Romance 4 You ! - It's all about LOVE !
Everyone loves romance.  Whether you live in a big city, or in the country.  We all love a good romantic story that will touch our hearts and make us think "Fairy tales really can come true", and maybe it could even happen to even if it doesn't, you still can smile, laugh, and be happy that you read a good book, or saw a fantastic tear jerker of a movie!   Here you will be able to come anytime and read stories, view some of my favorite video clips from movies I've enjoyed, or read passages from my favorite books, and get recommendations of the romance novels I like this
 I hope will make you feel good about love, and all the beautiful things bring into your heart.... you leave I hope and be happy you stopped
Love Is!
Love is as soft as
as falling rain                                
as a breeze
as sunset
beautiful than words can

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