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Lost In a Old Memory
Episode 4

With everyone settled in their cabins Skyler Reed settled down for a rest.  Everyone seemed happy to be at the ranch...well almost everyone.  He thought about the pretty black women who's luggage he carried up to the ranch.  She definitely didn't want to be there.  But he was sure it was something more.  He saw it in her face as he stood close to her.  It was in her eyes. he had never seen such sad eyes before, and on such a beautiful face.  Her friend had blurted out that she was recently divorced.  He was sure it wasn't her wish.  He shook his head as he stretched out on the bed in the large state room where he and Bell shared whenever they came to the ranch..  He knew how it felt to lose  a love one  in death, but it must be even more so to have a love leave you in life for another person !
He hadn't thought about a woman since Bell's death...but this one he couldn't get off his mind.  She was beautiful.  Big chocolate brown eyes, slim figure, and long black hair.  Her skin was flawless.....a creamy light brown .  And she smelled wonderful.  The scent still lingered in his nostrils.  He missed a womans scent.   He found it hard to take his eyes off her at supper time.. He wanted to wrap his arms around her and tell her everything would be alright.  Even his son Deek noticed how taken he was with her.   He remembered when he first met his wife  Bell at the Dallas High School  social.  She was only fourteen, and he was sixteen.  From the moment he saw her, he knew he wanted to marry her one day...and he did.  He reached over and turned on the radio.  His eyes widen at the song that was playing.  It was the song Bell loved.  Ronnie Milsap..."Lost in The Fifties Tonight."  The song they danced to that very night.  Bell  bought the record, and it became  their song.  They would play it at night sometimes,and dance , and act like they were at the school dance again.  Young and in love.    He closed his eyes and relaxed completely on the bed...lost in the fifties with his  Bell  once more.

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Ronnie Milsap - Lost in the Fifties tonight
One of My all time favorite singers..Ronnie was, and still is, AWESOME!!!A style of his own, and a true legend..Here is a great song!!

Episode 5
"Lost "

