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Finale "Only In His Arms"  
Lights, Camera,
 Action !!!!
Neeley was happy that the director was pleased with her work that Monday morning.  And it wasn't to bad living with Chance and Ben.  Ben was a really good kid and she could tell that Chance had instructed him to stay out of her way, especially when she was rehearsing her lines.  She walked up the steps to the apartment building humming to herself.  Life was starting to fall in place for her.  She smiled to the doorman and went inside.  Punched the button for the elevator and stepped inside.  Chance still hadn't told her what she did during her dream that Sunday morning.  But all during breakfast he just kept smiling at her.  Maybe they had made love, but why didn't she remember it.  That's something a woman definitely would remember.  She stepped off the elevator and pulled the key from her purse and opened the door.  She was really starting to like his place.  it made her feel like a success.  But she knew eventually she would have to find her own place and move.  It was quiet inside with Ben at the youth camp that Chance had enrolled him in for the summer.  She would have the apartment to herself  for the next three hours.  Chance got home around 6PM, and would have Ben with him.  She dropped her purse with the script in her room and walked to the kitchen and fixed herself a sandwich and a glass of orange juice, then collapsed in the chair to relax.  Chance filled her mind.  She couldn't deny that she still had feelings for him, and maybe he had some for her too.  It was then that she saw the papers on the coffee table beside the telephone in the living room.  Why hadn't she seen them when she first walked in. 
"Just to tired, she mumbled softly to tired." Her cell rang and she flipped it open.
"Hello Neeley."  It was Dorrie's voice on the other end.
"Oh  Dorrie!, How's Tennessee," she asked as she walked from the kitchen
 to the living room.   She picked the papers  up.  Probably something Chance had left behind for a case he was working on.  She would call him after talking with Dorrie, in case  they were really important.  She glanced at them.  Her jaw dropped and she let out a scream.
"What's wrong, Dorrie asked excited...Neeley what's wrong?"
Neeley couldn't answer.  Then tears filled her eyes and ran down onto her cheeks.  The word she thought she wanted to hear a year ago.........DIVORCE.  That word was now a reality.  She was holding the papers in her hands.   Her and Chance's divorce papers.  The ones she had asked him to get moving on only last week.  She walked dazed to the sofa and sat down.  She didn't want a divorce...not now, maybe never !
                                                                          The End
Neely has finally gotten her dream.  Chance.  And as they share the honeymoon night they missed a year ago.  Neeley knows she has a " One In A Million " guy !  This song speaks her heart.  After all they have gone through...being separated, love still found a way to bring them back together !
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S Club 7 - Two In A Million Lyrics
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