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Highlander. Amanda and Duncan
Intro To Story

Always & Forever

The Story Of Duncan MacLeod & Amanda!

“For centuries they’ve waited for the time of the Gathering, when the stroke of a sword and a fall of a head would release the power of the Quickening. Knowing that In the end, there, would be only, one.”

     Amanda looked out over the Seine River. It had been seven years since she’d come home to Paris. Well, it was the only place that felt like home to her. It held her memories, especially the ones that meant the most to her. She smiled a sad smile, as she thought about Rebecca her teacher. She was gone for many years now, killed by Luther a jealous slave. He’d taken her head, but MacLeod took his in revenge for her.   Somehow she felt no comfort in that truth, she wanted to be the one to take Luther's head, and if she had died, well it would have been worth it to not have MacLeod do it for her. She had tried to push MacLeod out of her mind, but their last meeting after Tessa died, and the words he said were imprinted in her memory. She felt the sadness sweep over her.  MacLeod was right, all these years, she’d been a real pain in the butt. Just like the bad penny he said she was. Always showing up at the wrong time, and needing his help in some way, and then he’d end up fighting her battles for her, and trying not to lose his head in the process. Yes, everything he said to her that gloomy night before he left for Scotland, was right on the money. She was nothing but trouble, and if he ever loved anyone, it could never be her. He wanted her out of his life.  Sniffling back the tears, she looked out over the waters. Although his words were hurtful, they were the words that changed her life, and made her move on and be better.
    “Ma’dam, we’ll be arriving at the hotel in twenty minutes.”
Amanda smiled into the face of the porter, as she nodded , then fixed her eyes on the glistening waters again. The river looked so calm, peaceful. She thought about seeing Joe Dawson again. It had been seven years, yet he sounded really happy that she called and said she’d be stopping by on her way to America on a buying trip for the museum. 
   Joe Dawson was special, and always made her feel good inside.  He never judged her.  She smiled as she thought about seeing him again. He wondered what the surprise was she wanted to show him. She wished Angus was alive to be with her, as her husband, but he’d given his life to save hers, and she promised to take care of Caleb, his son. And that was a promise she intended to keep!
          MacLeod had once said, “You’re not the mother type.” after Kenny turned out so wrong, and tried to take his head due to her false faith in Kenny. Having Kenny around was the closest thing she had to having a family. She was blinded by her want to be a mother, something no highlander woman would ever experience. But it was a truth that had to be realized, and accepted. She remembered feeling the life in Ann’s stomach that time she came to see MacLeod. The movement. It was so strange, and desirable to her, but she knew it would never happen. She was an immortal. She lived over a thousand years, and one day someone would come who was faster, more experience, and stronger, who would take her head too. That too was a reality she had to accept. She had gotten used to her existence. But that was different when she had no one. If she died, well that was a part of an immortal’s life, a fact they all knew could happen one day. But now there was Caleb to consider and she wanted to be there for Caleb. But what she saw that night from her bedroom window before they left England, brought a fear she’d never felt before. The reality and the truth of her soon coming death. He was a giant of a man, dressed in a fine stylish suit, but he reminded her of the gladiators she saw in Rome, those who killed their opponents with the swipe of their blade. His face looked hard, tough, like iron, as he smiled up at her. He was letting her know he was there for her, and ready for battle, as he pointed his sword directly at her window. There would be no escape, it was just a matter of time, and time for her, she knew, was slowly running out.

As Amanda looks out over the water, she reflects over her life, and the many mistakes she has made.  She thinks about so many things, Rebecca was gone, and so was MacLeod.  Angus had loved her and now he too was gone. there were so many dangers of being an immortal.  She wished in many ways Rebecca had never found her all those thousand of  years ago.  It might have been better if she had really died, and never awaken to find herself an immortal.  But there was another who really needed her, Caleb, Angus's son, and for him she had to be better.  He trusted her to protect him, and loved her beyond words.  He had faith in her, like no one ever had before, and  for him  She had to try!
This song says her heart thoughts about everything she's feeling about her life.