Misty walked from the cabin they were in.  It was by a river and a cool breeze brushed her cheeks as she followed the beautiful path outside their door.  She looked at the huge trees and the array of different colored flowers that were beside the path as she walked.   It was totally surprising how modern and beautiful Skyler Reeds dude ranch was.  The dining hall they ate in after registration was beautiful with cathedral ceilings, hardwood floors, large tables adorned with white linen table cloths and white china trimmed in red, and lace napkins beside each plate.  On each table was a large bowl of assorted fruits for the guest to enjoy and take back to their cabins in they so desired.  She remembered how Skyler Reed looked at her during dinner.  It made her feel a bit uneasy.  And of course Mandy noticed his glances too.  It was almost as if Skyler Reed  knew her uneasiness and turned his attention else where, visiting the other guest at different tables.  Her boots kicked the ground under her feet as she walked leisurely down the path away from her cabin.  She was still a bit angry with Mandy for spilling so much of her life events about her divorce to Skyler Reed.  She deserved to be alone in the cabin to reflect on her actions.  She knew she wouldn't stay mad at her for long, just a short while.  
        Every thing was so pretty as she walked, and so peaceful...she could see that the sky was getting darker, it was so much lighter when she started off on her walk, but she was sure she still had time to walk a bit further before returning to her cabin and Mandy.  After walking awhile longer she could see that dusk was coming quickly.  it was time to go back.  She turned and behind her were three paths.  There was only one when she started.  Turning she looked at the paths before her. Which one should she take...which way had she come.  A sudden chill went through her body...the trees loomed above her, and she could barely see the flowers at her feet now.  She was lost totally lost.  Tears began to sting her eyelids as she sat down on the ground under the tree behind her.  The breeze that felt so nice against her cheeks, now was bringing goose bumps to her arms.  Why hadn't she brought a sweater with her.
Everything was so frightening.  She had lost Alex, and now through  her own stupidity she was lost in the forest, and she began to cry.  The tears began to roll down her face, and she cried for the first time since Alex told her he wanted a divorce.  She couldn't control the was like a dam bursting inside her.
 "Not a good thing to do, walking in the forest at night."
Misty looked up through tear filled eyes.....  it was Skyler Reed standing looking down at her.
She jumped up quickly, shivering as she rushed to him, her arms wrapping tightly around his neck their cheeks touching  and kissed him straight on the lips. .
 Suddendly she pulled away slightly, realizing what she had just done.  She was kissing a total stranger, and his arms were still holding her, he wasn't pushing her away.
He just looked at her and smiled warmly, their faces only inches a part.  She couldn't help but see the deepness of his brown eyes and feel the stubbles of his unshaven face when her cheek pressed against his.
"Here, he took off his jacket and wrapped it around her shoulders.  Gets real cool here at night."
She didn't argue.  She was tired and exhausted, and besides it felt warm and the scent of his cologne that touched her nostrils was a pleasing one to her..
"This forest is beautiful in the day and early evening  time, but like all unknown places it can look scary at night to a stranger."
They walked silently for a few moments.  Misty knew he was right but at least he didn't yell at her for being foolish city girl .
"Strange how you ended up here."  He looked over at her and smiled.
"What do you mean, I'm sure others have  gotten lost out here too, I'm not the only one, she said defensively"
"Only a few, he answered as she felt his hand wrap around her fingers.  He smiled up at her again.  Just me when I was a boy, and my sons when they were kids chasing a butterfly.  And now you."  He looked up at her again. Misty could see the cabin in the distance as they walk, she could hardly wait to be back there and get a warm bath and some sleep.
."How did you find your way back, she asked, her fingers  finally relaxing in his gently grip.
"My dad found me sitting under that exact tree.   I thought I was being smart dropping bread crumbs along the tail as I walked...something I saw on tv once."
"Sounds like a good idea, wish I had thought of that earlier," she answered as she saw the cabin only a few feet away.
"No you don't , he replied with a hearty laugh.  The birds always eat up the crumbs ."
They had reached the cabin now.
"I'm really sorry about the kiss back there.... I was just so scare and happy to see a human face.  any face, and it just happen to be yours"
They were now at the cabin steps, but his hand was still wrapped around hers.  
"No problem, he said finally..his eyes meeting hers....I enjoyed the kiss Ms. Templeton, haven't been kissed in a while.  And it felt good to hold a woman in my arms again." He released her hand and just stood silently looking at her. 
She eased away from him,leaving him still staring at her, as she walked quickly up the steps and opened the cabin door,and rushed inside .   Once inside she released the breath she was holding.  There was no mistaking what had happened when she impulsively kissed him, he kissed her back.  She felt his soft lips press against hers.  Why had he done that.  She didn't want to remember how it felt to be kissed or to be held in a mans arms again.  Now he had ruined everything by making her remember . As the tears continued to fall, she wondered when the hurt would end....when ?

As the tears start to flow again Misty thinks about Alex her love now gone .  Listen......

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One of These Days, LeAnn Rimes
with lyrics

