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         Methos finally handed the photo back to Amanda, after studying it.
“Well it seems you finally got your wish, after a thousand years.  Motherhood becomes you Amanda.” He smiled, giving her hand a squeeze.
Amanda could feel herself smiling with joy.
“Just so sorry to hear about Angus, your husband.  He looked up into her eyes. They suddenly looked dark. Her smile had faded
“Thanks, he was a good man.” She wiped the tears away.
“Remember I said you’d meet someone one day.”  
Methos gave her a nod.  I see I was right.”
Amanda smiled again.
“Yes, you were, this time.”  She said , I guess this makes up for all the times you were wrong.”
Methos glanced strangely at her
“And what times were those, pray tell?”
Amanda chuckled softly.  
“ I’ll never tell.”
“But maybe I will, Joe said laughing.  Then they all started to laugh.
“Have you told her about MacLeod yet,” Methos said looking at Joe.
Amanda’s eyes looked in Joe's direction.
“No, I haven’t yet.”  Joe lowered his eyes away from them both, and was silent for a long time.
Amanda knew Duncan had went away after Tessa’s death, and the reality of the fact that he had been tricked into killing Richie his friend.  His heart was torn and broken, almost to the point of no return. The two people he loved the most, and trusted were gone, That’s when he went home to Scotland, and had been there the past several years.  But, that was all she knew, since they both went their own seperate ways, after that terrible night he asked her to get out his life, and said he never wanted to see her again.    
She remembered crying,and crying so hard.  He said she was just a thief, looking for her next opportunity.  She left Paris that next morning for Turkey, where her friend Larosa, a thief like herself had a place, and said she could stay until she got herself together.  It was where she met Angus, and all the hurt of Duncan’s words were finally forgotten, and washed away by Angus’s love.
“What about MacLeod, she said softly, her eyes looking at Joe.  She knew she still cared about him as an immortal, it was a bond they shared, and always would, even if he didn’t care  about her.
"He's here in Paris too, Joe said finally.  He arrived last night."

Amanda's feelings surprise even her.  She thought MacLeod was gone from her memories, now she knows he 's still alive and living in her heart, but also so is the hurt she thought was gone.  This songs speaks her feelings well!

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about hurting

   The Return Of MacLeod

Joe wasn't sure how to tell McLeod that Amanda was back in town but he knew where he might find him, since he wasn’t at his barge.  And he was right. There he stood in front of the apartment building where he and Tessa had lived all those years in downtown Paris.  Things were going good for them in Paris before Connor MacLeod came and found him and asked him to get back into the game. tThey were running a little antique shop called McLeod and Noel Antiques and it was a happier time .
“What are you doing here Joe, McCloud turn and look at his friend, as he waited for his answer.
“ I just figured you'd be here.   Joe said, standing next to MacLeod.  Both their eyes were fixed on the sign still hanging over the door that led to the antique shop  below the apartment where he and Tessa had lived. He could see the sadness on Mac’s face, as he remembered happier days when he and Tessa lived upstairs above the shop.  Him coming down for breakfast as she worked on her sculpture. They were happy then, at least for a little while until Connor came and reality set in. Joe saw Mac’s eyes look up at the sign, then away. The sign still read MacLeod & Noel Antiques”
 “Do you think this is really good, coming back here, I mean, he asked looking at MacLeod.   It only brings up sad memories.”
“No, MacLeod said turning, facing Joe.   It just makes me realize that being an immortal affects everyone that comes into our lives.  And that mortals experience death only once. Immortals experience it many times and must live on and live the hurt of losing those they love over, and over again.  It never stops.”
Joe reached over patted,his shoulder but didn’t say anything.  What could he say. He’s once lost the woman he loved, and the hurt was almost unbearable. But to have to live and lose loved ones over, and over, again, as immortals did down through the centuries and still live   He couldn’t fathom the deepness of that at all.
“I’ve decided to open the antique shop again.  I think Tessa would like me to.”
Joe looked at Mac slightly surprised.
“Do you think Sara would mind being there, I mean after all, it was where you and Tessa lived.  Some women might object to that?”
Joe knew about Sara. Metos had kept him informed about his meeting her on his flight home to Scotland, but he had made it a point not to mention it to Amanda the night before.   He knew she was a jewelry designer living in Glasgow, and that Mac had taken to her. They had been together for some time now. 
Mac lowered his head, then looked up at Joe again.
“Sara’s gone Joe, he said with a voice of regret.  I told her the truth about my immortality. She couldn’t take the fact that someone would always be coming after my head, to take it.  He paced around at bit. But mostly she did'nt  want me to see her grow old, and I stay young forever.”
Joe was at a loss for words, knowing it would always be that way with an immortal loving a mortal.
“So,I’m going back into the antique business. Joe noticed the change in his voice. I think it will be good for me. He smiled up at Joe.  It’ll take some hard work to get the shop up and running again. I’ll need to hire a maintenance crew to clean out the place, I’ll do most ot the buying myself, and maybe get an assistance to help.  But with a little help from my friends, he winked at Joe, I can do it.”
Joe smiled, “Yes, I think it’s a good idea, he said thoughtfully.  Clean the place up, and get an assistant. That’s exactly what you need, an assistant.”
MacLeod looked at Joe perplexed, then pushed his words out of his mind, as he looked at the front of his antique shop, and thought about the future.