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George Michael One More Try lyrics-
Murad -----from jordan--- with love

 Home & Joe!

       Joe Dawson in many ways was like a father figure to her. He never judged her, it was natural for him to still be in Paris, running a nightclub, and heading up the watchers, while singing the blues, and playing his guitar in his spare time, while waiting for his prodigal daughter to come home. Yes, if she'd ever had to pick a father figure, Joe would be it.
Taking one last look at herself in the mirror she smiled. It wasn't a smile of conceit, just a genuine smile at what she had accomplished since she left Paris seven years ago. To have made it this far, and still be alive, and a mother, was a miracle in itself. For that she was grateful. She had read somewhere that having a child wasn't what made a woman a mother, no, it was loving and caring for a child thats what really mattered.  She loved Caleb and she was a good mother. Angus coming into her life had changed everything.
   She took a deep breath and then brushed her long brown hair one more time , then slid her long black column dress down over her hips. Her hair was hanging loosely on her shoulders. She was back to being a brunette, the last time she saw Joe she was a blond, would he like it this way, she questioned, as she grabbed her jacket and headed for the door. Suddenly she stopped and rushed back to the bedroom, she had left the picture of her, Angus, and Caleb on the bed. She rushed quickly, picked the picture up and stuff it inside her purse. Caleb was back in London where he was safe, she couldn't take the chance that something might happen to him by being with her, and putting his life in danger. She hadn't felt the presence of her enemy since she left London, but she knew he would be coming, it was just a matter of time.
         The night was cool as she walked from the cab to Joe's place . The outside was the same. Once inside, nothing had changed, people were still laughing, eating,and enjoying themselves just as before. There was a band playing, and waiters moving busily through the restaurant carrying trays of food. It was good to be home.

*  Amanda is feeling nostalgic as she stands outside of Joe's Place .  They had kept in contact through letters, but she missed Paris and Joe, and everyone so much.  She'd traveled all over the world, yet now with Angus gone, home was where she wanted to be, and Paris was home!  This song shares some of her feelings about her world!  Click to play and then continue reading the story below!

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"Welcome home," a voice spoke up from behind. She didn't have to ask who it was, she knew it was Joe. She turned smiling happily.

"Wasn't sure you'd recognize me, she brushed her hair back behind her shoulders, a blast from the past., an old me.."
“Joe,” she said happily, wrapping her arms around him warmly as she kissed him on the cheek, and then brushed the smudge of the kiss away, with her hand.
"How could I ever forget that fbeautiful face, you're unforgettable."
Amanda shrugged her shoulders, as she lowered her gaze away from him.  Fashes of her past came flooding back to her.  Yes, she was unforgettable alright.  Probably the one person in all their past they wanted to forget. 
Joe touched her face gently as if he'd read her thoughts. then he smiled, and pulled her close again, holding her tightly. as he whispered  in her ear.
" I meant that in a good way, Amanda.  A good way."
Amanda nestled her head close to his, as the tears softly fell from her eyes. knowing that he truly meant it,  he really did!

The Reunion!

“So, what's kept you away all these years?”  Joe looked questionally at Amanda, as they sat drinking coffee.
“Just traveling.  She stood up and slowly  began to walk around nervously.  Rome, Istanbul, Greece , and a few other places.  But mostly just busy being a mother, She stop walking, and just stood silently, waiting for her words to sink in.
“What?” he jumped up from his seat, his voice echoing across the room, drawing all eyes in their direction.
He composed himself quickly, then pulled her back down into her seat at the table.
“Unless I’m mistaken, he whispered softly, immortals can’t have children.”
He was looking directly into her eyes now, waiting for her to explain this new phenomena in a immortals life.  He had been a watcher all these years and the Immortal database had no record of them ever bearing children.
With trembling fingers, she opened her purse, pulling the picture out, laying it on the table in front of Joe.  Then sat silent again, watching him, as he studied it closely. 
“His name was Angus, she said, breaking the silence between them.  We met in Turkey while I was on a buying trip for the museum three years ago.”
Joe nodded, but was caught up in the images in the photo he was holding.. 
“You look happy.” He said, smiling up at her.  He wasn’t an immortal was he?”  
Amanda felt tears sting her eyes as she shook her head.
“No, he wasn’t.”
Joe squeezed her hand affectionately.
“And the boy was his son.”  
“”Yes.  His name is Caleb.”
Joe was silent for a long moment.  Then he looked across the table at her, seeing the tears rolling down her cheeks, and  brushed them away gently.
“Tell me what happened Amanda, tell me what happened to Angus.”
“It’s what always happens.  Amanda could feel the anger and the hurt, all at the same time welling up inside her, and now bursting like a dam. They died Joe ….. they die!”

