal relationships he ever had with women. He’s spoken hurtful words, words no mortal woman would forgive, yet she always came back like it never happened. He wasn't worthy of her love & loyality, but he desperately wanted it, even knowing he didn't deserve it. She was  the woman he now knew, he loved!

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Queen - Too Much Love Will Kill You (Lyrics)
Queen - Too Much Love Will Kill You with lyrics

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