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The Spa !
Emily had to admit that it really felt good to be pampered.  Tiffany was right, every woman should have this experience at least once in their life. She closed her eyes lost in the beautiful relaxing music as she felt the  the gentle feet moving slowly over her back.  She had seen this done on television and oftened wondered if  it was painful...but it wasn't.  It was a shame that none of her girlfriennds could share this with her, but then they were use to spa treatments.  Tiffany had one once a week and Sassy and Albany always accompanied her.  Her work and studying always hindered her from going with them. It was really sweet of Tiffany to let her take her place, the one Saturday she had off  while she  attended a function in Evanston for a co-worker who was retiring..  Between the facials, manicure, petticure, and mud bath, she felt wonderful as she walked out of the "Silk To The Touch Spa".  It definitely lived up to its name. She had always had soft skin, but now both her face and her body felt like silk. 
As  she left the spa heading home she remembered what Tiffany had said to her that morning on the telephone.
"You were right Emily, and we were wrong.  Loves not based on the color of  a persons skin ...but on the heart."
She smiled.  God had blessed her with three really good friends,  Friends who truly wanted to see her happy.  She loved them all so much, and she was sure once Clete got to know them, he would love them too.  They were all going to be there on Tuesday to meet him.
As she drove into her parents driveway she remembered Clete asking her what the test was the girls were planning for him.  She wondered too.  Should of asked Tiffany, she thought as she turned her key in the door.  But no matter what it was, he had passed the most important test already, the one that was in her  heart !
Want to share in Emily's spa the link below and be swept away like she was by the relaxing music...... Enjoy your spa experience !
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Relaxing Spa Music - Simple Pleasures
Relaxing Spa Music - Simple PleasuresRelax, indulge, daydream...Indulge your senses with soothing piano melodies...
   Under Fire / Delayed !
The sound of sirens blasting woke everyone up.  Clete quickly stepped into his pants and  grabbed his medical bag and followed the rest of his unit out the door.  The first blast was quick and they all ran for cover.  He could see Rese in front of him, along with other officers in the medical unit.  As he hit the ground he knew they were under attack .  There was dirt flying so fast that he could hardly see. There were drills for such  attacks as these, but they had never really had any attacks so close tothe medical units until now.  He spit the dirt from his mouth and got up quickly and ran as fast as he could to the hospital unit to help remove the wounded and try to help as many as he possibly could before another attack came.  He could see Army planes taking off to try and stop anymore attacks, and he silently whispered a prayer for their success and safe return.  As he was running, he felt a sudden hotness in his shoulder, then a sharp pain.  He  had felt that feeling before.  It meant he had been shot! !
   When he opened his eyes, Reese was standing over him with a surgical mask on his face.   He was in the hospital.. he could see the debri, heaps of it, but there didn't seem to be any major damage to major medical supplies and equipment.  Everything was still functional.     Ever where he looked  he could see patients being worked on, but none of the injuries looked life threatening.  Mostly cuts and bruses.  The only one getting ready to be operated on was him.
"Next time don't try and be a hero man...tell someone when you take a bullet."  
"How many casualities," he managed to whisper, as the medicine started to kick in .
Reese looked around the tent . .. "No deaths, thank God," he breathed a sigh of relief.   Now  stop talking and let me do my job. "
Reese felt the needle  as it entered his arm.  It would be lights out soon, he knew that,but he also knew he was in good hands.
"Em, he whispered, looking blurred eye at Reese.  I'm suppose  to be there on Tuesday."
"Not happening man, Reese replied...not for at least  two or three weeks."
He closed his eyes. What was Em going to think when he didn't arrive on time.  And finding out about the attack, and that he was wounded.  It would be on the television.  All the stations would be broadcasting about the attack.  Emily had told him about the death of her husband in Iraq.  She was so fragile in that area...what would this do to her, he wondered.   He knew Reese was right. though.  He was telling him the same thing he told other soldiers who were in a rush to recover.
