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"Looking For
Mr. Right" 
"You can't be serious, Tiffany said to her.  Advertising for a man will only bring you trouble, you just wait and see."
Ebony blocked out Tiffany's words and continued to polish her add for the newspaper.
"Why not use a dating least that would be safer?"
"Why would I do that, Ebony replied loosening the bun from the back of her head letting her beautiful locks fall onto her shoulders.  They cost a mint.  I will be saving myself lots of money.  Now...she looked at what she had written.  This should do it."
Tiffany grabbed the paper from her, and started to read it aloud.
"Looking to fall in love with "Mr. Right"...if that's me."
Tiffany flopped down on the sofa.  "Oh're going to have every derelict and homeless man in Manhattan  at your door before you know it."
She grabbed a chair and pulled it to the table by her friend.  "If you're going to do this...then do it right."  She started to write..crossing out most of what Ebony had written.  Finally a smile crossed her lips.  
"Now this is a real ad that will attract attention."
Ebony took the paper and read what her friend had written.
" Lovely, lonely socialite.  Well breed, financially secure, willing to relocate , loves to travel.  Looking for the right man to share her dreams with, and fall in love !"
Ebony looked at her friend shocked.  "But I'm none of those Tiffany...I'm not lonely...well maybe a bit, and I'm not a socialite.  I consider my self well breed...and I'm far from being financially secure, I do get by, I'm not starving.  And this relocate bit...I don't intend to move to some Island, I like Manhattan.  As for traveling, well...she looked at Tiffany again...maybe once I got to know the man.  About the only;y thing you said right was...I'm am looking to fall in love."
She started to rip it, but Tiffany quickly grabbed it from her hands.
Either we use mine, or I'm connecting you with a dating agency...which is it Ebony?"
"Okay, Ebony said reluctantly...we use yours."
"Okay I'll drop it off on my way home.  Tiffany suddenly began to smile...This is beginning to sound exciting Ebony...she struck a model pose as she headed to the door.  Just think..out there is someone just like you...someone who wants to fall in love too, someone who might pass you on the same street you walk every day, and you just don't know him yet...but you will."  With those words Ebony watched her friend happily close the door behind her.
She didn't like pretending to be something she wasn't, and that exactly what Tiffany had made her out to be.  She suddenly wanted to run after Tiffany and stop her from placing that ad.  She was afraid something just might come of it.    She might meet "Mr. Right" and that might change her life totally.  What was there about love that now frightened her?  Was it that love demanded so much...or the fact that it could come and go so quickly and leave a broken heart?  She had seen so many of her friends hurt by love...yet they still wanted to be loved.  Love was universal...a fountain that all wanted to drink from.   Yes she wanted love too, but would love treat her kindly?  

As Ebony ponders the universal question about love...lets hear a song that verbalizes her thoughts...and maybe some of our own!

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Episode 2 
The  Accidental Encounter !

Ebony rushed to the newsstand.  She wanted to get the paper and see the ad Tiffany had placed.  As she walked towards the  downtown she fumbled through the pages until she found the classified ad.  There it was plain sight .  Her steps slowed as she read.  Biting her lip softly she read it again, and again.  Tiffany had included her name and could she.  Now everything would know it was her.   She tucked  the paper under her arm as she headed to  Barneys to meet Tiffany for shopping then lunch.
Her mind on her identity being revealed in the paper.  She was angry at her friend...she never told her to use her name, address, or phone number...who knows what that would lead to.
"Oh Tiffany," she mumbled out loud as her steps quickened.
  Barneys department store was Tiffany favorite store, and she loved to lunch at Fred's.  Ebony always felt guilty because Tiffany payed for their lunch.  One day she hoped she would be financially able to return the favor.  She quicken her steps rushing through the doors when suddenly like a tornado the door swung outward as she was entering..... hitting her throwing her backward..  She managed to make it inside then collapsed on the floor her purse and all it contents spilled out beside her.  As the room was spinning, she could see faces standing over her.  Her skirt was wrapped around her knees and her heels were partly off her feet.  Everything was showing.  She frantically tried to pull down her skirt which was almost up to her waist.  Her beautiful sheer blue blouse was hanging unevenly from her waist  showing more of her chest than she realized until she felt hands trying to straighten her clothes as it helped her up.
"I'm okay, she said pushing the hand away.  Just leave me alone.  Why had she decided to wear a skirt anyway, she scolded herself.
She as began to gain her composure and balance enough to push away from the stranger  she looked up into the eyes of a Chinese man. He was well dressed in a black suit, silk white shirt, striped blue and black tie, carrying a briefcase.
""I am so sorry, he bowed...I was thinking , and not watching."
Ebony knew handsome when she saw it, and he was handsome.  His brown eyes had a soft gentle look. .   His jet black hair was short, and cut very close to his head.   She had never personally met a Chinese man up close before, but decided they didn't look to bad.  Of course he was no where in the ballpark of the man she desired...but he looked good.
He began putting her belongs back into her purse.
"Please accept my apology, he said he reached out his hand to hers.  I'm Harry Wong.  Are you sure you're okay?"
"Yes, I'll be fine...I guess we were both thinking and not watching."
She took her purse and extended her hand to shake his.
" Ebony Sanders."
She noticed he had her newspaper tucked under his arm.  She didn't want to ask for it back, then he might see the ad she had circled and know that her name was the same name in the ad.
He reached into his pocket and pulled out a card, then handed it to her.
"If you should feel ill, please call me at this number."  He bowed again and started to walk away just as Tiffany was walking up.  He smiled at Tiffany as he passed.
"Who was that, Tiffany asked taking a double look as he walked out the door...he's cute..what were you two talking about any way, she asked as they headed to the restaurant.  Who is he?"
"No body, Ebony answered... just Mr. Wrong."
Tiffany looked at her friend bewildered, but Ebony wasn't about to tell.  It was just an accidental encounter, nothing more. 