* As Joe watches Amanda's tears falling, as she  thinks about the only man she believes truly ever loved her, he knows that MacLeod is a big part of her sadness.   For hundreds of years, she had put her hopes in Mac, and that hurt was still, after all  this time as fresh as if  it had happened yesterday.   She thought she'd have Angus beside her., he accepted her, loved her.  That was what she'd always wanted, and all at once it was hers.   Angus was there beside her, loving her.  And now he was gone.  All she had left now were memories, and his heart  goes out to her.  This song says a lot of what  he knows, she's feeling!

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         Suddenly Joe saw that look on her face,  It was a familiar look he’d seen so many times before, and knew it meant one thing, an  immortal was nearby. Amanda’s eyes got bigger, and he saw in them something he’s never seen before.  Fear.  She always went forward to meet her opponents, and it was often a cause of friction between her and MacLeod.  She’d been around a thousand or more years, but Maczleod was the better fighter.  She start to get up from the table, but he grabbed her hand.
 "Relax “Amanda, relax, it's just a friend.”
He pointed behind her, and when she turned.  Her eyes began to filled with tears.  But these were tears of happiness, at seeing the face of the man standing theere.  It was  Methos.    With shaking hands she wiped away the tears from her eyes as she rushed into his arms. 
“Hey, he said pulling back, searching her eyes for a truth he knew was there.  A truth she hadn’t yet revealed. He could feel her body trembling.
“Joe said this was going to be a happy reunion. He pulled her back to him, kissing her lightly on her lips, which she returned, and as usual wiping the smudge from his lips.
“Wouldn’t want people to get the wrong idea,” she said, smiling.
“Why not, Methos said jokingly. Amanda gave him a playful push to his shoulder as they both sat down at the table with Joe.
“I’ve missed that, he said smiling at her, I’ve missed you.  Good to see you Amanda.”
“You too,”she said truthfully.
He looked intently at her.
Amanda touched her hair, then straightened her dress.”
“What?”  She gave a nervous smile.
Methos  chuckled.  Nothing, I like it, I like everything.  Especially the hair.”
“Joe shook his head.  “Well, now that we have that all settled, Amanda has some news for you.”  He winked at Amanda.
Methos looked at Amanda in expectation.
Amanda once again took the picture from her purse and laid it on the table.
by Methos.  
“I’m a mother.”
Methos  straightened  up in his seat, his eyes and mouth wide open.
“If you could see the look on your face  now Methos, Joe said , laughing, if you could only see.”

Insight :
As Amanda sits  there and watches Methos and Joe talking, she thinks about Methos, and his presence in her life.  It wasn't always a pleasant presence, but he was there when she needed him.  Their friendship had grown over the years, even though they both at times fought against it.  Those were happy memories for her now, even though they both came close to losing their heads many times.  They fought like cats and dogs too, but he was truly like a brother, and sisters and brothers always fought. Yes, he was family now, and she knew like Joe, he'd always be there for her no matter what.  She could truly look back and say, those were some of the sweetest day she could remember!
This song say it well about her feeling for Methos, and their friendship!
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The Sweetest Days with lyrics - Vanessa Williams
Requested by Che..

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