As he felt himself drift off, all he could think about was not making it to Chicago to see Emily. He loved her so much.  He would think about his love for her, it was what kept him going now, yes his love for her, that's what he would concentrate on during recovery
"Em...he whispwered once again.....Em....I..."then his eyes closed"
Perhaps Clete is dreaming, and hearing the words in a song that expresses his true feelings for Emily.....lets peek into his dream and see a bit of what he might be saying to her if she were there with him now !
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Lionel Richie - You Mean More To Me
From the album Lionel Richie © 1982 Motown
 The Prayer !
Emily couldn't believe the news report, but it was true.  Clete's unit was the one hit by an attack.  She wanted to lose control and cry, but when she looked into her son's Tommy's eyes she knew she couldn't.  He needed her strength and assurance now more than ever.She never realized how much Tommy love him.  She tried to assure him that night as she tucked him into bed, wiped his tears, and listened to his prayers which were mostly about Captain Butler, that he was okay.  The report said there were no casualities, only minor cuts and bruses.  She hope that was true.  She  prayed it was so.  Her parents knew the fear she was feeling after losing Jason.  She knelt by her bed and cried, tears flooding down her cheeks.  She loved Clete....oh how she loved him.  Would she have the chance to tell him how just the sound of his voice made her weak in the kneees...just to look into his eyes was her most deepest hearts desire.  She wanted to wrap her arms around him and kiss him deeply, and to feel his lips on hers.  She clasp her hands in prayer, and asked God to bring him back to all of them.  She got up and walked to the window and looked out.  It was a clear night.  She could see the stars shining so bright and beautiful.  She leaned against the window, feeling a single tear trickle down her cheek. Clete  was out there somewhere thousands of miles away, yet she knew he was thinking of her, and loving her  She hadn't heard anything yet, but she knew as much as he was thinking of her, she was thinking of him and loving him too.....  Somewhere out there, she smiled.  That was the name of the song from Tommy's favorite movie "American Tail".  She hadn't thought about it until now.The song was suddendly fresh in her mind.  Clete was out there, and he was loving her tonight......"somewhere out there ,out where dreams come true !"
She walked back to her bed smiling as she  got under the covers.  She believed in dreams...yes she did !
Two hearts together, although thousands of miles a part...lets listen to the words of this song that speak the thoughts in Emily's heart as she thinks about Clete knowing that he is thinking about her too!  Click the video and feel her emotions for the man she loves !!
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somewhere out there - Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram(with lyrics)
a treasure. :)
Reese was disturbed during surgery because of all the shrapnel that was embedded in Cete's shoulder.   He knew if he wasn't extremely carefully Clete would lose the function of his arm and that would affect his ability to be a surgeon again.  He worked slowly, and carefully , cleaning the wound and getting all the shrapnel out, then went about repairing all he could see.
Everything looked good as he closed and Clete was taken to the temporary ICU  tent where he would be watched carefully.  He had done all he could, now he would just have to wait and see if all he did was good enough.  He washed up and then headed straight to the ICU.  He sat by his friend, looking at him as he laid sleeping.  Clete was a good friend, and one of the best surgeon's he knew.  He prayer that God would take over now and heal his arm from the inside.  As A surgeon he could only do his part then he had to trust the master surgeon to do the rest.  It was Clete who lead him to the Lord was Clete who always prayed before entering the operating room, and over each patient before he ever started to work on them.  He just had to be able to contuine as a surgeon whether in the Army or out.  He closed his eyes. Clete was more than just a friend, he was like a brother to him. Suddendly he felt a hand touch his.
"Am I that bad that your praying over me, he said with a faint smile."
Reese smiled broadly, grabbing his friends hand tightly.
"No man just telling God to get you well,  we need all the help we can get here."  He smiled again.
"Can you do me a favor, Clete asked, looking at his friend.  Will you call Emily and tell her I'm okay, but that I'll be delayed a bit."
Reese smiled.  "Sure...sure,  now get some rest."
He sat a bit longer to make sure he was asleep, then went back and took the cell phone from clete's pant pocket.  He scrolled down to contacts.  There was Emily's name, and number.  He pressed call, and waited until  it rang!