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I don’t think that’s a good idea.  Methos said to Joe with a sigh. You know how Amanda can be if she finds out you’re arranging a meeting for her with MacLeod."  Joe looked at Methos. He knew he was right. She hadn’t mumbled a word after hearing that Mac was back in Paris, and living on his barge.  Then a phone call pulled her away. She said her flight had been switched and she wouldn’t be leaving until Sunday. Joe felt in his heart that it was the hand of fate.  That meant she would be around for two more days. It was the opportunity he needed to put a plan in place. The chance to get them together again. Before she left for New York.  How would she react when she discovered that his story about needing her expertise for a friend of his, who was opening an antique shop was a lie? Amanda with a little prodding, finally agreed to go with him to his friends shop today and give what advice she could.  Joe agreed to pick her up from her hotel, at three, and together they would go to the shop where his friend would be waiting. Methos finished draining the pot of spaghetti, and motioned Joe to the table where the spaghetti, bread, and sauce were waiting. 
I still say it’s a bad idea, he repeated as they sat down at the table for lunch.  If you recall, they didn’t part the best of friends.” He shot a glance is Joe’s direction.”
Joe knew he was right, but still he was going to do it. He had to try.  Amanda had changed. He and Methos saw it, and he hoped Mac would see the change in her too, once he looked at the picture of her as a mother, and wife to Angus, and they talked, really talked.  He could only hope. He looked up at the clock on the wall. In three hours he’d know how their meeting would go
It’s not really a lie, he said, as he dipped his bread in the sauce on the table.  Mac is a friend, and he is opening an antique shop, and he needs assistance from someone who knows the business.  And Amanda knows the antique business.”
Joe hands shot up high in the air.  “How could it be more perfect than that.”
Okay, Methos shook his head.  Just don’t say I didn’t warn you,”  as they started to eat. He and Joe met for lunch once a week when he was not on watcher duty, that pulled him out of the city.   The watcher database was filled with activity lately. Something was going on, what he wasn’t sure, but there definitely was something that was causing lots of excitement world over, and he wanted to talk to Joe about it.
 Joe is very concerned about the meeting he’s set up between Mac and Amanda. Seven years ago, shortly after Tessa’s, death and Richie getting shot, and then discovering he was an immortal, Tempers flared, especially from MacLeod towards Amanda interference in his life whenever he loved a woman.  And he lost it. Blaming Amanda for all the trouble in is life, that always seemed to occur whenever she came on the scene. He told her he never wanted to see her again. And now, he was about to!  Joe knows that Amanda in her heart would do anything for MacLeod.  he's always been the reason she kept hope in her heart about life & Love!
This song says it well about Him being her reason to fight for survival!
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More To Come!!

