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    Seasonal Love  Poems !
                                  It's Just The Season
Everywhere I went today, I thought of you in a special way,
there was mistletoe I saw in a store, hanging discretely above the door,
and there was cake and coffee at the office today, to welcome Christmas on its way,
holiday music filled the air, oh how I wished that you were there,
but I know that you are thinking of me, and the love we made this morning 
under the Christmas tree,
my tossled hair, your unshaven face, oh how love filled the place,
there aren't any gifts I could buy at the store, that could say I love you more,
but it's the holiday, and just one more reason,
to say I love you, it's just the season !
               Love is the best gift of all !
Christmas   Love !
Love in bed, 
your arms beneath my head
children fast asleep
passion that won't keep
the smell of a Christmas tree
pretending there's just you and me
as we watch the snow falling down
covering our small town
to know we have it all
when Christmas comes to call
love is the perfect gift
to top a Christmas list
wrapped in each others arms
rekindling loves charms
all of this and more
you can't buy from any store !
Poems from my published poetry books A'More & Seasons of Love
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