Brothers don't always have to be blood.  Reese realizes this as he thinks of the closeness he and Clete share.  Lets share the closeness he feels for his friend...who has become more than a friend...but  a brother
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The Hollies - He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother - Lyrics
Emily was so happy to get the news about Clete, and shared the news with her girlfriends while shopping at the mall.
 Mall shopping was Sassy's speciality...she was the queen of shopping, knowing the best stores to find the best clothes.  "Sophiscated Lady" was one of the most elite and expensive shop there....and that's the first shop Sassy took them all to.  As she looked at herself in the outfit Sassy pickd, she     wasn't sure it was exactly her.  It was shorter than she was use too, and the top a bit more revealing, but it was cute and she was sure Clete would like it. 
"Look, Sassy said, you want to knock his eyes out when he does come don't you...well this outfit will do it." 
Emily took another look at herself in the mirror.  She had to admit she liked it alot.  She was still young enough to wear such outfits.
"Well, now all you need is Captain Butler, Tiffany said loudly from behind a rack of dresses she was going through.,  She peeked through some dresses to take a look at Emily. .  He may not want to go back when he see's you."  They all giggled joyfully.
"Anyway, Tiffany contuined.  Emily could wear a sack and he would still think she was beautiful."  They all nodded in agreement.
"This Captain Ritter who called you, Albany said looking down at the heels she had just slipped on her feet......  Is he married?"
Emily looked at her friend as she tried on the pair of heels Sassy had now set in front of her to complete her outfit.
 "I don't know, never thought to ask ."   She stepped into the shoes that were very snug and evelated.
"I was just so happy to hear that Clete was okay and recovering from his wound.  Captain Ritter  was the surgeon that operated on Clete, so I know they must be good friends."
"Albanys only thinking about herself," Sassy said, as she motioned for Emily to walk across the room in the heels. 
"I guess Albanys suddendly forgotten she's not the only one not in a relationship at the moment.  We might want to meet some soldiers too."  She glared at Albany.
"Sorry, Albany waved her hand in the air....I'm sorry!"
Emily and Tiffany both shook their heads and laughed.  They would always be friends, even when they disagreeded ,their love for each other  would always be there...they were forever friends, just like their favorite  tv show "Girlfriends"
Emily is blessed to have  beautiful faithful friends in her life.  if you've been blessed with such friends you can share her feelings for her "Girlfriends"  just like the words in this song !
Click to listen !
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Girlfriend Theme Song
theme song 4 girlfriends this for my girlfriends pooh48baby and rosajenaerere and LuvableTV
Plans !
Clete had to admit that it felt good to see so many Army planes flying over them, and there were soldiers posted with artillery in different spots all over their camp.  It was hard enough to conduct surgery and help the wounded when they were brought they had to be more watchful.  It was a strain on the whole unit, and it was made even harder since he couldn't do his job.  Reese was flooded with back to back surgery, along with the other two surgeons that were there. They need more help.   All other medical staff was working extra hours to help lessen the load.  He looked up and prayed there would be no more attacks, and ask God to please let this war end soon before anymore lives were loss.  His arm was healing well.  It had been three weeks.  X-rays showed no real damage.   He would be able to go back in surgery in two weeks.  He thought about Emily.  She was so understanding about his furlough being cancelled.  He knew how disappointed everyone was, especially Tommy.  His letter was so precious to read.  He didn't know exactly when they would give him another as so much help was needed there.  Although he couldn't operate, he could still give out meds and clean minor cuts and abrasions.  His tour would be over in two months, and he knew exactly what he wanted to do...marry Emily, and be a father to Tommy.  He wanted to buy a house in Chicago somewhere...where ever Emily liked, and see about getting a job at a hospital . He knew that would not be a problem since his arm was almost totally functional , and he was a good surgeon with a good Army record.  He took a deep breath and looked out over the sky, and wished she was there with him.  He wanted to hold her tight, kiss her lips, and spend the night with her next to him, and wake up in the morning with her next to him.
