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"Looking For Mr. Right"
A Night To Remember

Ebony's eyes lingered on Harry Wong when he arrived at her door to escort her to dinner.
He was so handsome dress in a black tux, blue silk shirt and black tie.  She knew enough about style and prices to know  he was wearing a small fortune in his attire.   But he could definitely afford it.   She looked nice, but no way was her  dress expensive. Her dress cost only forty dollars, she was wearing Tiffany's shoes, and her mothers old blue sapphire necklace.  She was so out of her league compared to him.   She smiled as they walked out together to the limo that was waiting by the curb.
She was a bit stunned when she felt his hand reach over and take hers.  Her heart skipped a beat.  he definitely did arouse feelings in her.  But perhaps she couldn't go by feelings.  She also felt something from the stranger who's letter she read.   He made her want to meet him...get to know him, he sounded like a really nice man.   And he expected to meet with her for dinner tonight at Barney's.  But what she was feeling for Harry Wong at this precise moment were feelings of a woman who wanted to be more than just friends.
"Is something wrong...have you changed your mind about having dinner with me tonight?"  He reached over and took her hand in his.
"No, no...I was just thinking, that's all, she said softly."
She knew she had to be honest and tell about the stranger and the letter he wrote her, and how he expected her to meet him at Barney's tonight.
When she finally finished telling him all the details, and how she just couldn't disappoint him by not showing up.
He looked at her silently, then smiled.
"If we can just stop long enough for me to go in and take a few minutes to explain to him why I can't stay because I have a dinner engagement for the evening. And that hopefully we can meet at a later time."
She looked into his eyes again.  I just can't leave him sitting there Harry....I just can't."
"You are a very caring and compassionate woman Ebony, he said leaning forward and kissing her on the cheek. You go and do what you must...I'll wait here." 
Ebony was aware that he stayed close after the kiss, and continued to hold her hand until they arrived at Barney's restaurant. 
"I won't be long, she assured him.  Just long enough to explain about tonight."
 He smiled again as she rushed out the waiting door the driver was holding open for her.
She hoped she wouldn't fall in Tiffany's shoes as she help up her dress and ran quickly up the steps.
Slightly out of breath she approached the Matradee .  She looked around but there were so many in the restaurant.  She know should have to ask if she was ever going to find him.
"Excuse me. I'm looking for someone."
The man smiled.
"What's his name?"
Ebony felt foolish.  "I'm sorry but I don't know it.  But he's wearing a black suit and he has a red rose on his table.  I think he tall, but I'm not sure."
The man looked around then smiled,....yes, he's just arrived.  Said he was waiting for someone special.  He turned and gave Ebony a quick glance.   You're that alright." then walked  to the middle of the restaurant.  He stopped at a table that had a red rose.  The man's back was to her.
As she stood there looking at the back of the stranger she rehearsed over in her mind what she was going to say . She took a deep breath.
"Excuse me, she said softly, but I think I'm the woman you've been waiting for."
The stranger pushed his chair away from the table, then turned and looked at Ebony.
"Yes you are."
Ebony's eyes filled with tears, as she looked into the face of Harry Wong.
"You wrote the was you."
He nodded and  smiled broadly.
"Oh Harry," she whispered as he pulled her into his arms and their lips met. 
 Harry Wong had not only turned out to be her mysterious stranger, but her "MR. Right" as well !"

                                                    The Beginning !

Ebony never expected love in the way it came...fate had saved the best for last!

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