                  The Encounter!

Amanda felt a bit honored that Joe thought of her for this project.  She didn’t mind doing it at all. She smiled to herself. Well, she definitely did know antiques, she’d stolen enough of them down through the years ,when she was a jewel thief.  She grabbed her jacket from the bed. Jeans, and a silk blouse were good enough she said out loud, as she threw her suede jacket over her shoulders, stepped into her flats, gave her shoulder length hair a quick brush with her fingers, and headed for the door. 
     There was a time she would never have left her apartment without being dressed in the latest and most expensive fashions money could buy. But Angus and Caleb had changed all that. She no longer thought only of herself. There was Caleb to think of now, and his needs.  He was five, and soon would be starting pre-school, and he missed his dad so much. The nightmares, the crying, and not understanding why his father had been taken away from him, and what he saw the day she was quicken the night she took the head of the immortal who took his father's life.      Tears filled her eyes, that she brushed away quickly.  How was she supposed to explain that to him. He was just a little boy. She wanted him to know Joe and Methos, especially Joe. Methos was an immortal like herself, as was MacLeod. There was no guarantee that they would all survive what was coming. Joe, was the best chance for Caleb to live a normal life, and grow up. 
      She smiled as she exited the elevator and walked to the entrance where he and Methos were waiting.  She could not let them see the fear that was slowly trying to over take her. She had to put up a pretence until the time was right to tell them about the trouble that was coming. And trouble was coming, there was no doubt about that.
“Joe, Methos. On time as usual.  she said, smiling happily, then giving them each a kiss on the cheek. Well, ’lets go and see this friend of yours, who needs my help.” 
She didn’t see Methos look at Joe, and shake his head, as they both followed behind her’
“Yes Joe, Methos said, sarcastically.  Let’s go meet this friend of yours who needs Amanda’s help.”
Joe shot a sharp look in Methos’s direction, then grabbed the keys from his hands and rushed out the door.


As Amanda sits in the car, and it makes its way through the streets of Paris, her thoughts  go back to the last night she, and Angus were together. It was a stormy night, the lightning was flashing, as she waited for Angus to come home, not knowing the fate that awaited him, or the immortal that was outside their castle to continue the game.  Angus, should not have tried to interfere once the fight started. An immortal would have known better. But he wasn’t an immortal. He was trying to protect her, and it cost him his life. It was all coming back to her now, just like the song says.