"Captain."  The voice behind him startled him a bit, and he turned.
The corporal had an envelope in his hand.
"This just came in for you."  He handed it to him, saluted, then walked away.
Clete opened it.  Then jumped to his feet in joy.  They were granting his furlough, starting tomorrow.  He darted one way then another. 
"What to do first, he said happily to himself...pack, Emily.  He kissed the letter.  He would surprise her, yes that's what he would do !  He ran to his quarters where Reese was just stretching out to rest.  Reese sat up quickly when he saw him.
"What's got you so excited, "he asked .
Clete held out the letter to him.
""My furlough came through."
Reese jumped up and hugged his friend. "Go get her man...go get the woman you love!
Clete smiled. He knew there had always been something missing in his life. Oh he tried to fill that void with Medical school, and the Army, but that void was always there. It was loving someone, and sharing your life with them. He had a chance now to fill that void, perhaps a once in a lifetime chance, and he wasn't going to blow  it..... that chance was to love Emily, and that was exactly what he was going to do !
Clete realizes that only love can make a heart come alive. He's about to take his "Once In A Lifetime" chance with Emily. Take a listen to the song that tells the love in Clete's heart for her ..
Click video to play this love song !!
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Once in a Lifetime - Michael Bolton
Beautiful ballad by Michael Bolton from the movie "Only You" (1994)
Up Up And Away !!! !
Clete still found it unsetteling to fly.  After two tours in the Army and flying from one place to another, his stomach still preferred being on the ground.  The knowledge of not having to do this in two months  made it easier to handle.  He loved the Army. 
 Not all military personal could honestly say that, but he really did.  He loved traveling and helping people while serving his country at the same time. But now the time had come to start a new venture...a life with the woman he love, and a new career.  He thought about the first time he saw Emily at the diner, and remembered how lonely he felt, and her offer of kindness.  He thought she was so pretty then, but never imagined himself ever falling in love with her.  His mom always said that God had seasons for everything...even for falling in love.  He closed his eyes and thought about seeing her.  It wouldn't be long, just eighteen more hours and two plane transfers...he could make  that, he said to himself and smiled....he could make  that.  It would be a total surprise.  He had already told her parents and asked them to bring her girlfriends  to the diner .  It was where it all started...and where he wanted to ask her a very important question !
 Special Event ! 
Emily was happy that Clete was recovering so well.  After talking to him last night her world seemed to fall neatly into place.   She had actually said the words I love you to another man.  Words she thought she would never say again.  And he had said them to her personally.  He whispered them into her very own ears as they talked.  She didn't know exactly when or if he would get a furlough, but that didn't matter.  He would be finished with his military service in two months and then he would be home for good.   She falt as happy as Tommy when he heard he would be coming back to Chicago.  She wanted to tell Tommy about her feelings for Clete, but didn't.  That was something her and Clete should do together.  Tommy loved Clete, she knew that...but would he accept him as being in their lives.  Tommy had been so close to his father, she hjoped he would feel that way for Clete if they did decide to build a life together in the future.  She brushed her hair and swept it over her shoulders, as she looked at herself in the long mirror.  She wished Clete could be here for the celebration, and  to see her in the long blue pencil dress she had purchased for the event.  Tonight was some sort of celebration for Tiffany .  It was wonderful that they all decided to use the diner for the celebration, it would bring in extra funds that Mr. weeks needed after splurging over the  Christmas Holiday.  Tiffany had invited everyone, including her parents and Tommy.  She thought hard but couldn't remember any special event for Tiffany.  It wasn't her birthday, and she definitely wasn't involved with anyone
 Wait...she thought...maybe Tiffany and Frank were re-uniting after their 1 year divorce.  
"Yes!, that's probably it.  She said they had been talking lately.  Emily had to admit that she liked Frank Benson,  he was tall, handsome, a lawyer.......and anyone could see how much he love Tiffany even after the divorce.
As she came down the stairs everyone's eye's shot open and their mouths dropped.