Episode 6 

It was a real surprise when his son Hutch stood behind the door along with Deek when he opened it later that night.
"Hey dad, Hutch smiled reaching over and giving him a big hug.  Thought I'd surprise you."  He smiled that big smile that always melted Sky's heart, and that often kept him from punishing him many times when he was a young boy.
"Now what brings you down here, Sky questioned in his pretend stern voice. Who's watching the ranch."
Hutch stepped by him along with Deek and made his way to the sofa where he sat down, Deek beside him.
Don't worry dad, Cal's in charge, alls well."
Sky sat down beside his son's.  He loved them both so much .  They were strong, tall handsome Texas men.  And there was so much of Bell in Hutch.  He had her love for the beautiful countryside , and her smooth voice that he knew one day would melt a woman's heart as his mother melted his in the beginning of their courtship years ago. And he had her deep blue eyes too.  Deek was more him, up front and too the point, direct in his speaking.  He voiced his thoughts and opinions.  Both so different from each other, but brothers in heart and soul.  He didn't know how long he would have them exclusively to himself before some woman snatched them up, but he knew in his heart that they would always make time to be with him.
"Missed out night rides together, Hutch said looking into his dad's eyes.  We haven't done it in awhile...thought you might like to do it tonight?"  He waited for his dad to answer.
"You mean you drove all these miles just to have a night ride with your brother and me."
"Yes, something like that," Hutch laughed softly.
"Well then lets ride."  Sky grabbed his jacket and headed for the door, his sons following behind him.
       It was like old times haveing his son's beside him as they rode .  They were both accomplished horsemen so there was no need to worry anymore like he did when they were young.  They rode silently for awhile then finally stopped and dismounted and stood looking at the sky.  It was a beautiful starlit night.
"How would you boys feel about me marrying again?" he said suddenly.
Both boys looked at him, then at each other.
"Someone here in Dallas, Hutch asked.  Didn't know you'd met someone dad."
"Just did.  Sky said looking directly at his son.  And how would you feel Deek?" he asked turning towards him.
"Been praying you would one day, just didn't expect it to be now. He looked back at his dad.  It's that beautiful woman who's luggage you carried to her cabin yesterday right?"
"What woman,?" Hutch asked anxiously, walking over standing face to face with his dad.  When did all this happen dad," he asked again.
"You're not talking about Ms. Templeton, are you, Deek said in a surprised tone.  .......  the woman in cabin 22, by the river, the one lost this evening in the woods, the one who wanted to leave soon after she arrived here today are you dad?"" Deek now also was standing directly in front of him, anxiously waiting for a reply too.
"Slow down boys, the answer is yes to all your questions."
He sat down on the grass and they joined him.
He turned where he could look both his sons in the eye.  
"Deek remember when you first asked me to come to the ranch."
Deek nodded.
"I wasn't going to come but something told me to go.  So I did.  It's always hard when I come here...memories pf your mom and all.  And today when I saw Ms. Templeton getting off the bus, I can't explain it , but I was drawn to her.  She was so beautiful, but her eyes were so sad.  When her friend told about her recent divorce, and how her husband left her for another woman...well my heart went out to her. "
Both boys listened but said nothing as he talked.
"I wasn't sure until this evening when I found her lost in the woods, and sitting under the same tree I sat under when I was lost, and you boys were lost too when you were young.  And how she rushed to me, kissed me, held on to me.   I knew then that I was brought here for a reason, for her !  And that I wanted to feel her arms around me for the rest of my life...or what ever time I have left on this earth.
Both boys eyes widened.
"Dad, Hutch said softly.  Don't think like that, you're still a young man with lots of years left to enjoy."
Hutch reached over and squeezed his dad's hand.
"Yea, Deek agreed.  And if you want that ime to be with her, then we want that for you too."
"Maybe...maybe.  But I know that what ever time I have left, I want it to be with her."
He hugged both his sons and kissed them.
"It's going to be a hard road.  He looked at both sons.  She's been hurt by someone who professed to love her till death.  Now he's moved on with someone else.
"Doesn't sound like he's worth any tears to me dad."  Hutch said with a shake of his head.
"Doesn't work like that son, he smiled.  A woman's hurt goes deep, and makes her slow to trust and love again.  Not like a man.  A man hurts, but sometimes that hurt has a lot to do with his pride of being rejected .  It's hard for a man to handle rejection, but usually we move on to someone else  to build our ego's.  Now I'm not saying men's heart can't be broken it just mostly shows outwardly...while women hold everything inward."
"She should of punched the guy."  Deek said in a stern voice.  That's what I would have done."
Sky laughed a loud laugh.  "See what I mean, outward show of rejection..that what I mean about us guys."
They all laughed.
"Just have to find my way into her heart boys at the right time. She's only here for six more days.   Timing is everything with a woman boys...timing is everything.  He mounted back on his horse as did his sons.  He was glad Hutch came by.  Having his boys there with him for a nightly ride  was simply the best  timing ever.

Timing is everything.  A Truth Skyler Reed kows well and is teaching his sons.  Will he get the right timing to make his way into Misty templetons heart, or will time run out on him ? 


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