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Highlander Finale


 “So what are they doing, Joe asked standing behind Methos at the door as they watched MacLeod and Amanda talking.  
 “I don't know Joe, Methos replied.  There still talking.
“Well what are they saying?”  Joe pushed Methos away from the door and looked out himself.
“What do you think happened,” he asked again.
 “I'm not a mind-reader Joe, and I don't read lips either,” Methos replied moving Joe out the way so he could take another look.  Amanda’s walking away now, and MacLeod in heading back here, so I guess we’ll soon find out.”
They both hurried and sat back down on the sofa, pretending to be busy talking, and looked up  when MacLeod entered.
“Amanda gone already, Methos asked.”
MacLeod shook is head.  “As if you didn’t know. He walked over to the stereo, picked out a record and proceeded to put it on the player.  
“Okay, Joe said truthfully.  Yes, we were watching. So, did you tell her?”
He walked over to MacLeod, as Methos just watched from the sofa.  Did you tell her MacLeod. Joe turned Macleod to him. Did you tell Amanda that you love her?”
MacLeod knew he couldn’t hide.   They all could see it, all but Amanda.
“No, he said sadly. She’s been hurt alot, especially by me.  I don’t think she’d believe me anyway.” He turned back to sorting through the stack of records in his hands.
“Well then you’ve got to make her believe .” Joe said.
“And just how do I do that Joe?”  MacLeod looked Joe straight in the eyes.
“I’ve pushed her away for hundreds of years.  How do I make her believe?”
Joe put his hands on MacLeods shoulders, as he shook his head.
“I don’t know Mac, I don’t know.  But I do know that fate has brought her back into your life.  And if you let her get on that flight tomorrow, he shook his head again.  She may truly be gone from your life forever.”
“He’s right little brother, Methos spoke up, joining Joe, and MacLeod.
“Amanda has always loved you.  He smiled at Macleod.   
“You have the opportunity to have what no other immortal  man has ever had, or thought he wanted, an immortal love to be with forever.” He walked closer, placing his hand on MacLeods shoulder, as he smiled.  You have a chance to have a family, to help raise a son, and teach him the ways of the Highlander. It seems we immortals think we needed to find love, and happiness with mortals, Methos continued.  That somehow mortal love would make us forget who we are, that we are immortals. There’s nothing wrong with being an immortal MacLeod, and we don’t need mortal love to try and prove differently. He smiled. Something I’ve recently learned .   Love is love MacLeod, however it happens, and with who. Just accept it and be happy.”
MacLeod listened, but was silent.  Methos had come a long way since the past, and being with the “Four Horsemen.  He had sought mortal love too, and knew the hurt of losing it over and over again. 
“Don’t lose her Macleod, that would be a real tragedy, Joe said looking intently at MacLeod.  That would be the biggest mistake of your life.”
As Methos, and Joe stand looking at MacLeod, he knows they are right. And somehow he couldn’t let that happen.  Hugging them both he walked them to the door, said goodnight. Stretching out on the sofa he glanced at the clock on the wall.  It was almost midnight. In eighteen hours Amanda would be on a flight heading for New York. There was no guarantee that she would come back to Paris, and he had to think of some way to stop her.   She had once said “All a woman wants is a little romance.” Smiling to himself, he knew there was only one way to show her how much he truly loved her, and that’s exactly what he was going to do!
    As Amanda exited the taxi, and walked inside the airport, she felt guilty not saying a personal goodbye to Joe and Methos.  She’d left a letter that was to be delivered to each of them, but she knew in her heart, that wasn’t the right thing to do, but she couldn’t take a chance of seeing MacLeod again, he might be with them.  She walked swiftly to the counter and confirmed her flight, then sat down replaying her and MacLeods conversation last night. Angus was so different. Soft spoken, quiet. They hardly ever fought. He made her feel safe and secure, like she’d always wanted to feel.  But there was no excitement even when they were together in each others arms. While all she and MacLeod ever did during their relationship, if that’s what she could call it, was fight. He was so hard head, always right, and always telling her what to do. He made her laugh, cry, and yet still, he awakened a passion in her like no other man, mortal, or immortal ever did.  There was no reason for this thinking about MacLeod, she said softly under her breath, looking up to seeing two lovers kissing nearby. She’d been with other men before, mortal and immortal, but with MacLeod it was different. Yet MacLeod always fill her heart and mind still after hundreds of years. Andre asked her once, while on Macleods barge, if she was in love with MacLeod, and she just pushed the thought from her mind, never really answering his question.  Macleod was fascinated with mortal women, her immortal love would never be what he desired. She was just someone to be with when he was lonely. She brushed a tear from her eye. And that’s the way it would probably always be.  
She looked up.  There was MaLeod standing there in front of her.
“What are you doing here Macleod, she said quickly brushing the tears away from her eyes, and standing up. 
“I couldn’t let you leave without telling you something.”
Amanda looked at him, as her hand brushed her eyebrow, as she always did when she was nervous.  I know I didn’t say goodbye MacLeod, but we never do.” She looked surprised as MacLeod reached and took her hand in his, then got down on one knee.”
“MacLeod what are you doing, she looked around to all the eyes that were now watching them.  Everyone’s looking MacLeod."  She tried to ease her hand from his, but his grip was firm.
“I love you Amanda, I know that now, and I want you to be my wife,” he said softly as he reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a small box, opening it revealing a beautiful ring.
Amanda felt her knees shaking, as she looked at it.
“MacLeod, you don’t  love me, she said, her voice shaking.  I’m not mortal love. You’ve always wanted mortal love.”  The tears were streaming down her cheeks. Every eye was on them, waiting to see if she was going to say yes.
“I do love you Amanda, he said again, and whatever’s got you afraid, we’ll fight it together.  He pulled her close, touching her face in a way that was his only.  If I have to live forever, or for whatever time we have left, I want it to be with you, and your son.  I want to be a husband to you Amanda, a father to your son, teach him the way of the highlander. We have a chance to have what most immortals never do, he kissed her lips gently.   A family." 
Amanda couldn’t believe what her ears were hearing. Her mind was racing.
“Do you really, she asked.  Do you really love me?”
“I do, he said happily, looking into her eyes.  "You make my heart glad"
"But do you love me Amanda," he asked, pulling her even closer, looking deep into her eyes.
She couldn’t get the words out, all she could mumble was “I….”
But MacLeod already knew the answer to that question as he smiled, and slipped the ring on her finger. 
 “You always have,"he said kissing her lips .
“Always, she said with truth.......... always!"   

The End ... and a new beginning !

As Duncan and Amanda confess their love for each other among a crowd of onlookers, they feel a familiar presence, another immortal, But they know for the moment they are safe in the crowd, at least for now.  A time to fight would come, but now, it was a time for love!

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