"Honey, you look beautiful, her father said as he walked closer and took her hand and gave her a twirl."
"Yes you do a princess."  Her mother kissed her sweetly on the cheek.
Tommy was still staring at her.  She knew it was probably odd for him to see her all dressed up, hair down and not in a bun.  She wasn't  in a apron like she always  wore at the diner or her medical outfit for her work at the hospital.
"Well what do yo tink about you mom, she finally asked?"
He walked closer and touched the dress, then smiled as he wrapped his arms around her waist.
"Gosh mom you're the most beautiful mom in the world. "
Emily felt a tear trickle down her cheek as she hugged him back.  They had a big event to attend, and it was time they got going.  As they all got into the car, she knew this would be a night to remember, if only for the look on her son's face and for his words that would remain in her heart forever
Celebration/ The Beginning !
The diner was all decorated when they entered.  Emily could see banners all strung across the ceiling that said Love, Happiness, best wishes.  She smiled to herself when she saw Tiffany and her other girlfriends all standing their in equally beautiful outfits of their own.. She knew she must be right, Tiffany and Frank were getting back together.  She looked around .  Where was Frank, she wondered.  Everyone was laughing and talking.  Tiffany didn't seem to be concerned that her man wasn't there.  She looked at her parents who shurged a shoulder then went towards the buffett Mr. Weeks and the other waitresses had prepared.  Mr. Weeks looked upset, and was pacing around as she walked up to him.
"What's wrong," she asked.
He pointed to the corner of the diner where Emily could see a man sitting with his head down.
"I told him that tonight this was a private party, but he won't leave."
Emily took another look.  The man was young, slender, and dressed in casual attire.
"You always could handle matters like these, would you speak to him and explain?"
Emily took another look.  He didn't look dangerous, and she was good with stubborn customers.  Maybe he would listen to wouldn't hurt to try.  Tiffany deserved her special night, and she didn't want this man to ruin it.  She walked cautiously up to him, playing over in her mind what to say that would make him understand and leave so they all could celebrate.  he didn't look up, but instead lowered his head into is arms so she couldn't see his face.
"Sir, she said softly.  Tonight the diner is closed for a special celebration , if you could come back tomorrow we'd be happy to serve you anything you wish."  She waited for an answer.
A muffled sound came from beneath his folded arms that she could barely hear.
"Could you repeat that, she said...I can hardly hear you."
"I said If I can have one meal I'll leave."
Emily looked at him, then went back to Mr. Weeks.
"He said if we served him one meal he'll leave."
Mr. Weeks nodded.  "Okay, anything he wants."
Emily grabbed a pencil and pad from the counter and walked back
to the man's table.
"What would you like then?"  She stood ready to write it down.  She'd fix it herself if it meant Tiffany could have her celebration in peace.
"Grits, Ham And Biscuits Ma'am."
Emily looked up from the pad into Clete's eyes.
"It's really you, she said tears rolling down her cheeks, as she rushed into his awaiting arms, their lips touching for the first time.
"There was something special I wanted to ask you, he said kissing her lips again, I thought this was the best place to ask you since it's where we first met, and I wanted your family and friends to share in the news."
Emily pulled slightly away from his arms.  "You planned this?"
"Yes, and I'd like to ask you something......he got down on one knee.  Would you like to marry a man who wants grits, ham and biscuits for breakfast every morning?"
Emily smiled , as she moved back into his strong arms.  The arms she never wanted to leave.   She looked deeply into his eyes.  Falling in love was a wonderful thing. "I sure would Captain  Butler she said as her lips pressed his again....I sure would  ! "
                                                                  The Beginning!
Emily realized that love is a wonderful thing that can happen twice in a lifetime!
Everyone in the diner is dancing and celebrating Emily & Captain Butlers love.  Click the video below and join the celebration as they smile, and listen to the song knowing how true it is...... "Love is a Wonderful Thing"  because it is!!
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michael bolton love is a wonderfull thing live
another great performance by mr bolton
 Another Love story coming sometime in March !
The Best Of Friends !
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