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 Best Romantic Christian Novels ....... are mine of course !
Christian Romance
" Also commonly referred to as inspirational romance, these books feature Christian characters and overt themes dealing with Christian faith. Characters behave according to Christian tenets, eschewing alcohol, profanity and lying, and any sexual content is hinted at or avoided entirely to instead focus on the more tender aspects of love and romance."
My First Novel "The Master Plan !
Brief excerpt!
Forgetting those things that are behind. Is that something Kim Masters would be able to do? Or would past memories of her late husband keep happiness from her? Especially when her brother-in-law arrives in town, a widower, and turns out to be his identical twin!
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My Second Novel
"Leah !
Brief Excerpt !
"Jilted on her wedding day, can Leah have faith to open her heart again? A love story that will capture your heart!"
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Coming Soon In 2014 My Newest Novel  "Sarah "
A teenage crush at fifteen
...was it really just a crush?  Now at thirty one he's back in her life...widowed...with two daughters
was it still a crush...or now still single herself was she about to discover that it was something more...maybe LOVE !
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