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       Amanda sat quietly as Methos move the car quickly through the Paris streets to a small little business section of shops where antiques were sold.   It was all very familiar to her. It was once where Duncan and Tessa Noel had their antique shop, and lived together in the apartment upstairs. She hadn't been there in years, in fact in several years.   As the car came to a stop, she looked at the building, then over at Methos and Joe, but said nothing as she got out and walked across the street feeling Joe and Methos close behind her. The sign over the shop was gone.  She could hear sawing, and other sounds of renovations going on inside. Turning slowly with her arms folded, she looked both of them in the eye.  
“Who is your friend Joe,” she asked.  But Joe didn’t answer, just took her hand and gently pulled her with him inside the door, as Methos followed. 
A figure was bent over a table sawing on something that she couldn’t see clearly.  He had protective goggles over his eyes to protect them as he worked diligently on the piece of wood before him.
“Be carefully, he yell back to them, without turning.  Feeling an familiar presence.  We’re in the process of fixing the place up a bit. Won’t be open for a couple of weeks.”
He stopped his work, slowly removing his protective goggles, and started to turn in their direction. But Amanda already knew who it was.  .......... MacLeod.
The silence was deafening as their eyes looked at each other. 
“Amanda.  What are you doing here?” he said breaking the silence, as he started to walk towards her.
Strangely, she wanted to run into his arms.  Confess all that was troubling her, and then ask for his help.  It was what they all expected of her, what she’d always done in the past whenever she came back into their lives, and it was what MacLeod always expected of her too.
She looked at Joe, and Methos, realizing what was happening.  It had all been arranged by Joe to get them to meet. She shook her head, then started to walk in MacLeods direction.
“MacLeod, she said forcing a smile from her now dry lips, as she stood a few feet from him.  Joe said he had a friend who needed some help on buying antiques for his new antique shop he was opening. She shrugged her shoulders .  So he asked me, and here I am. She put forth her hand to shake MacLeods hand. She wasn’t sure of what to expect as he walked even closer until they were only inches apart.
“It’s nice to see you Amanda, he said, pushing her open hand away, as he pulled her into his arms, then kissed her warmly on the forehead.  I’ve missed you.”
Amanda wasn’t sure how to respond to it all.  Their last meeting, and his hurtful words had left a deep mark in her heart. 
He pulled away gently, and stood looking at her, then smiled as he reached over and gently touched her long brown hair.
“I like the hair, blonde was never your color.”
Amanda smiled cautiously, as she moved from his arms.  He hadn’t changed much in seven years. Still handsome, still desirable, and still pulling at the strings of her heart.
“What happened?” she asked pointing to his now short hair where a ponytail use to be.
“Needed a change, he said smiling at her, just needed a change.
He looked over at Joe and Methos.  “Would offer you all some refreshments, but as you can see there’s a lot going on here.  I’m opening in two weeks.
Methos walked over and they hugged.  Missed you little brother, he said sincerely.  Paris is not the same without you.”
MacLeod smiled.  “It’s good to be home.”
Joe walked over hugging MacLeod,then pulled Amanda into the circle.  
“All my family, back together again.” He smiled.  Just the way it should be.
Amanda could feel MacLeods eyes looking at her,and when she looked up she was right.  He was staring at her, and he was smiling. 
“And, Joe looked over at Amanda.  When families have good news they share it. Right Amanda?”  He looked at Amanda.
Amanda loosed her purse from her shoulder and opened it, taking out the photo inside.  Slowly she handed it to Macleod, who took it.
“This is my family for the past seven years.  “
MacLeod held the picture in his hand as he walked over to a chair, brushed the construction dust from the seat, and sat down.
Amanda followed him, and stood beside him .
“This is, or was, she said sadly.  My husband Angus, and his son Caleb. We were living in Istanbul .  Angus was a banker, while I accepted a position with the Istanbul museum as a security consultant, and buyer because of my background in antiquities.  ”
MacLeod looked up skeptically at Amanda
“Yes, she looked back at MacLeod.   I know what you are thinking. A former jewel thief working security.  A real turn of tables, right.”
Macleod lowered his eyes away from her., knowing that, it was exactly what crossed his mind.
 He died three years ago, leaving Caleb in my care, she continued.
Caleb’s back in London where we now live with his nanny Elisa, while I’m on my way to New York on a buying trip on Sunday..  Just took a little detour here to see Joe.” She looked over at Joe. But now, its turned out to be a family reunion for all of us.”
MacLeod was still quiet.  Still holding the picture.
“Why don’t you all come by the barge tonight for dinner. MacLeod said, handing the picture back to Amanda.  Haven’t cooked in awhile. He smiled up at Amanda. You did good Amanda.”
He got up and picked up his goggles, and started back towards the wood he was sawing.
“About 8.”  Then went back to working on the wood.

As MacLeod watches them all walk away, without them seeing, he takes a long look at Amanda as she walks away. She was more beautiful then he’d ever remembered. Being a wife and mother was always her dream, and he realized how much he’d missed her presence in his life, and his memories of their times together!
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