As Ebony follows her friend to the restaurant for lunch she can't help but remember  Harry Wong's  eyes as they looked into hers, or the gentleness of his hands as they lifted her from the floor, or the way he carried himself.  He definitely had class and obviously a great job to afford that designer suit.  All The things she wanted in her "Mr. Right" he had. But he was definitely "Mr. Wrong" for her.  Would she ever find her Mr. Right ?
  That question plagued her thoughts, as well as what would she do if she did?

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Episode 3
The Museum  !

Ebony couldn't believe that after four days of the ad running in the newspaper that she had no responses .
Tiffany looked sadly at her.  "I just can't understand it, she said as they walked to the art museum.  I worded it perfectly Ebony.  She stopped and turned to her friend, hands on her hip as she often did when trying to figure things out.  Whats wrong with the men here in Manhattan?
"Nothing, Ebony looked at her, their just not interested in a lovely, lonely socialite."  Ebony knew she was being sarcastic but it served Tiffany right  for running such a false ad anyway.
They had reached the art institute steps and Ebony sat down.  It was always such a busy place.  Tourist, students.  Everyone wanting to get a look at all the beautiful art work inside.
"I'm going to have the ad pulled, Ebony say as she fanned her face from the hot August heat.    It was a stupid Idea anyway," she concluded.    Being without a man isn't so bad."
Tiffany looked at her shocked.  "I can't believe you just said that, but maybe I know why."
She pointed over Ebony's shoulder.  Maybe he's  got something to do with your decision?"
"What are you talking about Tiffany...who's got something to do with my decision?"
"Oh , lets just go inside before I forget how good of friends we are."
 She got up abruptly, bumping right into the person coming down the steps, knocking his briefcase out of his arms, and spilling all the contents on the museum steps.
"I'm so sorry she began to say as she gathered the papers into her arms,with Tiffany's help, and began stuffing them back into the briefcase.  When she looked up to hand the briefcase to the stranger, her eyes widen in disbelief.  It was the man she had bumped into going through the revolving doors four days ago  Harry Wong!
 "We seem to always be bumping into each other, such a coincidence "
She handed him his briefcase and smiled.  I really am sorry."
He smile back,, then bowed as his hand took the case from hers.
"Old Chinese proverb says"“A coincidence destined by heaven.”
Ebony didn't know how to respond to that statement as she watched him once again walk down the steps as she and Tiffany went up to enter the museum.  She glanced back just in time to see him watching them.   He  was  standing on the last step smiling, why... she wasn't sure, but she knew when a man was making a pass at her, even a Chinese man..and that's precisely what he had just done ! 

As Ebony and Tiffany  browse through the museum she can't help but think about what happened on the museum steps...or Tiffany's words of not closing her heart to love no matter who it is, or where he's from.  Its love that matters in the end...only Love!
This song says Tiffany s words in music to Ebony about not missing love because it doesn't come in the way you doesn't matter , when love walks in there are no rules.
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Episode 4
A Table For Two!

Ebony was  always happy to see Sunday come.  It was the one day she treated herself special.  She forgot everything and each Sunday she would treat herself to a good dinner at a fancy restaurant.  It was a promise she made to herself once she graduated college, and started to earn a pay check.  She was blessed to have a good job at a prestigious law firm like Howard & Associates as a legal secretary for the pass three years.  But today was a really special day.  Her boss Larson Howard Sr. called her in and gave her a bonus for her work on the Parker case.  Her discovery of an error in the transcript was the major break they needed to settle out of court for a much lesser amount than the Parker s lawyer demanded.  She was totally shocked when he handed her a bonus check for five hundred dollars!
She hummed to herself as she sat at the elegant dinner table dressed in her Sunday best from church.  It really didn't matter if she was all by herself...she was eating at "Eleven Madison Park"  today, with it prestigious clientele ,and  mingling with the in crowd.  She had always wanted to eat there.  Tiffinay said it was the best in Manhattan.  And Tiffany would know, she and her husband only chose the best places to eat!
"Excuse me miss, a voice said making her look up. It was the waiter.  She was sure in a fancy place like this that waiter was the wrong word, but it was the only one she could think of as she looked at him standing in front of her.   The man at the other table has invited you to join him for dinner."
Ebony looked around.  "What man, I don't know any one here."
He smiled, then pointed to a table by the window, but the mans back was turned so she couldn't see his face.  She could see he was well dressed, in a grey suit, had a slim build and had short hair.but  that was all she could see.
 Before she could utter another word the waiter pulled out her chair, and started to walk in the man's direction.'She followed reluctantly.  She would be polite she decided, but once there would decline his invitation and return to her own table.  Nothing was going to mess up her happy celebration...nothing !
"It's very nice of you sir, she said as she stood by his table .  But I am totally okay eating alone."
He pushed out his  chair and stood up.  Then turned facing her.
Ebony was speechless, as the waiter pulled out her chair and she sank down into it.  It was Harry Wong!
"I always hate it when I see a beautiful woman eating alone, he said smiling.  And when I saw you come in, since our paths have crossed before I thought it would be nice if we had dinner together."
His brown eyes looked into her causing her heart to beat faster.  He was even more attractive up close .  Smooth olive skin, perfect teeth, and  he was looking at her, now waiting for her reply.
"This is my first time here, she said trying to regain her composure as her eyes met his.  It was my night to celebrate."
She saw his eyes flicker with interest. 
"And what are you celebrating?"
"My boss gave me a bonus today for a matter I helped him with."  She saw his lips curl a bit.
"Then we must celebrate then."  He motioned to the waiter whom he knew by name.  Whispered something in his ear, and he was off.
"Oh, he reached down in his briefcase and pulled out something, then handed it to her.......  I think this is yours."
Ebony eyes shot wide open.  It was the newspaper ...the one she dropped that day they collided in the revolving door...the one with her ad"Looking For Mr. Right"  and she could see where she had circled it.  She grabbed it quickly, stuffing it in her purse.
"Thanks, you could of kept it, she managed to gulp, embarrassed.... You didn't have to return it."
He leaned forward took a pen from his suit coat and began to write on the elegant napkin, then handed it to her.  Ebony slowly took it, looked at it.   The first part was in Chinese , she was sure of that.. but the bottom part was in English.  She read it silently
人无完人,金无足赤 rén wú wán rén, jīn wú zú chì -
" It is as impossible to find a perfect man as it is to find 100 percent pure gold."
She closed her eyes ...he had read her ad..........all of it.
She got up from the table to leave, but not before she said what was on her mind.
"You must think I'm a very foolish woman, advertising for a man...well I'm not.  She leaned into the table hard causing it to move slightly.  It was just an experiment I was trying to see how many men would answer."
He stood up and walked over to where she was standing.  
"How many did ?"
" None," she said slowly.
" He reached over and took her hand.  "I've always hated eating alone, ever since my wife died four years ago.  You would be doing me a honor by eating with me Ebony."  He walked behind her and pulled out the chair by his table and Ebony slowly sat back down.  As he sat down he studied her face.  Ebony didn't feel comfortable with that but said nothing, just looked down at the beautiful china ware before her.
"You are very beautiful, he said suddenly.  Perhaps the most beautiful black woman I've ever met. I saw that the first time we met in that revolving door.  I was hoping to see you again...and fate made it possible."
Ebony didn't expect those words.  She was astounded, not knowing what to say.  So once more she said nothing."
The waiter arrived with two plates of food.
"I took the liberty of ordering for you.  I'm afraid it's an old Chinese habit, the man ordering for the woman.  If it's not pleasing to you the order can be changed to your liking."  He smiled at her.
"Next time I won't be so presumptuous."
Ebony placed her napkin on her lap.  Next time...who said there would be a next time.  This dinner was for one night only as far as she was night only !

 As Ebony arrives home from dinner with Harry Wong, she reflects on the delicious meal, the music, and the limo ride home to her apartment after the unexpected rain.   It was a beautiful night and she didn't want the night to end.  He was a wonderful conversationalist, and made her feel at ease.   It was a night she would always remember, but now it was just a sweet memory to look back on.  Men had told her before that she was beautiful, but it was only to get the advantage over her.  But there was something in the way he said it that sounded sincere.  A certain look in his eyes too.    He said there would be a next time.  Would there be, she wondered, realizing that she truly wanted there to be a next time ! 

As Ebony relaxes and watches her favorite music channel, A video comes on that floods her mind about the night she had with Harry Wong...Vanessa Williams singing "The Sweetest Days I've Known".... 
She sighs as she stretches out on the sofa and thinks about her night with Harry Wong.     She had to agree with Vanessa.  Tonight was one of the sweetest days she'd ever known and would stay in her memory forever !
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